Episode 25 Part 16

this is all for right now;;


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77 Responses to Episode 25 Part 16

  1. Skitty says:

    oh my god i was always wondering if that would relate to iris at all
    not disappointed laskjdkljglakjdgla

  2. Thundhurrus says:

    And then Black had a mental breakdown.

  3. Sceptile says:

    That description sounds like mensturaul cycle…

  4. Sceptile says:

    Though in all seriousness,could Artist!Black have been planning this all along?

  5. Azalee says:

    … I’m tempted to start screaming WHAT NO THIS IS THE WORST CLIFFHANGER WE’VE EVER HAD but nah dear Author-Black has done worse before OTL Still, whoahhh.
    … Love Iris’ hair, btw.
    … and Black’s face after the flashback.

  6. Lord says:

    Knew it.

  7. Kari says:

    OMG! I did not see that one coming!

  8. Litwick_Flame says:

    Wow, not only do we get Iris, but now we get the “two years” thing.. Though I guess I shouldn’t really try to make that kind of connection since BW2 occurs two years after N and Black are chosen.. Also, this is my first time commenting, even though I’ve been reading for more than a year after finding this on /vp/.. Time flies.

    • Thundhurrus says:

      It occurs two years after N is defeated, actually.
      They were (probably) chosen long before they actually clashed.

  9. SoUwantAcookie says:

    Aww is N trying to hold blacks hand? :3 also I noticed how blacks hat suddenly changes In panel six!

  10. Reshiram says:

    Are we going on another trip through the dream world?

  11. Erynn says:

    Iris is in a coma? you guys better get on that.

  12. Jon says:

    Dream world time?

  13. GHOST says:

    Thought so…..

  14. Emily says:

    I SAW THIS COMING and it was better executed than just the thought
    HAHAHAHA oh artist!black i love you

  15. amibunny says:

    OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII- Black’s dead meat. For the dragons.

  16. Greener says:

    Apparently, whatever magical drugs Black and N took, Iris did as well.
    And now she’s in an Inception coma.

  17. Entei says:

    I like how good Author!Black is at drawing reactions.

  18. Haela says:

    gg Black, you broke the mind of a ten year old.

  19. Keisuke Hewaijima says:

    Blacks face in the 6th panel reminds me too much of Tatsuya

  20. Madeofpokemon says:

    I feel like Joy will me here soon.

  21. MrMissMrs Random says:

    Oh dear… this will be serious.

  22. notzekrom says:

    so if a glitch spits you in your dreams you get a two year coma?
    also if black started his adventure two years ago…shouldn’t we be on black/white 2?

  23. Ayada says:

    Oh man, his face after the flashback. xD

  24. Shiny Zorua says:

    Ah, sweet memories. I miss the days of insanity. You attempted to bring it back in the dreamworld Adventure subplot, but you lost out on that.

  25. Volcarona says:

    You never cease to amaze,ya!

  26. Kyurem says:

    Proceed with the mental breakdownsssss.

  27. Amio says:

    Oh god lol

  28. Pikalee says:

    Black’s face when he remembers Iris.

  29. Kon says:

    Episode 1 is relevant again? Episode 1 is relevant again.

  30. JollyPiplups says:

    I have been waiting for this day.

  31. Genosect says:

    d4t fl45hb4ck f4c3!!!
    I 411m05t p33 fr0m the 3picn355 4nd funny

  32. Jupitol says:

    Help, the comic is trying to murder me with my own laughter again.

    This is a beautiful comic and I love it and ohmygods why is it so excellent? I think I might cry, it is so wonderful.
    The incorporation of the original chapters is brilliant.

  33. darkwisdom3 says:

    Oh god, this is fantastic!


  35. KIM says:

    I just realized Black in his flashback was wearing a top hat on his pokemon hat. LOOL

  36. misty says:

    Ah, continuity, I love you. <3

  37. Monozu says:

    My mind is going “OH MY GOD, NO, IRIS, NO!!” and “LOLOLOLOLOL.” at the same time.

  38. Nomnoms the Garchomp says:

    it’s so sweet seeing Drayden worrying about his daughter so much it would be equal to a city tumbling to chaos. <3

  39. Rory says:

    Black’s face. Omg.

    And holy whizz cliffhanger much?? I feel like drayden is going to inflict the worst kind of pain on missingno once he finds out that it murdered iris mentally by spitting on her.

  40. Gimmie20dollas says:


  41. Ghastly says:

    dat hat after the flashback.

  42. Not Zoroark says:

    Is your fault Black all your fault, Drayden kick his sissy ass

  43. Missingno. says:

    Ah, the good old days, where I would wear a top hat and turn people into cloysters.

  44. Giratina says:

    In panel 3, it kinda looks like Iris’s hair is eating her head. Look at it! Drayden’s beard must be contagious!

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