Episode 30 Part 19



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11 Responses to Episode 30 Part 19

  1. Altair Strauss says:

    OMG I don’t want this to end ;A;

  2. When I think of Black’s life I get sad because of some of the parallels in my own life to which I can relate. But it’s still significant that he was a part of something so grand, really.

    Black is far stronger than I.

  3. Z1Gamer says:

    Dude is living the life! His mom calls him and he doesn’t even get in trouble! Sleeping until 3 p.m. At the same time he is relate able for many people who are lost in their life!He doesn’t have to share a body with…wait how did that happen?

  4. Sweet Baby Jesus says:

    Aha, I see what you did there with the blanket…

  5. zandraxofnebulon says:

    missingno would apparently like to go somewhere else, but he doesn’t know where.

  6. genosect0013 says:

    So, he become a neet? A shut-in? A hipeless loser which only way to cope with the feeling of loneliness is enter in a world of fantasy where he isnt blood related to wgite and N never existed?

  7. tsuntsundere says:

    oh yeah missingno. I forgot what happened to it
    so it’s an actual pokemon thing then and not just some weird manifestation of w/e

    aaaaaaah and his pokemanz are loyal and stick with him even when he slowly sinks into depression and becoming a shut-in;;;;
    black go out and adventure some more boys your age need their adventure
    your booty will lose its tone if you lay around all day asdlfasd;lksh;afksj

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