Episode 25 Part 12


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27 Responses to Episode 25 Part 12

  1. Justice says:

    Nilbert is now canon.

  2. Last panel.

  3. Akuto says:

    A few errors:

    First panel- “I’m more jealous that they could ever be.” Do you mean “than they could ever be”?

    Last panel- “godd” to “good”, and “butthey” to “but hey”

  4. Wildwalker says:

    Nilbert!!! <3

  5. Nightmare the Haunter says:

    …I now must name my Zorua…all of them, regardless of gender…Nilbert.

  6. Blue Rose says:


  7. hikahsu says:

    Nilbert is now canon! :D
    And N not being able to see his friends makes me wanna give him a hug. ;3;

  8. MrMissMrs Random says:

    Awwwhhh. :(

  9. *looks at black 2, then at Past N* <..>

    >.< I now have to call the Zorua Rood gave me Nilbert… WAIT!!! isn't that Black's OTHER name?!

    • Ghastly says:

      Author!Black made an April Fools Deviation on Deviantart, where N plays a prank on Black by saying that his Zorua (Disguised as a Black-looking kid with green hair) was their son. Black fainted. Later on, Author!Black named him Nilbert, a combo of N and Hilbert. (Black’s other name.)

    • Rory says:

      I wanted to do the same thing… too bad N is listed as the OT so it can’t be renamed. xD

  10. Greener says:

    If Nilbert is the same Zorua that N has in Pokespe, then I would presume that Ghetsis was its owner, what with how dickish and pragmatic it is.

    Also, N as a Yamato Nadeshiko=SO MUCH WIN.

  11. JollyPiplups says:


  12. Anyone else not being able to read this due to extreme laptop lagging?

  13. notzekrom says:

    dammit pokemon black 2 wont let me name the zorua rood gave me!!

  14. 13 says:

    Panel 1
    “But it wasn’t like there were ever treated less important”

    Shouldn’t it have been “they were”?

  15. AquaAngel says:

    Gaycheese? Nilbert? Either this is a really weird coincidence or we have read the same fanfiction, ‘Beautiful Scars.’ ^^
    Anyway, loving this scene. I adore getting I hear more about their back stories.

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