Episode 29 Part 13


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18 Responses to Episode 29 Part 13

  1. GAYFISH says:


  2. Z1Gamer says:

    Darn it, I wanted to see people’s reactions of N getting killed/shot/hurt! But, NO we couldn’t injure him…Well now I feel that Hydreigon is supposed to represent the witch that would always appear at the end of each cycle in Madoka!

  3. Thundhurrus says:

    Shit happening.
    Shit happening errywur.

  4. phionexxx says:

    dammit idk why but some part of me WANTED TO SEE N’S HEAD BLOWN OFF WHY

  5. nameless says:


  6. Azalee says:

    *screaming over every single panel of this epic strip*

  7. misty says:

    So many projectiles everywhere. Just look at Joy and his hand gun.

  8. Pikalee says:

    HEDIDN’TDIEYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that handgun right there.

  9. JollyPiplups says:


  10. fujieamaya says:

    so much drama

  11. Colday says:

    I think the Light orb likes Blacky-poo.

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