Episode 25 Part 14

last week was jfdhsalkjfhs etc

will probably update more sporadically to catch up;;


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26 Responses to Episode 25 Part 14

  1. Thundhurrus says:

    What danger could possibly be dangerous enough to be dangerous to Drayden?
    The man wrestles with his Dragon Pokemon in order to toughen them up.

  2. Azalee says:

    Oh my God, a Gym Battle.
    Can’t decide if that just jynxed it or naw, we just forgot that Drayden simply is that badass.

  3. AmiBunny says:

    Well, this is gonna be interesting owo

  4. Blue Rose says:

    Drayden is such a boss. <3

  5. MrMissMrs Random says:

    Drayden is awesomeness.

  6. Agent Emerald says:

    I now assume Drayden was attacked by a rouge dragon, but being in the presence of his beard made it run away.

  7. notzekrom says:

    oh god…this cant end well either joy gets killed by drayden awesomeness or missingno kills every pokemon

  8. Kyurem says:

    Excusssse me while I go over there….to laugh….really hard. =u= Thissss will either end badly, or hilariousssssly

  9. JollyPiplups says:

    Drayden is kawaii

  10. Genosect says:

    dr4yd3n mu5t 54y “I’M IR0N M4N”

  11. misty says:

    This really leaves me wondering what Black plans to do when he reaches the Elite 4. That said, he could just be badge collecting for the sake of collecting badges, or he could be just earning the badges necessary to be able to command all pokemon without question.

    • Kellan says:

      Badges are useful in that sense. Traded my pokemon from Black to Black 2 and forgot how bitchy high level pokemon can be.

  12. Sophie says:

    Drayden is like the Chuck Norris of Pokemon ._.

  13. Charmander says:

    I think the problem here is that Joy is Blacks only real pokemon so it’s 3 to 1 and no cross dressing D:

  14. Victiny says:

    Oh, I get it; Black can’t even do a Triple Battle because he doesn’t have three Pokemon.
    I told you he should’ve taken that Shiny LItwick. :<

  15. Giratina says:

    Drayden is Chuck Norris. This is now canon.

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