Episode 28 Part 30

BA-c28-30ahh the reason it took so long, aside from other things going on, is that I’ve been looking forward to the latter half of the next ep for a long time, so I started planning out the panels for that already ahahah

that’s it for now


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111 Responses to Episode 28 Part 30

  1. phionexxx says:




  2. PurpleKecleon says:

    GAH, I am really looking forward to whatever happens next.

  3. Missingyescycle says:

    good to meGlitching good to menow so it’s less good to mebuggy later? Sounds good to me!

  4. Azalee says:

    *excited, excited!*

  5. Jupitol says:

    This update series seemed to me to be hilarious-hilarious-hilarious-hilarious-INTENSELY SERIOUS. But it was excellent.

  6. Thundhurrus says:

    Black Adventures Comic Episode 28 Part 31 (or something else in the 30s, maybe): The Return of Hitlersect.

  7. Emily says:


  8. Duth Olec says:

    Oh man. Planning ahead too much. I know how that is.
    I like that last panel–N gets determined and Black gives a smile.

  9. Reshiram says:

    I know that feeling, but it’s nice to see this one getting underway.

  10. adrocks510 says:

    …Hitler? Is that you?

  11. Haela says:


  12. GHOST says:


  13. Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

    Wooo! I just found out I have good classes this year and now this? The day just keeps on getting better!

  14. Statsendectomy says:

    I was just thinking that it was Hitlersect. But wasn’t there a part where Ghetsis was holding Hitler’s disembodied head? That kind of leads me to believe that he just killed the Nazi outright instead of transferring his consciousness into a Pokemon’s body

  15. Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

    Aww N is holding his hand!

  16. Landorkus says:

    Hitlersect. He’s coming. And probably huge this time, considering the quakes…



  17. peekatchu says:

    Finally more Genosect Hitler Screen times. I haven’t seen that thing in EPISODES.

  18. Ghastly says:

    Also is no one gonna mention the pose in panel three

  19. Siren says:

    All the love for this comic ALL OF IT <3

  20. greener223 says:

    Wow, White Yagami VS G-Matr-cis VS Stupid Jetpack Hitler.
    Dis gon’ be gooooood.

  21. Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

    Wait I forgot, where did Black’s hat go?

  22. EasterEggGroup says:


  23. genosect says:

    AT LEAST, I’M FREE!!!!

  24. Tornadeuce says:


    • Regirock says:

      Oh, hi, Tornadeuce. Nice to see you around these parts.

      • Voltoloser says:

        Let’s be honest, Regirock, it’s never nice to see him.

        • Regirock says:

          It’s better to see him than to see Thundhurrus. This guy at least isn’t a pulsing mound of pure stupidity. I’d rather be around this guy in an elevator for 5 hours than Thundhurrus.

        • Voltoloser says:

          Yes, but that doesn’t make seeing Tornadeuce, by any means, nice.
          Also, whether or not he’s a “pulsing mound of pure stupidity” is up for debate.

        • Regirock says:

          Given genetic evidence, Thundhurrus is closer, species-wise, to Sunkern than to Tornadeuce. And if there was a gun that did damage based on how terrible a person the target is, Thundhurrus would be reduced to soot, with Tornadeuce just being fried like chicken. I think. The calculations for such events are rough and fairly difficult to do.

        • Voltoloser says:

          And statements like that are why I am very suspicious of you being Registeel.
          I mean, I know the boss is a no-good nigh-unlikable fuckfaced shitstormer of a dickhole, but he Tornadeuce are basically the same genetically, with the only core difference being the E-leq gene that gives the boss his Electric-typing.
          Also, Tornadeuce would at least be extremely burned. You’re forgetting that he’s Tornadeuce. While he’s not as bad as the boss, and looks pretty good by comparison, he’s still very damn bad in his own right.

        • Regirock says:

          And these statements of yours make me suspicious of you being Thundhurrus. And I like my chicken fairly burnt. That’s what I meant. And you clearly don’t understand PokeGenetics; you have to look in what’s usually considered “Junk DNA” but really is the defining point.

        • Voltoloser says:

          I know my Pokegenes, TQVM. They’re pretty much the only non-basic knowledge that I have. I spent half of my three-year life in a lab filled with nothing but Pokegene researchers and their research materials, and little to do to pass the time other than read their research and talk with them.
          Luckily, after the whole Mewtwo incident, they don’t clone legendaries without the legandary’s permission, and they make sure not to be total dicks to the clones they make, either.

        • Regirock says:

          Around 1.5 years of learning PokeGenetics? Pah, I was with the science when it first began. To get real knowledge you have to spend at least 10 years doing what you did, or, in my case, around 120 years spending various amounts of time each day. I even wrote the most famed textbooks of the science!

        • Voltoloser says:

          I call bullshit. Everyone knows your kind can’t write, no offense.
          Having club-like “hands” will do that to someone, though.

          Also, your time spans from before science to the present, whereas my time spans the last three years. As an old person, you probably wouldn’t understand it, but I got the benefit of all that time’s worth of research already being done, as well as easy-enough-to-understand explanations as a partial result of said time.
          Being older doesn’t mean shit, y’know. Lots of old people are stuck in their stupid old ways and are afraid of change because they can’t break out of their old way of thinking. Hell, even old legendaries, such as yourself, often suffer from temporal values dissonance, given that they spend looooong periods of time away from civilization, thus meaning that they don’t change while civilization does.

        • Regirock says:

          Unlike many other legendaries, I was quite with civilization. And I wrote by communicating with a Pokemon that could understand me AND write, an Alakazam. I could have also communicated through a series of short-long patterns of smashes. And, unlike the humans that made you, legendaries don’t normally age, so I have the intelligence that would be expected of such an elder, but the open-mindedness of a young person such as yourself. I revolutionized PokeGenetics; at least one of the books in the science labs was written by me. And you remember Van Gogh’s “The Regi in the Mist”? That is a painting of me; it’s probably in your local museum. It’s not mentioned much because he preferred to stay away from legendaries, but I was too awesome to reject. He also liked Rock-types.

        • Voltoloser says:

          I don’t go to museums. My eyes interpret colors in very weird ways.
          It’s like colorblindness, only instead of not seeing certain colors, most colors look like a color other than what they actually are. Greens are the only colors that I universally see as what they are, for whatever reason.

        • Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

          The original Thundhurr had a psychological obsession with Greener so it must have gotten to you physically.

        • Regirock says:

          You must certainly have a book of mine, museums excluded.

        • Voltoloser says:

          Eh. Maybe. I have too many books to go looking, though.
          I’m also not exactly organized with how I sort my books.

        • Regirock says:

          My name is in large emerald letters. Can’t miss it.

        • Voltoloser says:

          I doubt they’re going to be written in large emerald letters on the spine of the book, where the title takes precedence over the author.
          And I have several books that fit that vague criteria, a few of which I am absolutely certain don’t have your name on it.

        • Regirock says:

          It’s written below the title, which is in Ruby. The front cover is Sapphire. Your library isn’t a proper compendium of PokeGenetics unless it has at least one of my books.

        • Voltoloser says:

          It’s probably buried in one of the many stacks of books I have, then.
          Given their precarious placement, I’m not exactly going to go looking to make sure. Sounds familiar, though.

        • Regirock says:

          What do you mean by “precarious placement”?

        • Voltoloser says:

          I mean I built a pyramid on top of my fort, which is in a forest of pillars and arches.
          I was reading an architecture book and I got bored, okay?

        • Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

          Twilight Sparkle. That is all.

        • Regirock says:

          Dawg, man, why don’t you look? Fyi, I’m Regirock’s Golem friend. And Scep, ponies suck. If that offends you, go to Encyclopedia Dramatica’s Offended page and scroll down. Slowly.

        • Voltoloser says:

          Because this shit is a thing of fucking beauty and I’d feel like some sort of heretic if I dismantled it at this point.
          I mean, I neglected to mention earlier, but I somehow managed to build the pyramid upside-down. I’m not even sure you’re supposed to be able to do that.

        • Regirock says:

          I can see the pyramid through your webcam, dawg. I don’t even know if you HAVE a webcam, but I can see through it. Man, it’s right there, in that small pile nearby the pyramid. I’ve seen an upside-down pyramid made out of my younger siblings before, being supported by 1 Graveler.

        • Voltoloser says:

          I don’t have anything that could even remotely be used as a webcam except for my eyes. And they’re looking at the screen, not the pyramid.
          Also, I checked, and it’s not there.

      • Tornadeuce says:

        It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? Nice to see you. Now where are the pretty girls and my idiot brothers?

    • Landorkus says:

      Oh hi Torna.

  25. LucarioDopa says:

    I have named my Genesect Hitler.

    >mfw nobody cares
    >mfw I have no face

  26. Kyurem says:

    Black Adventuressss Update? Check.
    Copy of Amala Midnight Arrived? Check Check.
    My week hasssss been made.

  27. Kyogre says:

    OH man can’t wait to see this smack down, and it is always a pleasant day to see an update, I’m so happy i think i will make some tea and cookies, if you wish to join me go right ahead, I’m making a good 20 batches of them. But please don’t drunkenly barge on to my party island, I’m still trying to get the bottles, vomit, structural damage and esthetic look cleaned up from last time that happened.

  28. Archeops says:

    Oh dang, Hitler’s coming out. If Artie doesn’t somehow come into this things could run smoothly… in comparison to how smooth it’s been the whole comic.

  29. PurpleFox says:

    WOOO! I’M SO EXCITED! I started reading this over the summer(I even did a project on it XD, got a B- :D) I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  30. HopeDragon says:

    I still love the story. I’m not really a fan of Adventure Time art but I know it adds to the story, and I can’t wail to see the next portion.

  31. Glitch says:

    0.0 Adolf Genesectler is coming back, isn’t he?

  32. Toshi616 says:

    Can’t wait!

  33. Daltoid says:

    PLOT TWIST: Black falls in love with the Hitlersect, they make a shit ton of Hitlersect babbies together, then N falls into a pit of lava.

  34. Ghastly says:

    I really love how casually we can just talk about hitler here

  35. Celebi says:

    Have you notice “that” in panel 3 and 4? … DAT POSITION~! <3 <3

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