Episode 28 Part 08

BA-c28-08Yeah, this update didn’t take a month!

MORE PRESSING NEWS: personasama showed me this and says I should make a dating sim, too. Thing is, THERE’S LESS THAN TWO FULL DAYS LEFT

I got a lot of the artwork done thanks to making a parody of it earlier, but I need dialogue. A LOT OF IT.


My plans so far are to make it take place after BW2, not following BA canon. Black finally found N again, and now they’re talking at a cafe. Second setting may or may not be Black’s room. If you got ideas for dialogue and options, email me at blackandfriends@hotmail.com with the subject DATING SIM ~ The more fleshed-out dialogue, the better. I’ll upload progress on my personal tumblr starting some time tomorrow;;


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63 Responses to Episode 28 Part 08

  1. MadamBayley says:

    A-A dating sim? A-ArtistBlack! It’s too late for April fools! Don’t get my hopes up!! ;o;

  2. flapper45 says:

    And all of a sudden, Kcalb appears in a dress. (ok how much chocolate have I eaten. this is making absolutely no sense >> )

  3. Azalee says:

    So like can I ship Black and Joseph as brotp

  4. S. Winter says:

    Thank you so much for updating even though you were sick! I really don’t usually comment as I find it hard to say anything good enough but you deserve something so here goes! I love checking in and seeing a new update: this has quickly become one of my favourite webcomics since I found this a few weeks back.
    I read it all in one shot (oh yes my sleep can wait!) and it was astounding to see how the comic has developed from a funny little joke on 4chan to this, this wonderful charming work that I can just tell is about to burst into a fantastic finale! Don’t get me wrong, I loved it from the start or else I wouldn’t have been hooked would i?
    One thing I have to congratulate you on is keeping yourself from letting Black and N together for this long (you tease, you!), and letting them develop as characters and…everything. You’ve let background characters flourish, and transformed a take on the BW universe into something pretty well unique and hilarious!
    I’ll always look forward to the next update, and until then, try to think of a way to repay you for making so many people happy for nothing in return. Perhaps a gift art? I don’t have much in the way of money but when I do, I’m looking at a commission from you! :)
    Yours, from a shy fan.
    S. Winter

  5. Emily says:

    mary lost her brain

  6. Mary wants to flip some tables too

    Derp aside I’m sorry I won’t be able to help you with your dialouge ;; I suck at anything that implies imagination…

  7. JollyPiplups says:

    Mary needs an exorcism with a side of potato skins

  8. Kyogre says:

    I can’t wait to see how this battle will turn out.

  9. Jolteon92 says:

    Interesting plot twist. Is Joseph gonna be a good guy now?

  10. Lampent says:

    Poor Joseph D:

  11. GHOST says:

    I have no idea about dialogue for a N Black dating simgame but I would certainly play it hahahahaha…..*quietly racking brain*

  12. Sceptile says:

    I find it surprising that Mary would attack her partner “just like that”.

  13. Scraggy says:

    My bet’s now that Nilbert will appear and fix everything. And the ending of the comic will be Black and N prancing through a field of flowers, wearing the drag dresses.

  14. En says:

    Oh My Gosh Mary’s face!XD

  15. Mystia says:

    ugh making up dialogue for an IsshuShipping dating sim game would be fun and I would definitely do it if I DIDN’T HAVE 16 PAGES OF A SHORT STORY DUE FOR CREATIVE WRITING CLASS IN 20 HOURS sorry artist!black and good luck with someone else finding and helping you do this c=!

    • TheInsaneGeekFreak says:

      Why don’t you write an Isshushipping fanfiction for school instead?

      • Rory says:

        I wish my teachers would let me turn in Isshushipping fanfiction for school…

        • Z1Gamer says:

          Maybe if you got enough people who wrote fanfics in your class or at least had some ideas for some you could?

        • Mystia says:

          why can’t I reply to Z1Gamer’s comments

          @Rory: I know that feel bro, my teacher got really upset with me when I turned in some fanfictions for 999 and AnoHana and Higurashi and Dangan Ronpa and Ib, “your audience is your classmates, not a bunch of people who are in those fandoms, please write stories with characters who your classmates won’t recognize from somewhere” pffffft

          @Z1Gamer: ha haha haha hahaha that could be fun but I’m not taking another creative writing class, my major isn’t writing and I was taking CW1&2 as elective classes to get my associate’s, and now that I’m going for my bachelor’s in my major I can just take the courses I need to graduate lol

          BUT REALLY YA’LL SHOULD WRITE FANFICTIONS post them on FanFiction.Net or e-mail them to me if you want me to beta your writings because I’m a sh*tty writer but I’ve been told by dozens of people that I’m an excellent editor

        • Z1Gamer says:

          @Mystia After a certain amount of replies we are forced to reply off of one person (probably from shrinking down the size too much of one conversation).

          What are you majoring in?

          I may not write fan-fics myself but the idea of pairing up people has been more interesting to me since this comic and watching Fairy Tail (NaLissanna)! I think I remember knowing of somebody who wrote some fan-fics on that site actually (really should read those some day since I probably still have them bookmarked on my computer or something).

        • Mystia says:

          @Z1Gamer: Oh, okay, sorry I don’t know how this stuff works, I don’t comment much on this comic, even though I follow the artist on tumblr and deviantART. [But I like to read other readers’ comments!]

          Majoring in Managerial Accounting, which is the best career for me, because it sings to 90% of my strengths, haha.

          I don’t mess with the Fairy Tail fandom because a lot of the writers and artists are f*cking assholes (sorry if anyone here is an active member of the FT fandom, but I’m referring to the majority, not everyone, so you might be an exception) and also because my ships are Jellal/Erza, Gajeel/Levy, and Gray/Juvia, and there are a lot of fanfictions for these pairings, so I wouldn’t contribute much by writing more lol

          if you ever write something, then send it to me! I’ll definitely read it eventually owo

          and I just realized my first reply was to the wrong person. I meant to reply to TheInsaneGeekFreak on his comment up there omfg I really am forum retarded

        • Z1Gamer says:

          @Mystia It’s cool I only thought it was like that because of the conversations I have had and have going on DA myself!

          I’m glad you are able to tell what most of your strengths are! May I ask how you were able to figure this out?

          I’m sure you have to take statistics for that so you could always take a poll on the most popular fan-fics for a class somehow?

          Your ships for FT are the ones I believe are basic and should happen personally! I feel that the anime tells us which ones we should be shipping together! I’m sure there is thousands of fan-fics for those pairings by now too, especially considering how many groups are on DA are dedicated to certain pairings!

          I probably will never make a fan-fic due to how my life tends to be but I’m becoming more interested in reading some during my spare time now! If you have any on DA I would gladly watch you and read them in the future! :)

          LOL, you aren’t a forum retard, but a forum beginner/noob, is all! :) All things get better in time!

        • Mystia says:

          @Z1Gamer: Ohhh, I don’t know, ahaha. I was just looking at different career packets at my college’s bookstore, figuring out what I want to major in, because I realized journalism wouldn’t work out for me, then I came across the accounting one and was like “omfg this is perfect for me” and it also has about a minimum yearly salary of $50,000 for people with bachelor’s degrees in the field so that will help

          I’m actually taking statistics right now, and that’s not what the class is about, not at all. We learn about probability distribution, z-scores, the golden mean, etc. and there isn’t anything like that we can do for class. ;-;

          YES IKR JERZA AND GAJEVY AND GRUVIA NEED TO BE CANON ALL OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME she screams aloud while whispering to herself that this would ruin the fun of shipping them as they are

          No, I don’t really post anything on DA, I use FF to post fanfictions, and I haven’t completed any original stories in quite a while. Life is getting super busy for me, and also I’m a SHSL Procrastinator so that is always an issue for me lol BUT IF YOU POST STUFF SOMETIMES I’LL WATCH YOU ON DA OK WHAT’S YOUR NAME

        • Z1Gamer says:

          @ Mystia Darn :/ I was hoping I could narrow my choices and search a bit more but, oh well I guess I will have to keep searching myself. I wish you very much luck in that field though!

          Aww that sucks :( I would look forward to that somewhere in the classes myself!

          I feel that I can taste, hold, see how canon JERZA, GAJEVY, GRUVIA is! Especially Gruvia in the manga, if you are up to date with that is of course! ( don’t want to spoil it for anybody by the way)! My heart melted so much when I was reading the manga chapters a couple of weeks ago.

          What does “SHSL”, stand for? I’m working on posting more often so hopefully I can make my page more lively again, so that would be greatly appreciated! :D My name is Z1Gamer, just like on here actually!

        • Mystia says:

          @Z1Gamer: Ah, good luck with figuring out what you want to do! It was a long journey for me, but I hope it might be a little shorter for you! c=

          JERZA AND GAJEVY AND GRUVIA they all seem almost canon recently, I can see what’s holding back Jerza but Gajevy and Gruvia just need to happen okay there is no excuse for it not to be canon yet ._. and yeah it’s hard to remember sometimes that not everyone is up to date on the fandoms I’m in lol gotta be careful

          “SHSL” is an acronym for Super High-School Level, like the titles of the characters in Dangan Ronpa. Uh, have you played that game, or read the Let’s Play for it? BEST GAME EVER OMFG IF I DID PLAYSTATION STUFF AND IT WAS LOCALIZED I WOULD BUY 20 COPIES OF DR and its lovely sequel Super Dangan Ronpa 2

          Yeah, I’ll watch or whatever your dA account! c=

        • Z1Gamer says:

          @Mystia I hope the rest of this journey is short too because I am in my second year of college now actually. -_-

          The only thing keeping Jezara is that Jellal is still a bad guy. Levy and Gajeel only doesn’t happen because Gajeel is too cool to say it while in the last episodes of the anime Levy is squeezing Lily so cute and cuddly I couldn’t stand it, no matter how manly that cat is it was too adorable! :) Gruvia is pretty much gonna happen though thanks to Ezra pushing it out and them working together so well, but I feel that their love is behind the scenes though because of how Grey can’t stand Juvia’s obsessive personality for him since they met! At the same time though that pairing might not be as strong if Grey wasn’t always pushing her away! I’m just glad Lyon tried to stick his nose in that pairing though! XD

          I have never heard of either before honestly. Sorry. From what I just look up about it though it is kinda of weird but still gets a bit of my interest.

          YAY! I JUST GOT A NEW WATCHER!!!!!!!! (MUDKIP!)

        • May White says:

          I’ve turned in fanfictions for creative writing assignments before. In fact, pretty much all of those assignments were fanfiction. A couple of them were actually the best things they’ve ever read. Maybe you should give it a try. Who knows, you might end up converting your teacher to be a shipper. ;)

      • Mystia says:

        THAT WOULD BE GREAT HUH but I have written fanfictions for this class and gotten into trouble because we’re supposed to be using original characters and she said she would dock points off my grade if I wrote fanfiction again so I couldn’t do that ._. maybe I’ll write it eventually though since that’s one of the Unova pairings most online users seem to like

        • Z1Gamer says:

          I think you should try writing a fanfic again for a different teacher and see how that works out!

        • TheInsaneGeekFreak says:

          I feel like I’m the youngest one here… I’m 13.
          Welp I’m glad so many people like my comment! :D
          Also I only just finished the 5th Fairy Tail manga. (And I read it in French)
          (The only reason I read it in French is because that’s what happens when you live in Switzerland )

        • Z1Gamer says:

          @TheInsanegamefreak It’s ok age is just a number, the oldest people you can know can act like 1st graders because of their immaturity these so as long as you grow up to be a great mature person is all that really matters!

          Would you possibly like a link to further volumes in English? I don’t know where to start searching for french volumes yet sorry.

        • @Z1Gamer
          Thanks for the encouragement!
          But no thanks, I’ll be fine with reading it in French

  16. greener223 says:

    *starts playing Dancing Mad, 3rd movement*

  17. Archeops says:

    I just found this a day ago and caught up with it just now. So far this is one of the greatest things I’ve found on the web this year.

    • GHOST says:

      Few things on the web are as great as BlackAdventures. And I mean that seriously, because I have looked and found nothing.

  18. racer says:

    If this will be the end, my only regret is the original dragon not appearing here.

  19. siseja says:

    *silently weeping at the beauty of it all*

  20. Mesprit says:

    Mary attacking Joseph
    My heart is broken
    Those two are my OTP, please don’t fight each other

  21. Evil Lopunny says:

    Waiting for epic battle scene uppydate~~~~~~~

  22. Artemis Kuromoru says:

    I have a speech to type but I’m procrastinating with this. But the speech is due tomorrow and it’s 11 PM right noooooowww~~~ QnQ (I still don’t want to do this speech though. :| )

  23. Hydriegon says:

    Ok dude this is the best thing I ever read. I have read it all the way from the beginning and I’m very ready for the next update. Its very funny and cool.

  24. eibonxiii says:

    Please tell me this isn’t gonna be like the Ansem Retort-Ended whenever you feel like it, with no official ending, just stop updating?

    Seriously-I love this comic. And if Black and N don’t come out of the damn closet soon…

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