Episode 28 Part 21

BA-c28-21that’s all for today

I’m done with school, so theoretically I should have more free time!

But I also got other side projects, including expanding on the Black/N dating sim I did a while back. And a part-time job I should consider making full-time;; We’ll see what happens :u

Anyway, thank you for your patience, everyone!


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81 Responses to Episode 28 Part 21

  1. Absol says:

    I’m confused.

  2. zaidiia says:

    Nilbert is just too cute. 8D
    Uh-oh the case of Black’s missing Pokeballs.

  3. Reshiram says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if they can adopt Cammy the shiny Litwik as another kid.
    And then N and Black can be one big gay family!
    … And by “gay” I mean happy.

  4. serperior says:

    Wait, so did black timetravel or something?
    I should go reread the chapter, I forgot what’s happening;;

  5. ThatKokiriKid says:

    Nilbert is soooo cute! Where did he come from by the way? And I mean imaginatively, not physically.

    • nyanchan says:

      … I want to know physically.

    • Z1Gamer says:

      I’m guessing through another dream like in the first chapter?

    • Ghastly says:

      Check her deviantart for more info. Nilbert was an April fools joke that N played on Black, where he had his Zorua disguise as a kid of them. My guess is that this is still the Zorua, or if it isn’t, then according to the fact that its tea time, just like the first tea time, this is a dream and Iris will ask everyone to go swimming. As a cloyster.

  6. Manna says:

    Nilbert is the cutest thing omg

  7. Sceptile says:

    I just beat The Legend of Starfy and now this comic has updated! I’m so happy…

  8. darkrai says:

    They took Joy away from him but I wonder if Missingno is still inside him?

  9. Windlich says:

    I am going to guess that ‘Nilbert’ is actually Zoroark or Zorua shapshifted in such a way to maximise cuteness and confusion.

  10. Sceptile says:

    My guess is that Kcalb took the form of Nilbert.

  11. Haela says:

    So N didn’t get Reshiram either, eh? This final battle is going to be very interesting then.

    • Hey you wanna see why n didn’t get reshiram go back to when black helped the ice gym leader remember when kyurem saw n he welcomed him into the path so n is getting kyurem since white has Zekrom black is gonna be the one with reshiram and thats why black is the wife because n knows this

  12. Azalee says:

    >laugh hysterically for most of the update
    >start wailing a little bit inside at the end of the last page
    >typical Black Adventure. Yes. Good. <333

  13. Thundhurrus says:

    So…Black’s got no balls now?

  14. phionexxx says:


  15. Rory says:

    Nooo they stole Joy!

    …Not that it matters; Black can fight without him.

  16. Emily says:

    when the hell did n and black fuck

  17. greener223 says:

    This isn’t funny anymore…

    N’s “sisters” are trolling Black for no reason except Nilbert told them to.
    Meanwhile, N’s Zorua is secretly as paychopathic as he is in Pokespe.

    And upstairs, N is having a mental breakdown while Psycho!White is fighting Ghetsis for world domination.

  18. Cyndaquil says:

    H…how did N and Black have a child ;A;…?

  19. chenj25 says:

    Finally! An update! As unfortunately expected, N didn’t get Reshiram. I hope that Black will be the one to get Reshiram.

  20. GHOST says:

    Reshiram didn’t choose N?

  21. SoYouWantACookie says:

    Welcome back sir.

  22. This is one big mind screw. :|

  23. Jolteon92 says:

    I’m so confused but after reading the comments I’m good now. I’m glad you finally updated some comic, Black! Please, please keep them coming! I love this comic! I love the way this story is turning out.

  24. Kyurem says:

    …… Ssssserioussssly? I think my brain hurtsssss thinking about how thisssss makessss sssssenssse.

    Alssssso welcome back,

  25. Nayia says:

    I don’t understand how Black can be so calm X”D

  26. Nayia says:

    Btw. N is mommy… I… can’t… stop… laughing… I can’t X”D

  27. Z1Gamer says:

    Why am I the only one who can believe that N and Black actually had a child and it isn’t a zorua? There has been so many other things that have happened in this comic that is it possible! ^_^

    • Thundhurrus says:

      Except Nilbert’s origins can be traced back to an april fool’s day comic about N and his Zorua, named Nilbert, pulling a prank on Black by having Nilbert use his illusion powers to look like what one assumes their child would look like.
      Also, biology does not work that way.

      • Z1Gamer says:

        The key factor in that post though was that it was an April Fool’s Day joke! So Nilbert being a Zorua doesn’t have to be cannon.

        Also since when has logic and the rules of real life ever been true for pokemon, anime, the internet, fanfictions, or even this comic? More than not never!

        • Thundhurrus says:

          And just because it’s an AFD joke doesn’t mean it’s not canon, either. In fact, given this comic in its entirety, it makes perfect sense for it to be canon.

          While that is true, everything but fanfictions stays true to the age-old “it takes a man and a woman to create a child naturally” fact.

        • Z1Gamer says:

          That’s the thing most of the guesses that have been made turn out to be wrong in the end! Plus that wouldn’t be as funny as other things I am sure Author Black can come up with! We have no way of knowing for sure whether it’s a Zorua or not and personally it does seem kind of wrong to go to everybody who doesn’t remember the joke made so long ago and claim that it’s a Zorua

          Hey pokemon don’t need a man and a women they just need one of the two and a ditto to reproduce!

        • Thundhurrus says:

          But letting all these idiots run rampant with their stupidity is a . Also, it makes more sense story-wise than the other things A!Black could come up with. Sure, this comic is generally nonsensical, but it’s still got some logic in it.

          Ditto is an amorphous blob that can turn into anything, imitating its physical form perfectly. Including male or female faculties.

  28. Kyogre says:

    I question why nilbert is going along with this, or is he just really want him and N to have a happy family thing. Also humans treating pokemon isn’t that big of a deal unless it gets really weird, after all pokemon also mess with humans, like this one time there was this cruise ship and Lugia said i couldn’t sink it, well long story short there is now a magickarp that knows dig somewhere.

  29. enkio says:

    Black, pay attention to your son. He looks mad. XD

  30. Gallavantula says:

    Why do I feel that the mention of Reshiram is a typo? I sense that it should be Zekrom, unless they are talking about the instance we missed were N failed to summon Reshiram.

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