Episode 28 Part 25

BA-c28-25Nilbert is a Zorua, in case anyone is still wondering;;

more next time gkhdjs


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  1. Sceptile says:

    Woah hoho first in a row. Not that matters but, like, woah!

  2. Manna says:

    Nilbert is the cutest thing

  3. Sceptile says:

    Nilbert is so cute…He was traumatized, yet he wants to be the species of the creature that hurt him. He wants to act like everything is O.K., but it’s not. Nilbert even cares about a human he barely knows because he believes in Black. Help him, Nilbert. Help him now.

  4. Espeon40 says:

    Next Zorua I get is going to be named after Nilbert.

  5. Z1Gamer says:

    Does that mean that Nilbert is now a part of Black’s party?

  6. Emily says:

    Nilbert was mentioned earlier guys…just not as a human kjadgklajsgk

  7. Rory says:

    They’re even more brainwashed than I used to be when I was homeschooled! o_0

  8. misty says:

    It’s really interesting how Black can manipulate the two goddesses like that. Joy noticed it as well.

  9. amibunny says:

    (the Nilbert part)

  10. Reshiram says:

    I like to think, where the game are concerned, this is the Zoura you get in an event with the Celebi in Castelia.

  11. Duth Olec says:

    Hey, wait, Zorua can’t learn Fake Tears.
    … But Yamask can!
    I like how Black is just sort of shrugging in panel 3.

  12. Kyogre says:

    i always find it odd how shape shifters rarely want to be what they actually are and just want to be something else for a majority of their time.

  13. Kitkat Kelly says:

    OMG I can’t wait~

  14. Sceptile says:

    Now the comments barely make sense.

  15. frozen tofu says:

    Really love how Nilbert is in this story now!

  16. EasterEggGroup says:

    Zorua is one of the cutest Pokemon, without even trying, and it makes and even better child.

  17. GHOST says:

    Nilbert is only allowed to join the team if he can transform an undergarment into a weapon of mass destruction.

    Also crossdressing.

  18. SOME GUY says:


  19. Leavanny says:

    Go Joy! You can do it, save your human family! :’D

  20. Haela says:

    Welcome to the party, Nilbert! Tea parties are every other day and crossdressing is required given the situation because Daddy can’t say no to Mommy.

  21. Lampent says:

    After the comic ends N and Black have to keep Nilbert and raise him and luff him and [internally screaming]

  22. Nayia says:

    Nilber is so sweet :3

  23. Siren says:

    aaaah I forgot how much I love this comic<3 WB Black!

  24. Yamato says:

    I was really confused since I read the last few updates a really long time ago, so I just re-read the last few chapters, giggling the entire time.

  25. Cc says:

    does Nilbert have N’s green hair?

  26. Registeel says:

    It’s been 19 days, man.
    I didn’t think it takes that long to release another comic…

    • Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

      Sheeeeeiiiiiiiit. Eh, they’re probably just taking a break.

    • Thundhurrus says:

      Shit takes long when you’ve got Xty other things to do as well.
      Also, shut the fuck up.

      • Registeel says:

        You’re no Regi, you can’t tell me what to do.

        • Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

          Calm down, duckies…

        • Thundhurrus says:

          I beat the shit out of you fucking wimpy-ass Regis without trying. Yes, that includes that ‘Gigas wimp.
          I can sure as fuck tell you to not fucking complain about how long a free service with no schedule is fucking taking you rusted heap of scrap.

        • Registeel says:

          I could take you out with one Earthquake, you bastard. You don’t have Levitate like the truly badass Electric-types, and you can’t simulate it with a simple Magnet Rise. You obviously were able to take out Regigigas, he’s slow to the punch, but I am not. You haven’t a strong enough attack or special attack stat to even scratch me.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          You could take me, and Electric/Flying type, out with one EQ, you say? I don’t have a high enough offensive stat to hurt you, you say?
          Your defenses are too strong for me to get through?
          Dear boy, you aren’t even on the same level as me. My speed + priority Nasty Plot + Focus Blast = a dead you. And, if I’m feeling particularly cruel, I can Thunder Wave your ass and watch you squirm.
          Hell, I have more brute strength in my less able Incarnate Forme if I want to hit you extra hard. To clarify, you’re so slow that my other forme’s weaknesses are irrelevant.
          Please, do continue on about how your combat abilities outmatch mine, Sir Forgetshisopponent’styping.

        • Registeel says:

          Pah. I don’t normally call my brothers out to help me, but the team of me and Regirock could pummel you and either of your two brothers. One Smack Down from him and you’d be as vulnerable as a Magnemite to my Earthquake. The manliest battles are two-on-two, dipshit. One regi may not be enough, but the combined power of two minerals will wipe the floor with the kami trio. Electric/Flying got nothing on a well-placed Smack Down. And nobody would ever bother to train you when there are better options in Zekrom or even Cobalion. They’d be more likely to use a member of my species than one of you. And don’t forget how inaccurate Focus Blast is. Inaccurate enough even the fairly slow me could dodge it. And don’t tell me that one of your brothers could take us both out with an Earthquake. I can learn Magnet Rise, like a truly badass Pokemon. Even though your base attack stats are *fairly* decent, my base attack stats can break your solid-as-a-milk-jug defenses. The regis have had much longer to develop their strengths than you three, especially you.

        • greener223 says:

          Nice try, but you’re just relying on loopholes to correct your mistake. Besides, Registeel can’t even learn Smack Down.

        • Registeel says:

          I never said I would be using it. I said that, in a double battle, the manliest of all battles except for maybe rotation battles, me and my brother Regirock, who happens to be able to learn Smack Down, would kick his ass.

        • greener223 says:

          Regirock, the guy you said was pure shit compared to you…

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Focus Blast on Regirock. Regirock’s down. You hit me for a laughable amount, assuming you didn’t count on
          Also, if it’s a double battle, then I do believe I’m entitled to a battle partner of my own. And assuming this is a battle of the brothers, then my partner’s also going to know either Focus Blast (Sure, it’s inaccurate, but it’s still enough to hit you) or Hammer arm (less than desirable, given Regi-R’s defense, but still usable). And, in Landorkus’ case, EQ as well.
          And, in case you haven’t forgotten, EQ is super effective against both of you, even if Regi-R’s defense puts a dent in its damage. Plus we’re all over twice as fast as you, so we’re guaranteed to go before you and Regi-R. Meaning Magnet Rise doesn’t happen before EQ. Meaning you take the full brunt of the attack. And then the Focus Blast(s) and/or Hammer arm the next round, assuming you’re still standing. Plus using MR means you can’t attack, giving us ample time to get rid of Regi-R before he can use Smackdown, rendering your strategy of Smackdown→Eathquake useless. And with your subpar attack stats, which even me and my siblings’ not-all-that defenses are higher than, we can most assuredly last long enough to wipe you out once Regi-R’s been dealt with.
          Also, what the fuck is this shit about you having longer to hone your skills? I watched ‘Gigas create the first of your kind back when he wasn’t such a lazy piece of shit.
          Also also, you’re severely inferior to me in regards to training preference. You’re not even that good of a wall thanks to the overwhelming dominance of Fighting-type attacks, which should really be the main reason why anyone would like you, while I am not only a nice sweeper, but an okay supporter and an excellent saboteur thanks to my nature as a Prankster. As for Cobalion and Zekrom, Cobalion’s a subpar defensive wall, although he can at least hit harder than you and set up Steal Rock, and Zekrom’s essentially a beatstick, meaning he doesn’t have a lot of utility.
          Also also also, priority Taunt.

        • greener223 says:

          Also also also ALSO, if we’re talking about fighting here and not in-game, then I believe you have no idea what kind of implausible god-modding me and Thundhurr are capable of, you asstard wannabe.

        • Registeel says:

          You appear to be formidable, but no matter which universe we are in, Adventures or normal Pokemon, you wouldn’t be close to our level. And, sure Regirock may be less useful, but, like all the Regis, he has his ups and downs. In-game, we’d be at or very close to Level 100, with you and either of your brothers AT MOST at Level 40, meaning even if we don’t outspeed you, our defenses would permit survival of even a Hammer Arm. One Smack Down from my brother would take down one of you, and then basically any of my moves would do you in. In Adventures, also known as this webcomic, you would be fairly easy to defeat. There, my defenses would be even greater, enough to survive millions of Earthquakes and Focus Blasts. I would be able to defeat you, no sweat.

        • Registeel says:

          Oh, and I almost forgot. You obviously were not around to see my creation. I was the first of the Regis, and since Regigigas was thousands of times more powerful, you wouldn’t be around today. As he told me, and as he created me with his memories, he checked essentially the whole area, and he got help from the legendary birds to keep the area empty. You certainly would not recall a battle with the original legendary birds, as the power of the initial birds was so great that POKEGOD HIMSELF had to tone their power down by two orders of magnitude before humans discovered them to prevent the destruction of the world. You wouldn’t have survived the battle. And Regigigas saw your creation, as he was the one who organized the globe, and happened to be there to see you and your brothers be created. And back in the day of your creation, you and your brothers weren’t too much powerful. He actually requested that you would three would be made weaker than initially intended. Getting help from a Xatu, who saw the future, he knew that this would happen, no matter how weak or how powerful you were.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Your logic is so flawed that it can barely be called logic.
          First off, how the fuck is some shit like you lvl 100 while a god-like being like me, who runs less-than-a-minute laps around Unova when bored, can move at 224,000 mph, can create thousands of black holes in a fraction of a nanosecond, who is the undisputed master of D.E.R.P (that stands for Destructive Existence Retardation Particles, if you didn’t know), and whose lightning is, against all logic, on fire, is only lvl 40?
          Secondly, why the fuck do you get to decide these stupid fucking levels anyways? I mean, if someone gets to set the levels of the battlers, including their opponent’s, then no fucking shit one side’s going to be underleveled. Fuck, if I set them then you’d be lvl1 and I’d be lvl 100.
          Thirdly, in BAC you wouldn’t be worth shit. I’d like to see Kclab get his hands on you and you not come out of the battle a horrible mess of irreparable chunks of metal. I only came out of the MissingNoScythe brutality because I’ve suffered worse.
          Fourthly, how the fuck am I, who can do all of the stuff stated in point one and more, possibly weaker than you, who doesn’t even have a properly strategical mind?
          Fifthly, I beat the shit out of all three birds, ‘Gigas, Lugia, Palkia, Dialga, and the majority of most Pokemon in existence back in those days. And I was usually outnumbered. Like when I fought the Weather Trio all at once. I miss those days, really. It was more fun back then. The only ones I haven’t are Giratina, because I respect her, uncle Ho-oh, because he raised me and my siblings and did a fucking awesome job at it because he’s a fucking awesome parent, and that drunken fuck of a creator Arceus, because he’s too much of a pussy to actually fight me.
          Which brings me to my sixth point: Arceus, this “Pokegod” you speak of, is a complete and utter drunken moron of a fool, and everything he’s ever done has been nothing more than a drunken accident. You’ve clearly never encountered the thing. He’s quite laughable, really. The only reason none of the other powerful legendaries have killed him yet is because his one legitimate skill is running away. Which says a lot, since the pokemon of space, time, and anti-spacetime, all can’t catch him.
          And finally, I know ‘Gigas. We’re actually pretty good friends. We sparred frequently back before he became the lazy ass folks know him as these days. We also created the first booze, barring whatever Arceus gets drunk off of, together. Thus I can say, with the utmost confidence, that you are talking bullshit and you know you’re talking bullshit.
          Also I can read the minds of non-Ground-types, so there’s that too.

        • Registeel says:

          Levels are a scaled representation of power. My true power is enough that even you at full strength only reaches 4/10ths of mine. And I could survive Kcalb. Sure, you’ve suffered worse than the MissingNo Scythe, but I have survived things that would make you turn in to a bubbling pile of goop. I, despite my weakness to the Fire-type, hang around with Groudon in his lava hot springs frequently. I’ve also been to the Sun, during the vengeful years of the Pokegod. And Arceus is not Pokegod, he is simply the original physical manifestation of him. There is no current physical manifestation of the true Pokegod. Oh, and by the way. The sun’s a nice place to visit, if you can take the heat and the gravity, which you certainly can’t. Kcalb would barely leave a scratch on me, and that MissingNo Scythe would have the same effect; mostly nothing. And with the help of that same Xatu, who is alive today, I was granted the ability to read the minds of anybody, and I know that you are lying. Regigigas himself remembers your creation, which was after mine by exactly 11 years. And you may have invented the first beer, but you weren’t around before my creation. And I myself defy logic. You may be able to shoot burning lightning, but I can stand on thin ice floes and the ice floe I stand on will not break. I can also jump much higher than you would expect from me. Face it.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          You aren’t fooling anyone with the “levels = power” shit, bub. You just want to place a quantifiable amount on how superior you believe yourself to be . Also, do tell what powers you have. Because, last time I checked with ‘Gigas, your powers were being the keys to Gigas’ slumber and being made out of X, which in your case would be steel. Note how underwhelming said powers are.
          Oh, you’ve been to the sun too? I flew out into the far reaches of space, created a red
          giant, and then made it go supernova, all so I could get a tan. You hang out with Groudon in his lava springs despite your aversion to fire? I electrocuted him until he surrendered while drinking from his lava springs just to annoy him.
          You can stand on thin ice flows without them breaking? I can divemomb-punch a piece of rice paper from space and not even rustle it.
          A Xatu gave you mind-reading powers? Clearly not, since my mind is such a garbled mess of incomprehensibility, unimaginable horrors, perversion, and idiocy, that anything that tries to read it is either reduced to a sobbing heap or highly aroused. And in neither case do they find anything even remotely related to what they were looking for. Hell, the only reason I can find anything in my own head is because it’s mine.

          In conclusion, stop making shit up and pretending it’s real to try and improve your standing. What you’re actually doing is proving to everyone present that you’re a whiny little bitch with a superiority complex that can’t handle someone being moderately rude to you and responds to rudeness with loud and false proclamations of your imagined superiority over someone you not only know next to nothing about, but .
          I mean, you didn’t even know I was part Flying. Exactly what possible reason does anyone have to even assume there is any infinitesimal modicum of non-falsification in anything you have said? Moreover, why should anyone believe you when all you do is say “no ur rong i sad tis is wat hapend so ti is wht ahppned”. I mean, I know of several legendaries who would very quickly expose each and every one of your false claims if they were here to see you making them. Like Giratina. Or Rayquaza. Or the Time & Space duo. Or the Tao Trio, though I do believe they’d be unreliable sources, as they’d have come into being (or split apart, rather) long after when your claims were made. Hell, even one of the Regi-Is would back me up on this. Not sure if she’s your sister or cousin, though. Probably a cousin.

          Anyways, point is that you should stop spouting what everyone knows is bullshit before…uh, actually, it’s too late to stop you from looking like a massive douchebag, but I suppose you can stop before you lose any hope of repairing your image in the eyes of others. Maybe.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          *but have only just encountered for the first time and is quite clearly a more reliable source than you.

        • Registeel says:

          The basis of my powers was being one-third of the key to Regigigas’s slumber and being steel. However, as Regigigas got word from a Xatu, the same Xatu I got my mind-reading from, he decided that I was ready to activate my true potential. Since you will attempt to one-up my true potential with a box of lies, to save everyone the time, I will not state them for now. And the sun was the beginning of my journeys. Pokegod sent me to the center of the GALAXY, which means I was absorbed in to a black hole. I scraped off part of the singularity and left through the event horizon. Upon doing so, I absorbed it into my body, permitting interstellar travel, which is how I returned to Earth years later. I also found VY Canis Majoris and, since I technically have no mouth, absorbed its entire corona through my metal face and then went to the center of the unstable star and observed the fusion of large atoms indirectly, as even I with my powerful eyes cannot see smaller than bacterium. And one time, at Groudon’s lava pools, I told him about what my dad learned from the Xatu, that some random Pokemon would electrocute him and drink from his lava. He was not there that day, it was an illusion created by a Pokemon who I was never told about, as it was a secret of Groudon’s. And since I acquired interstellar travel, I dropped myself with a push with enough energy to get me moving at around 0.2c and impacted a speck of dirt at almost light speed causing damage to nothing. And I can read and understand your mind as I have no tear ducts and am immune to arousal, as I am a steel golem. Golems don’t have sexual organs unless designed to have them. That is why I can understand your mind. I also can find what I am looking for, as, despite not being a computer, I achieve a search rate of around 5 petasearches per second, and can analyze said searches at the same rate. I analyze all parts of the target mind and learn all needed information. Of course, since my mind is of a different sort. If your brain was an ordinary house, mine would have absolutely no logic to it, being even more confusing than the distortion world as observed while drunk on every hallucinogen known to anything. You are finding planted information that seems to be right, but is a fake plastic ficus in a forest of great maple trees. And, frankly, you appear to be the heavily rude one here. You complained about me asking about the delay between comics in relation to the recent distance between comics in time. And the reason why I didn’t think you were part Flying? I spend a lot of time underground, I don’t observe type trends besides those which are absolutely obvious unless I’ve met them frequently, like I have with many other Pokemon. And I’ve met all the legendaries you mentioned. They would not dismiss my claims as false. The original Regice, my other brother, is currently in the Netherlands, which is why I did not call upon him. He knows all of the information I do, except with greater knowledge about Ice-types than Steel-types. All further Regis are considered sons or daughters of us. Just to clarify your mistake, the original Regice is a man, although more than half of the following ones were female, which is where your confusion arose from. Now, since you clearly don’t know jack diddly squat about the Regis, besides our typings, I suggest you go back to your monument or something. Or go home. Or go to bed and stay in the Dream World where you can actually WIN. I’m sure you’ll have more fun asleep than awake, although I haven’t experienced sleep, as it is not needed for a Regi.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          In other words, the same make-believe shit you’ve been spewing since the start.
          Well, since you’re not going to no matter how many times I point out the holes in whatever you say, let’s wait until Rayquaza or Giratina shows up again to resolve the level of your idiocy and go straight back to the original topic: you being a worthless piece of shit because you complained about how A!Black, who is a fairly busy person, was taking too long to update a webcomic that is 100% free to read.

          Really, you have no excuse for that.

        • Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

          Yeah, asking someone to update is kinda rude but yadda yadda he or she probably didn’t mean it to (you’ve heard this before but I feel obligated to say something). Bleep bleep bloop, you’re not helping either. I’m glad this is done.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          It’s only done until Mr. Makebelieve encounters Giratina or some other legendary that knows he’s spouting bullshit.
          Then he can’t argue for shit.

        • Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

          Can you please for once not act like you need a little ego boost in every argument? Sorry for rudeness but unless this is your play, seriously, it’s not a big deal. It’s getting annoying. They may have come off rude and may want to be more mindful in the future. People are more likely to listen if you don’t act threatening, that is saying if you have actual concern for A!B.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Sceptile, you should know enough about me by now to know what to expect from me.

        • Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

          Yeah, I guess I do. It’s kinda like telling the same joke over and over again.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          You mean like the knock-knock joke about the bananas and the orange, only with the bananas repeated ad infinitum?

        • Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

          No, but good guess,

        • Sceptile the Shitstormite says:


        • Registeel says:

          I know for certain that what YOU have been spouting is fake. And I’m not scared of Giratina or Rayquaza, I’ve been through worse than anyone can throw at me. And wouldn’t getting THEM involved resolve the level of YOUR idiocy? And it was less of a complaint that it was late than the fact that the comic, compared to that of the other comics, is taking longer. Now, before I make you feel bad, shut up and get out.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Okay, I tried to end it. I really did. I was going to let you believe your shit and play make-believe for however long you wanted to. But making a half-assed threat that you could never possibly carry out and telling me to get the fuck out of a place where I’ve been around for much much longer than your little punk-ass and everyone knows you’re making shit up? Fucking really? Are you just that fucking stupid, or were you fucking born with an eighth of a brain and every learning disability, you gutless sack of excrement.
          And no matter how you look at it, it was a complaint. Not all webcomics are run by tryhard professionals who sustain themselves mostly off of donations and have no other demanding jobs.

          Now then, I’d like to tell you a little story from back before you existed. Nearly a year after the first trio’s creation, in fact. ‘Gigas came running to me, his old friend, excited, saying he’d finally done what he’d been trying to do for the past 2000-and-something years. And he had this look in his eyes, all six of them. A look of such immeasurable pride that made each one shine like a fucking red supergiant going supernova. I even heard from the original trio that the guy was shooting laserbeams out of his fucking eyes for a while before he came to see me. You guys were his fucking masterpiece. His magnum fucking opus. The single highest fucking point of his entire life.
          And then there’s you. The lone disgrace to the Regi name. The fucking black sheep of ‘Gigas’ creations. The one that shuts out reality and instead believes that its own make-believe world is reality. You just had to ruin it for him, didn’t you? ‘Gigas would have fucking nightmares over the mass of disgrace that is you, assuming he’d even be able to sleep at all.

          And lastly, before you even think about making a response to this, go take a look at my post in the XY section.

        • Regirock says:

          Man, don’t be like that. In your heart, you KNOW he’s the best Regi, besides our father. And, unlike my brother, I saw your creation. I don’t know the circumstances of my creation, but I was told by Regigigas that it only took close to 400 years to perfect our creation, not 2000-something. And Registeel is not a disgrace. He means well, unlike you. And, just so you know from your elder, us Regis don’t have to sleep, although we enter states of dormancy when we have nothing to do for quite a while. And don’t pull any of the “Hurr durr I was created long before you regis hurr durr” crap. Unlike my brother, I won’t take any of that and go full-on against you.

        • LucarioDopa says:

          Chapter 1.

          AN: Special fangz (get it, coz Im goffik) 2 my gf (ew not in that way) raven, bloodytearz666 4 helpin me wif da story and spelling. U rok! Justin ur da luv of my deprzzing life u rok 2! MCR ROX!

          Hi my name is Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair (that’s how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a vampire but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also a witch, and I go to a magic school called Hogwarts in England where I’m in the seventh year (I’m seventeen). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black corset with matching lace around it and a black leather miniskirt, pink fishnets and black combat boots. I was wearing black lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow. I was walking outside Hogwarts. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of preps stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

          “Hey Ebony!” shouted a voice. I looked up. It was…. Draco Malfoy!

          “What’s up Draco?” I asked.

          “Nothing.” he said shyly.

          But then, I heard my friends call me and I had to go away.

          AN: IS it good? PLZ tell me fangz!

        • Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

          ey gurl u want sum fukc?

        • LucarioDopa says:

          Chapter 2.

          AN: Fangz 2 bloodytearz666 4 helpin me wif da chapta! BTW preps stop flaming ma story ok!

          The next day I woke up in my bedroom. It was snowing and raining again. I opened the door of my coffin and drank some blood from a bottle I had. My coffin was black ebony and inside it was hot pink velvet with black lace on the ends. I got out of my coffin and took of my giant MCR t-shirt which I used for pajamas. Instead, I put on a black leather dress, a pentagram necklace, combat boots and black fishnets on. I put on four pairs of earrings in my pierced ears, and put my hair in a kind of messy bun.

          My friend, Willow (AN: Raven dis is u!) woke up then and grinned at me. She flipped her long waist-length raven black hair with pink streaks and opened her forest-green eyes. She put on her Marilyn Manson t-shirt with a black mini, fishnets and pointy high-heeled boots. We put on our makeup (black lipstick white foundation and black eyeliner.)

          “OMFG, I saw you talking to Draco Malfoy yesterday!” she said excitedly.

          “Yeah? So?” I said, blushing.

          “Do you like Draco?” she asked as we went out of the Slytherin common room and into the Great Hall.

          “No I so fucking don’t!” I shouted.

          “Yeah right!” she exclaimed. Just then, Draco walked up to me.

          “Hi.” he said.

          “Hi.” I replied flirtily.

          “Guess what.” he said.

          “What?” I asked.

          “Well, Good Charlotte are having a concert in Hogsmeade.” he told me.

          “Oh. My. Fucking. God!” I screamed. I love GC. They are my favorite band, besides MCR.

          “Well…. do you want to go with me?” he asked.

          I gasped.

        • Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

          umg draco so hot

    • greener223 says:

      Okay, everyone, can we please IGNORE the Nazi tryhard instead of having Asseus all over again?

      • MisterM says:

        I’m pretty sure no matter what we say, an argument’s gonna happen anyway.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Yeah, but what Greener’s saying is that everyone should just leave it to being between me, Regi-S, and Greener himself, and that everyone else should pay no attention to the stupid pile of scrap.

        • greener223 says:

          What Thundhurr said.

          Besides, this idiot was too stupid to remember Thundurus’ typing, and he even believed me when I said Registeel couldn’t learn Smack Down.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Plus he said Regi-R was a worthless piece of shit compared to him, and then said him and Regi-R could beat any two of my trio.
          Despite the fact that they’re all slow as fuck and have a joined weakness for us to exploit. Also, he not only went with Regi-R over Regi-I after I brought up Focus Blast, which gets around Regi-R’s massive defense score by being a special attack, but ignored Landorkus’ neutrality to Rock and double weakness to Ice.

  27. PurpleFox says:

    Whoa… a lots happenin’…

    • MisterM says:

      Yes. Thundhurrus is having ANOTHER arguement…

      • Thundhurrus says:

        Yes, because it’s always my fault that someone else feels the need to be a self-righteous and/or pompous asshole.

        • Sceptile the Shitstormite says:


        • Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

          I actually enjoy the arguments as long as no one is really getting hurt.

        • MisterM says:


          Point taken.

          But Registeel DOES suck compared to you…

        • Thundhurrus says:

          I know, right? I mean, at least I’m both entertaining in my aggressive idiocy and logical when I counter someone else’s argument. This guy? His arguments can be summed up as “no ur rong im rite” and not leave out any important information on them.

          Really, he’s a disgrace to not only Registeel kind, but the Regi name in its entirety.

        • MisterM says:

          But there’s only one Registe-

          Oh. So he’s a disgrace, period.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          There’s multiples of the Golem trios, actually.They’re just few and far between. ‘Gigas is the only actual one-of-a-kind Regi, what with being their creator and all.

  28. Statsendectomy says:

    Well, I would have to agree on the fact that Registeel, while an acceptable special wall, has a poor (regular) defensive typing and has terrible aggressive stats all-around. The best he can do is be a set-up wall and sit around doing bullshit the rest of the battle. ESPECIALLY if a priority Taunt is dropped on him by a Prankster user. Registeel may look nigh-invulnerable, but it is so incredibly far from it. Yeah. Regi-S is a shitty excuse for a legendary.

  29. greener223 says:

    Author!Black, could you please destroy the flaming and/or LD posting My Immortal for no reason?

  30. huggles says:


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