Episode 27 Part 11

BA-c27-11another medium-sized update!


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17 Responses to Episode 27 Part 11

  1. serperior says:

    So many things inside of him at once

  2. Thundhurrus says:

    Pffffffffft. Black writes with all the homo.

  3. ha3uhi says:

    A new update, and it’s my birthday!
    Me so happy ;w;

  4. faelithyr says:

    haha ahad dudely arms

  5. faelithyr says:

    ahhahaaaha dudely arms

  6. misty says:

    Black is almost texting like how Pod speaks. .

  7. Agi says:

    Missigno finally I see you

  8. aslandus says:

    And then in 13 years his children will have little tentacles and spikes coming out of their body, and then lovecraft…

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