Episode 25 Part 18

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19 Responses to Episode 25 Part 18

  1. Azalee says:

    Beeeeeeel, baaaaaaaby ;w;

  2. Thundhurrus says:

    A newspaper, A CD of questionable content, a sexy maid outfit, and a pair of menger-heart panties are the fruits of their (her) labor.

  3. GHOST says:

    And Cedric just casually picks up the maid outfit…..

  4. misty says:

    Pod is famous, even in the Dreamworld.

  5. Kellan says:

    Anyone else think Bianca/Bel is too hard on herself? She kicks my ass in the PWT. Especially the mix one.

    • Thundhurrus says:

      Chronologically, that takes place a little over two years from this.
      Obviously she matures in those 2.something years.

    • notzekrom says:

      well in the first game she learns the sad truth that not anyone can be strong and she feels bad about it (since all her friends try to become the champion) and in the second game she matures and learns that being the champion is not necessarily the ideal of being a pokemon trainer and she goes for the pokemon professor path

      the opposite is also true for cheren

  6. misty says:

    Random headcanon: Ghetsis wears nothing but his underwear and a maid outfit while reading the newspaper and listening to creepy music as he makes himself breakfast every morning.

  7. Kyurem says:

    Ssssshe doesssss not need Pokeballssss, ssssshe is Bel, desssstroyer of all

  8. Not Zoroark says:

    Did you said “Was” Bel?

  9. PsychicGlaceon says:

    If anything, Bel should be worried about people stealing her awesome hat.

  10. Anony says:

    I want to read the back of that magazine.

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