Episode 27 Part 24


that’s all for today

let’s see how many mistakes I didn’t catch khgdshgjh

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120 Responses to Episode 27 Part 24

  1. faelithyr says:

    FIRST haha greener

  2. greener223 says:

    Perfect 9 firsts.
    Also, she’ll dominate just as gruesomely with that Krookodile as she did Shauntal. Fool.

  3. Calceto says:

    o mai… White uses sterioids?

  4. Missingyescycle says:

    So the moral of this update is that if ychallenge him two years ou record a speech and Alder watcchallenge him two years hes it, you can come back and challenge him two years later and you wochallenge him two years n’t need to face the Elite Four first? Hm. Workchallenge him two years s for me!

  5. Reshiram says:

    Grimsly’s face in the last panel…

  6. Knowing white she will just OHKO caitlin’s team with crunch…

  7. Z1Gamer says:

    And the fangirls shall scream from seeing Grimsley like this! You are all welcome!

    Looks to me that Yaoi just had a field day with Grimsley’s pokemon to me.

  8. I really hope White get decimated in a battle soon.

  9. Snivy says:

    That last panel….


    Nobody saw that. *whistles and walks away*

  10. Grimsley reminds me so much of Valvatorez…

  11. Haela says:

    Betting $10 White becomes a hero and Black becomes Tetsuo because of Kcalb and Missingno saves Unova and the world by taking him to a different dimension (well the latter will most definitely not happen, but it’s fun to speculate)

  12. PsychicGlaceon says:

    Oh, my. I love all of Grimsley’s expressions on this page.

  13. Livid Jolteon says:

    How in the love of **** does that guy do his hair like that. Actually better question why in the **** is he doing his hair like that.

  14. LucarioDopa says:

    > Weakest Member
    > Couldn’t last
    > Dat shudder and blush

    The Gay is strong with this one.

  15. YouCan'tRideYourBikeThere says:

    I get the feeling that all the Grimsley fan-girls got nosebleeds just from the last panel. Pan back to Cheren, now covered in blood. Poor guy, he just can’t catch a break.

  16. amibunny says:

    Dat last panel: Grimsley’s atrractiveness raised 10000% more

  17. ion62 says:

    It kinda seems really annoying when someone else appears to be winning like this.

  18. yukitsukihana says:

    On this page, shouldn’t it be “shines” instead of “shine”?
    Also, Grimsley is very hot, yes indeed

  19. adrocks510 says:

    Why is it seeming that now in the game (if you’re still following it) that White is now the main character? Or will White be defeated later? I’m interested in seeing how you’ll make this all balance out now that White’s in the Elite Four and the entire Dragonspiral thing with N not being man enough. So I guess you’re following White version now?

  20. Michelozzo says:

    Loving this whole pokemon league section, its fun to see le shock and awe actual pokemon battles in the artist!black’s style, even if he goes for the ‘high def realism’ style for it. Loved seeing Shauntal in it a few pages back, and can’t wait to see Caitlin in it too!

    Gimsley’s gone all bish on us, but I’m pretty sure Gamefreak saw this sort of fanart coming when they designed him.

  21. :I says:

    Don’t you mean “incompetent” in panel 4?

  22. Kuro says:

    I want to jump Grimsley’s bones.

  23. Kyurem says:

    I open up the page to ssssssee updatessss and it makessss my day. Then I see the commentssss sssssection and walk away. There issss a reassssson why I don’t comment anymore.

  24. Lampent says:

    Dat first panel
    It is fabulous

    Grimsley in general is fabulous

  25. Jolteon92 says:

    Can’t wait for the next update!!! X3

  26. :D says:

    Trembling, blushing Grimsley… I think I just… >////>

  27. Pony Swag says:

    For the love of god, do something about White’s rampant Mary Sue-ness. Does she have ANY flaws or weaknesses? Also that awful arrogance about how it’s such a walk in the park. I’ve been following BA practically religiously since just after the events in Castelia City but recently with White just trashing everything right, left and center, well it seems like a cop out. Trust me when I say I don’t think anyone reads BA for the battle scenes (you actually made like Unova and your take on the characters are great) however we’re expected to believe that White is some pokemon prodigy and she’s given no flaws or struggles to balance it out. She just whisked her way through Unova without any problems and now she’s annihilating the league. I’m sorry but I cannot like a character who just has everything so easy and is not even modest about her strength.
    Now if I knew that White had gone through a lot of trouble to reach the league or some other issue, I could cheer for her as she deserves to win. But now, I just want to see her fail and get a taste of the real world, It would be stupid to say BA has ‘realism’ but come on! Even in fictional universes, things cannot go so well for so long without any problems or struggles. Look at Black, N ,Cheren and Bel, they’ve as the internet says ‘seen some shit’ and have developed as characters. Unless this is some of hidden satire, then White is an awful character.

    • Sceptile says:

      Or just really lucky.

    • Thundhurrus says:

      White is basically supposed to be like that because that’s how some people (coughnuzlockerscough) try to play the game. She’s basically what every trainer/player wants to be.
      Also, Hero of Another Story may or may not apply.
      Also also, her screentime pretty much amounts to fuck all, so she really hasn’t had many chances for characterization. If you mait the wuck fore, she might get some characterization.

    • misty says:

      Are you kidding me? You never had this ease against the Elite 4? Or ever reset until you beat them and never lost?

    • Tackman says:

      Never thought I’d agree with someone named Pony Swag, but yes, White needs to get take down a bit. I don’t mind when characters accomplish impossible things for the sake of humour, but there is nothing funny here; only a bunch of supposedly powerful trainers left in the dust, looking like weaklings.

      I get that White is supposed to represent how most players can breeze through Pokémon games, but the big difference is that in the games, you spend hours leveling your team and fighting all sorts of stuff. Here, it’s just this character that we’ve barely ever seen doing anything, never had any form of status or reputation, and we’re just supposed to believe she is some sort of Pokémon Jesus.

      • Kellan says:

        Dude Jesus is already in this comic. She’s like squirrel girl, winning ton-o-fights offscreen while the main story is going down and rarely causing the collateral damage other heroes cause.

        • Tackman says:

          As I’ve said, I wouldn’t mind it if those easy victories were funny. Squirrel Girl is funny, Luigi winning by doing absolutely nothing is funny. White is just this perfectly normal trainer that breezes through every opponent. There’s no joke, no style, no tension, just boring undeserving victories.

    • Black says:

      I like this thread. But I shouldn’t explain anything yet because spoilers;; I think this whole ep would’ve worked better if I were able to finish it much sooner so the battles don’t feel dragged on like this, but there isn’t much I can do about my RL schedule. Wait a little longer and see what happens?

      • Tackman says:

        Despite my complaining, I still think you are doing an awesome job with this webcomic. I will wait for as long as this series is going.

    • Z1Gamer says:

      If you remember correctly Black (the artists) has said in the past that White participated in the E4 but failed so it would make sense that he team would be this strong after having to go through the gym leaders a second time.

      May I also add that a friend of mine went though the whole game with only his starter and by the time he beat the E4 it was lvl 83 or 84 so it is possible!

  28. bob1337 says:

    White is starting to seem like a bit of a mary sue.
    Has to get beaten hard soon.

  29. Shiny Liligant says:

    ASDBHSAHDKJSHKADAK BLACK ADVENTURES WILL END BEFORE XY!? ASJHAKDJA I will miss it. I joined late to the ride, but what I could see was awesome.

    Hey, Alder got someone’s name this time. Kinda.

  30. trainerupsilon says:

    Ah, I see why the girls in the audience were so excited for this battle eheheh~~ Quite the cutie, isn’t he?
    Though I’m a little late to say this (I’ve been busy with school) Long time no update! But I do believe the wait was worth it, I’m really excited to see more of the development with Natural and Ghetsis Gropius. (assuming they share the same last name…)

  31. Snorlaxation says:

    I have to say, things are quickly escalating here, you can feel it all building to a fantastic series of climaxes (Especially now that Green’s FIRST thing has been broken. 9. Not bad.
    But anyway, Love your characterizations for the Elite 4, Black. Where ever did you get your inspiration?

  32. qqqqqqqq says:

    am i really the only one who really doesn’t hope white will get beaten badly or maybe if she does has kinda a happy ending after words idk

  33. JollyPiplups says:

    It’s happening.
    White is showing her true power.
    White is already the chosen hero SHE ONLY NEEDS TO BEAT ALDER TO ASCEND TO GODHOOD.

  34. Cutieisevil says:


    • Thundhurrus says:

      If you’re telling A!Black to update, kindly go fuck yourself with a horse dildo.

    • Feraligatr says:

      You only have the right to complain after a month.

      On a side note, wow. Grimsley’s face in the 1st and last panel…Just wow. I love Grimsley even more now.

      • There isn’t really a reason to complain, so nobody has the right to do that

        • Feraligatr says:

          You always have the right. It doesn’t mean you should do it though…I think I’ll just shut up now.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          This is the internet. You have no rights. Your argument is irrelevant.

        • Feraligatr says:

          …People still do stuff even if they don’t have the right to do it.


          Your argument just got KO’d.

        • *grabs chair and popcorn*
          Please go on

        • Thundhurrus says:

          And people are fucking retards for complaining about something that’s being given to them absolutely free.
          Furthermore, my argument cannot have been “KO’d” because you did not disprove that there are no rights on the internet. All you said was that people do things without having the right to, which is pretty fucking obvious. We don’t have the right to post, yet here we are, posting. You basically used what we are currently doing as an argument against my argument, which happens to be doing what your argument consists of, thus making your argument fail because it’s not even an argument. It’s just a statement of what we are doing.
          Ergo, you failed.

      • Thundhurrus says:

        You never have any right to complain, because you are not giving A!Black anything for making the comic except your time, which is less than worthless.

  35. The Horse says:

    Guess what.

  36. Funfacts says:

    In the original game if Missingno reaches lvl 100 it evolves into a kangaskhan.

  37. Naomi-The-Known says:

    Whoops, there goes my ovaries

  38. From The Shadows says:

    I just finished reading the newest part. I only have this to say, keep up the good work.

  39. Kaivee says:

    Holy crap, I just read this whole comic thing in a day. I am such a slave to all things N.

  40. Author!Black, guess what! Even Notch (or whoever else places things for the yellow text) recognizes your comic!
    Just saying 0w0

  41. Giratina says:

    Grimsley…not sure if want. If he were a villain, hell yes. But he acts just a tad too effeminate to be attractive, despite his total bishie-ness.

  42. Panini says:

    Wow I’ve been reading your comics over and over for the past few months (I’m a slow reader okay) and I just absolutely love all the characters asdfghjkl; <3

  43. Schezo Wegey says:

    I read this whole comic in like, one day. I love the heck out of it. I hope White ends up as the champ.

    Grim was so Fab in this episode. It would be ironic if Black/White ended up being the heroes (although I rather see a Yangire!N hero.)

  44. Praetors says:

    So Artist!Black, are you alive? I don’t mean to be rude or anything but we haven’t heard from you in a month.

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