Episode 29 Part 29

BA-c29-29man, the previews are turning up weird for me

I hope wordpress hasn’t changed without me knowing;;


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9 Responses to Episode 29 Part 29

  1. Another Celebi says:

    It’s ok, author black. Everything is pretty much the same (I think…)

  2. Kyogre says:

    Rule one of being a bad guy: Give exposition at the worst time.

  3. Salty says:

    Time for an N-Slap.

  4. phionexxx says:

    i don’t think anyone would object if n turned around and punched gaycheese in the vagina right now

  5. Z1Gamer says:

    Well at least Gaycheese isn’t changing his morals and sticking to his guns, that’s admirable in the face of death, even if they aren’t good morals to stick too. Better than lying about changing at least!

  6. Espurr says:

    Poor N.

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