Episode 27 Part 16

BA-c27-16with a stick

that’s all for today/tonight?


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95 Responses to Episode 27 Part 16

  1. serperior says:

    Beatings of friendship~
    I really like Alder now

  2. Thundhurrus says:

    How many people’s names has Alder actually gotten right? I feel like he did it at least once.

  3. greener223 says:

    Yeesh, that’s the latest morning update Author!Black’s ever done.

  4. Azalee says:

    Did he just get Kyurem’s gender wrong too.

  5. Gardevoir says:

    oh Alder, who knew you’d be the one to cheer him up, Cheren is so cute i swear.

  6. Reshiram says:

    And then, suddenly, character development!

  7. faelithyr says:

    i still want to beat you one day. WITH A STICK. oh my gosh alder why

  8. Emily says:

    Cheren’s hair is happy again

  9. Shuwa shuwa says:

    Cheer’em, Alder!
    Kyuurei, Kyushu… is Kyuubei next?

  10. Ya better prepare yourself alder cuz’ shanniqua will beat ya up with a stick and take yo tittle!

  11. Aaaa~ so heartwarming. <3 even if it's still full of Adler's silliness.

  12. Duth Olec says:

    I thought of “with a stick” after reading that too.
    Well, maybe more like a club.
    Regardless, maybe Cheren will feel better if White also defeats all the Elite Four without breaking a sweat. “okay, so everyone saw how weak I am, but apparently I’m as weak as the Elite Four to White”

  13. Clouds says:

    i want them to kiss is that bad

  14. EeveeFlare says:

    That was deep, Alder.

  15. Kyurem says:

    Your Pokemon ssssstill gave me indigessssstion for weekssss Alder..=w=

  16. Shiny Liligant says:

    Okay, I’m not going to cry, not going to cry…


  17. Michelozzo says:

    Sorry its not on the proper page, but I only got to see it now anyway – artist!Black, you draw Shauntal so adorably <3

  18. Jon says:

    Wow, that was sad that Alder lost his pokemon to Kyurem but it was nice for him to teach and cheer up Cheren, despite his clueless. Also, Kyurem is a girl?! I think that makes the original dragon a girl too. I bet that Zekrom is the odd on out of the Tao Trio for being the only male.

  19. Entei says:

    Whenever I’m reading through the updates, I laugh harder at the comments than the comic.
    Is there a problem with that?

  20. Tornadeuce says:

    All these updates, so close to my birthday…

    I never made the “Beat you with a stick” connection. Derp.

  21. adrocks510 says:

    When will Alder get genders right?

  22. Unown J says:

    Ah adler a wise yet senile old man
    I wonder if he will ever find outthat cheren is a boy

  23. Z1Gamer says:

    You know I didn’t expect such nice and encouraging words to come from Alder all of a sudden.

    I do wonder now which pokemon he lost that day though.

  24. Lampent says:

    One day Cheren will beat him, yus.

  25. Alder I think you are in need of a pair of glasses. Cheren is the rare breed of MALE lesbian. Your eyes need to be checked you old geezer. =A=

  26. DrQuint says:

    And ABSOLUTELY no one commented on the identity of Alder’s friend.
    Wow… Really? Come on people, it’s obvious.

  27. Wyvern Hunter says:

    Will you ever do the Pokemon World Tournament? Just asking because I would love to see Red and Gold own everything and have a rematch in the finals of the Tournament.

    This and some Cheren/Green bonding

    Also, am I the only one who ships Red/White?

  28. ARandomGal says:

    For the first panel, Kyuurei? And yes Cherry, do beat him with a stick.

  29. Chespin says:

    Updaaate! I require more!

  30. Chespin says:

    Moar please?

  31. Shiny Myu says:

    Can i come out of the rice ball? it’s kind of cramped in here. please Artist!Black?

  32. Companion Sponge says:

    I. I. I don’t know what to do now. I’m finally caught up and, just, *keysmash*

  33. genosect says:

    G3N353CT W4NT5 4 N3W P4G3, CR34T0R, 4l50 TH3 BL00D OF 4 N3WB0RN!!!

  34. Tsuuuu says:

    god damn it i want more D:

  35. nyanchan says:

    Just like to say alder/cheren is still one of my favorite ships because of this comic.

  36. aslandus says:

    He wants to beat Alder. With a club.

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