Episode 27 Part 18


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11 Responses to Episode 27 Part 18

  1. greener223 says:

    Someone REALLY needs to break White’s strategy AND personality. I really hate her Ace-nishness, it’s turning her into a Mary Tzu.
    First again.

  2. Shautal, keeping the rhymes till the very end
    And what’s going on with white’s pokes? Are they really lv9999999
    Cuz I think I haven’t seen them getting hit with anything

  3. Duth Olec says:

    “Here the winner you may be,
    But I’ll return in Black Adventures Two…ie!”
    I’m sorry but every time a character speaks in rhyme I think of Gruntilda. And Shauntal is probably half-witch anyway. Let’s see, we’ve got a witch, a vampire, a princess, and a wrestleman. Sounds like a fairy tale if I’ve ever heard one.

  4. Scyther says:

    Shauntal is now my second favorite Elite 4 member for Unova. (First being Marshal of course.)

  5. Nezumirogane says:

    She’s not really iambic any more… only speaking in 10 syllable strings. Well, except for “Valiant effort, but try as it might” That’s only 9…

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