XY Episode 01 Part 04

xyventures01-04I am relying a lot on Style Savvy if you haven’t noticed.


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16 Responses to XY Episode 01 Part 04

  1. Azalee says:

    Black, this is beautiful

  2. Xavier says:

    Wife goals

  3. Diglett says:

    I have never wanted a picture frame more.

  4. Temia Eszteri says:

    So fab. So gloriously fab. w<

    • Temia Eszteri says:

      Wow, wordpress ate most of that comment. Well.

      Anyway, as if Black and N weren’t glorious enough together, Xavier’s just on fire and not afraid to show it <3

  5. Ghastly says:

    Can we talk about how adorable it is that he still calls his mother that
    That’s amazing

  6. anthemlog says:

    Wow. Not holding back on the gay in this comic. I love it.

  7. MisterM says:

    How homo can this get

  8. Myou says:

    Le Nouveau Noir = The New Black. Nice touch for the shirt text~

  9. Hermia_Lucaria says:

    Xavier’s hair reminds one of Rin.

  10. Hans Gunsche says:

    He still calls her “Mommy”! That’s soooo cuuuuute! >w<

  11. Jolteon92 says:

    He is gay for Ruby. I ship it!!!!!

  12. genosect0013 says:

    I find Xavier’s Mom hot… is that wrong?

  13. Shadowfox says:

    Most fabulous comic on the web. Xavier is amazing.

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