Thank you everyone who’s stuck by this for so long! New readers are cool, too!

And because I know many of you wanted it, the following can be considered canon :U

Like last year, I will take the time to respond to every comment/question/concern here~

and possibly add a doodle response but I can’t make any promises fjdghfgds


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  1. Black says:

    awwwyeahhh posted before midnight
    now to go back and edit/ add more text or something

  2. GoggleHat says:

    The long-awaited kiss has happened.
    …And here I am staring at Black’s ass in panel 2 instead.

    • GoggleHat says:

      Oh, right I should probably include something anniversary-related too (dammit Black, stop distracting me with your fabulous ass. :U) Been a reader for most of the 2 years. This comic is amazing, brilliant, and quite well-written. I love the art both the normal style and the splendiforous hi-res stuff. ‘w’ …Also, can I just say that it’s been wonderful that there’s at least 1 place in this fandom that isn’t all “BLACK AND WHITE ARE HORRIBLE AND GEN 5 IS THE WORST THING FUCKING EVAR. THER SHULD ONYL BE A HUNDERD FITTY OOOOONNNNNNEEEE D<" (because while those people may have decreased signifcantly in number now, 2 years ago they were trumpeting that shit from proverbial rooftops everywhere.)

      … I do have a question, though… Are you ever going to do a Cutie Honey Parody?

      • Thundhurrus says:

        Confirming or denying whether or not X will be parodied would be a spoiler.

      • Black says:

        Thank you~

        It’s interesting because I never ran into Gen 5 hate unless I looked for it, and wasn’t the most hype also 2 years ago? I don’t remember Gen 3 or 4 getting this much attention, though I wasn’t really into those gens;;

        Thundhurrus is right about the parody thing, so I can’t say;;

        • not-zekrom says:

          just stop by in pokememes…seriously they hate everyone that likes gen 5 even if its only a pokemon i had to suffer to see a comment of someone talking crap about N T_T

    • Black says:

      It’s understandable; Black’s ass does demand attention.

  3. KarmaKecleon says:

    Happy 2nd anniversary Black Adventure!
    This is my favorite thing I discovered last year.
    No question just want to say thanks for your work and keep up the great job.

  4. Akuto says:

    Can you believe I wasn’t into this ship before I read this series? I wasn’t even all that fond of N! Now he’s my favorite, and I hope these two can be together for a long time~

  5. Quick someone write a fanfic about them.

  6. CrystalDawn~ says:

    Ahhh that’s just too cute~! N is so adorable!

  7. linkninjamaster says:

    This actually reminds me of myself and someone else… ♥

  8. Manna says:

    Happy 2nd anniversary! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~『✧~*KISSU*~✧』
    Canon kiss is perfect hurray~

  9. Thundhurrus says:


  10. FallacyFallacy says:

    Congrats on the anniversary! :DDD

    And yay for kiss!! It’s so great!!! *squeals*

    Hehe, whenever I see the banner all I can think is ‘SOON………I will hug you!!’

  11. anthemlog says:

    A very cute page and a very cute anniversary.
    Also, thanks again for the key chains ^.^

  12. mountainmew says:

    Happy second anniversary! ^_^
    I forget how long I’ve been reading, but I doubt that really matters as long as I’m enjoying it, haha~
    I really love the story, and the portrayal of the characters. It’s nice, and nearly every update finds some way to make me laugh my ass off, even when I feel like shit. I’m really glad I found this comic and got to talk to a lot of fans in the process, and I can’t wait to finally see the end of the series. Good luck with the comic, I can’t wait to see where things go from here~ <3

  13. This is really cute! Thanks for two years of all your hard work~ This comic really brightens up my day.

  14. Rory says:

    Awwww that was so cuuuute. <3 Poor Black always getting weird responses when he tries to be nice to N. 'xD Congratulations on your second anniversary, and thanks so much for bringing this comic into the world. It's just an amazing comic in every way and I really admire all the effort you put into it and how well you manage this site and how nice you are to all your fans.

    I also would like you to know that I've gotten four friends into this comic, and though they never comment here, they all really love it and look forward to every update. We always race each other to see who sees the update first. And then we have really intense and enthusiastic conversations about it that probably sound hilarious when they happen on people's Facebook walls without context. So, I want to thank you for giving me something to talk with my friends about. ^_^

  15. erihan says:

    i hope you will post the anniversary pic on deviant art iwant to admire it without having to dig around the site. much love and a bunch of red balloons for you

  16. erihan says:

    I forgot to ask but, what happened to Carrie? did they just leave her there with a “k thanx bye” moment? also i have much angst that my friend could not obtain one of your keychains for me at that last con, as soon as i have money i shall get a Gold and Black one (with the old style Gold)

  17. lurkerella says:

    >Making an April fools canon

    What are you, Blizzard?

  18. The Darker Side says:

    I always thought that it would be N kissing Black, not the other way around.

  19. Espeon40 says:

    Well done on getting this far on the comic, your much more committed then me with projects, I write fanfciton but I never fully finished a multi-chapter story. :P

  20. Ghastly says:


  21. Greener says:


    LOL Most impressive, manipulating the fans like that, Black-dono.

    Now come here and let me ruin your hair forever…MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  22. misty says:

    Happy second anniversary to both you and the comic! It’s all so cute. <3

  23. Sceptile says:

    ME GUSTA!Happy anniversary,I know you worked hard this year.

  24. zippu says:

    I just introduced this comic to a friend of mine last night – I can’t believe it started two years ago, look at it now!! The art’s gotten amazingly better, the simple style still does its job perfectly, the writing is still funny… This is one of those webcomics that somehow, as if by magic, has only gotten better and better with time. I love this series. ; u ;
    And can we just stop and appreciate Joy’s eyes for a second thEY’RE JUST SO PRETTY I WANNA HUG HIM…

  25. Erynn says:

    this is adorable! congrats for reaching two years of awesome, my favourite webcomic!

  26. pikachu says:

    Happy anniversary this comic is really awesome. I like your work really you are amazing.

    Greetings from Germany

  27. Enners says:

    I may not have been part of the birth of this comic back on 4chan, but I am proud to have been invested for more than a year.
    You should be very proud of yourself.
    You’ve created something that people love, and you continue to keep it alive. Many others would not have had the stamina or commitment to make it this far. Your art has grown with every update, and it’s truly an honour to witness it.
    Your characters are excellent, your messages are poignant and wise, your humour is, though sometimes obscure, usually top tier.
    I love this comic. I love these characters. I love this fandom.

    Thank you for everything. Let’s reach the end together. I’ll stick it out all the way. c:

  28. Panda says:

    That new banner with Joy’s eyes kind of scares me…

  29. Missingyescycle says:

    …you’re feeling emotions you’re feeling emotions N… did you have you’re feeling emotions Stack Overflow you’re feeling emotions too? Is that why you’re feeling emotions that are not yours?
    Also, Happy 2nd Anvi-erseary! you’re feeling emotions .

  30. MrMissMrs Random says:

    Joy and Jesus so precious. XD

    And that minnie comic was quite good, even if it isn’t “The KISS” that everyone has been hoping for, I think it really suits Black and N’s relationship. This is an awesome series and I can’t wait to read more! :D

  31. PsychicGlaceon says:

    Happy 2nd Anniversary!!! :3 And what an adorable anniversary gift! Thank you for 2 years of a hilariously awesome webcomic!

  32. Azalee says:

    FFFFFFFFF THIS IS ADORABLE BOTH ARE but wait i thought N didn’t know what embarassment even was.
    Anyway, happy anniversary! Here’s to a successful continuation \O/

  33. Archen says:

    I just want to leave a happy anniversary here as well~ Haven’t commented on the comic before, but I absolutely have adored every minute I’ve spent reading it. I discovered it sometime last year around the first year anniversary – I think it was a week or so after it and during the middle of the Endless Summer episode. I spent a good part of Christmas break catching up on it, and since then I’ve constantly checked the website for updates.

    This is seriously one of my favorite comics on the web if not my favorite. The high points have never failed to better my mood 5000% while the low points are touching and endearing. The twist with White being Black’s sister had me squealing in my chair for hours >u<. I wish the comic best of luck in the future – and of course will be sad to see it end by episode 30. Here's to another good year of Black Adventures!

    Oh, and I've always loved your gijinka!Joy drawings. <3

  34. Gato14 says:

    Dat ass~ It requires a gif or a dance at some point in the future.

  35. Kryptic says:

    Yaaaaay, very light Isshushipping *eventhoughitsjustalittlekissontheforehead* I’ve been following this for a couple days now and ever since I read the first page, I fell in love with this comic. <3 Btw, I must say you did a great job on Black's ass…I can't stop staring at it. xD I was looking forward to the kiss but now I just can't stop scrolling down to look at it…Which reminds me, I play the Black version and play Black. Whenever he sends out a Pokémon, I have to look at his ass. xD Strange no? I guess he's just that attractive. Wahaha.

    Happy 2nd Anniversary!

  36. iatoshaunted says:

    So I’m sure you’re sick of this question, but do you think you’d start a new comic when this is done? And would it be something else Pokemon-related, or something new?

  37. Chris says:

    Happy one year closer to being legal! Only sixteen years left!

  38. Darkrai says:

    Happy anniversary Black!
    I feel like I have grown with this comic.
    This comic caused me to watch some great anime/read great manga/HOMESTUCK/play more game series e.g Shin megami tensei games.I have gotten way better at my art because of this comic.Thank you for the wonderful two years of this FABULOUS comic!
    Yours sincerely Darkrai.
    P.S DAT ASS!

  39. Greener says:

    But I’m okay nonetheless, Black-dono~
    But I’m still gonna mess up your hair later LOL

  40. It’s really weird to think that it’s been 2 years! …What have I been doing with my life? XD I think I’ve been reading since you posted chapter 8, so I’m glad you’ve made it this far! I’m both looking forward to and feeling sad about the thought of the ending… I hope there’s lots of awesome pictures in it! Happy 2nd anniversary!! =D
    Also, that mini comic is so sweet! XD I wish I could come and see you at cons, but I live in England…

  41. Absol says:

    >mfw I saw the new banner thing.

  42. lol says:

    in my school tomorrow is apparently a teacher planning day but it’s actually a Jewish holiday
    why do you think they disguise it as a teacher planning day

  43. Blue Rose says:

    Jesus & Joy~ <3333

  44. Serperior says:

    I’m not sure whether to change my desktop to Joy x Jesus or Black x N :U

    I’d ask what dragon they’d run to in 8thgymtown, but that’d be a spoiler, so I’ll just wonder aloud for now…
    I want this comic to continue forever~

  45. Loving the updates ^^
    And our beautiful kiss at last! (kinda)
    Thank you for continuing to do this, most people drop out on their online comics, and I’ve found it a pleasure to check pretty much every day and see when you update xD

  46. Agent Emerald says:

    >Starts seeing posts about the new banner

    >checks it out

    >looks into Human!Joy’s eyes

    >Sees hearts

    It’s okay guys. He just wants to lo-

    >sees what’s written next to him

    Well that escalated quickly.

  47. OverlordTympole says:

    Is it wrong that I keep staring at DAT ASS?!

  48. Happy Punk says:

    I love you so much RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

  49. Charmander says:

    Joy and Jesus AND Black N special so much KAWAIIIIIIIIIII!!!

  50. Haela says:

    AWWW, that’s adorable! :’D

  51. KitKat Kelly says:

    Happy Anniversary! Happy Anniversary! Let’s all sing a song for a Happy Anniversary~!!!

  52. Genosect says:

    Y0u, my g00d s1r, 4r3 d01ng th3 w0rk 0f 4rc3us h3r3, h4ppy 2nd 4nn1versary, mr. bl4ck

  53. chiku chi says:

    Then, soon was NOW.

    Happy second anniversary!!! You are quite awesome for keeping this comic up for two years. Hope to see more until the end of everything~

  54. Tadashi says:

    Ha, it’s been a while since I’ve said anything. I’ve been reading this comic for many moons, now, and I’m happy to see it get to 2 years.

    Kinda sad that we seem to be getting close to the ending, but HAPPY SECOND ANNIVERSARY, AUTHOR!BLACK.

  55. Shiny Lilligant says:

    Oh my Arceus, that’s so cute! Congrats for the comic anniversary, Black!Artist. I’m new around here and I wish I could be a familiar face arond here, but I’m happy anyway.

    alksdjlkasjdlakj good luck!

  56. ikikurface says:

    I hate myself for not being here…Earlier.

    I really love this comic, even though I started reading it around chrismtas last year. I just….have so much emotion…to the anniversy pic and joy and jesus. I want to see you at cons, but I live to far into the country. I hate it, but it is sort of the time to love.

    WOO!!! 2 YEARS!

  57. JollyPiplups says:

    Look who’s tardy to the party~~

    We’re starting the trek up to the epic finale of the comic, aren’t we?

    This will be fun.

  58. Giratina says:

    Daawww~ The little hearts in Joy’s eyes are adorable, Black! Hurray for another great year of the internet’s greatest Pokemon-based webcomic!

  59. Vivian says:

    I’ve been following this comic for the majority of the two years. It’s fun to go through and read from the beginning to see how much the style of art has progressed without me even noticing it. It’s very well done though, Author!Black has soooo much talent. Ilu. <3

  60. Dreamy says:

    It’s amazing to see how much this comic has evolved since the first day, art-wise and storywise. You managed to create a fun, interesting, well-drawn and sooooo hngable story, which is a hell of a good combo.

    So yeah, thanks you for this comic Author!Blac. Keep up the good work, you’re amazing, AND WE ALL LUV U !! °A°

  61. Erin says:

    I remember reading this when it was still in those clusterfuck threads on 4chan, and I remember leaving you words of encouragement to start a full comic when you expressed interest in it. I don’t know if my comments made any kind of difference, but either way, I’m ecstatic that you went through with it and have kept it up all this time. The comic is fantastic and just keeps getting better. Thanks for all your hard work. Seeing it come this far is inspiring.


  62. White says:

    Woah…I’ve been following this comic for a year already?

  63. hikahsu says:

    EEEEEEEE Kissing! Yeeeeaaaaaaah! *shot*

    Jesus and Joy are really cute too >u<

  64. Jon says:

    Phew, N got better now as expected. So what will happen now?

  65. Happy Anniversary Black Adventures!
    I love your comic, it’s great.
    And I’ll shut up now, got stuff to read.

  66. Ace says:

    I’ve been stalking this comic for two years? How exciting *u*

  67. Entei says:

    I now demand a birthday cake. With Black’s ass on it.

  68. Mawile says:

    The only good way to describe how the kiss makes me feel is that my heart grew three sizes. It’s the cure for sadness.

    You’re the best, Author!Black.

  69. Kyurem says:

    Happy Sssssecond Anniversssssary Black Adventuresssss!

    I mussssst sssssay it hasssss been incredible. Both your ssssstorytelling and art sssstyle hasssss improved sssssso much and I cannot wait to sssssssee more in the future.

  70. shinobigoomba says:

    Happy anniversary artist!black!

  71. not-zekrom says:

    happy two-year-that-no-one-noticed-happened-so-fast-aniversary!! this comic really makes me so happy it allways give me a smile on my saddest moments (like mondays)

  72. LucarioDopa says:


    Get the champaign, boys and gals! We’re gonna party ’till we DIE!

  73. Victiny says:

    Man. I’ve been here for less than a year, I’ve failed to draw any fanart, I’m not active in the community, and I’m probably the only heterosexual male still reading for the plot.
    Sometimes I feel like such an outcast and a misfit here, but that’s nobody’s fault but mine…

  74. Sceptile says:

    If you know what I mean…

  75. Ingo and Emmet says:

    Your amazing auther!black I’m am lucky to have found this comic
    I would love auther!black to draw us kissing o3o’
    Cough cough blush trip fall off random boat Dx
    Trolol <3 he's so clumsy.
    (Ahem I read ingo x emmet lemon so when I rp them their gay and love eachother ;D!!)

  76. Glaceon says:

    Also, Persona 2.1, or Persona 2.2?

  77. cubone27 says:

    i have a question for you, why did you start this comic?(not that it isnt awesome) on one of the old comics it said you made this comic before playing pokemon black and white so i was just wondering…

  78. ShedNinja says:

    (Ooh, I’m late to the party, aren’t I? Oh, well, in any case…)

    I’ve been following for about a year now I believe, and I while I may not post as much as I would, I find myself checking for updates far more often than they appear.
    And with good reason. Look at what you have built up. If the length, quality and fanbase doesn’t speak for itself (and the fans does; loudly at that), let me tell you: It is amazing.

    You manage to keep me in suspense between updates, and not just for the plot. The real gem here is your characterization. Despite having some chars so grotesque it’s not even possible to comprehend (Ingo/Emmet, Tornadus/Thundurus, the mess that is Pod, to name a few) you still manage to make them more than just comic relief.

    Not to mention how hilarious the comic is, and at all times that is. Even when the comic is at it’s most serious you manage to come up with some thing that cracks me up without ruining the mood of the scene. I really can’t put words on how funny it is.

    I had more to say but now I’ve forgotten (>_<) but it was something with the fanbase and how well you interact with us. And then something along the lines of how proud you should be to have created all of this. And then… the future. The end of this story is drawing close. What will happen after that? Blakc/White 2? Something else? Nothing? One thing is certain though. If you do write a new comic, pokémon or not, I will read it. How could I not?

    TL;DR: This comic is incredible and you should never stop writing/drawing. We do most certainly have something to celebrate.

    PS. Two things.
    First, If anyone actually gets to read all this, Sorry for the wall of text.
    Second, For some reason I'm not so interested in when "soon" is, as I am WHAT "soon" is…

    • Thundhurrus says:

      Who you callin’ “grotesque”?

      • ShedNinja says:

        You among others, Sir Thundhurrus.
        In a nice way.
        Come to think of it, you are a particularly good example of it. The Dream World sequence with you more than proves that you aren’t one-dimensional, as is the case with most similar chars. Yet you maintain your… quirkiness, if you will. And that is brilliant.

        While “grotesque” certainly does have negative associations, it isn’t always negatively used. Here I’m using it as a compliment.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Adjective: Comically or repulsively ugly or distorted.
          I’ll ask once more; who you callin’ “grotesque”?

    • Black says:

      Don’t be sorry, that was a really nice read! <33

  79. Justice says:

    Yay! Thank you for that. It has been an awesome 2 years (year and a half for me)

    Thanks for drawing me naked btw :)

  80. Absol says:

    The suspense of waiting for the mighty Author Black to reply to your comments.

  81. Greener says:


    • Black says:

      I gave shihfu permission to edit your posts with Shakespearean insults so it’d at least be funny for other people to read. I don’t want to ban anyone, but editing comments is pretty time-consuming, so if you really have to go at it, at least keep it off the main comment pages.

  82. SerperiorFan says:

    Waaaugh, Artist-Black, this comic has seriously made me happier over the past year (though I never posted). It’s helped me through a lot of tough times and the like, and just, thanks~~

    My question to you is:
    Are you aware of N’s plotline in BW2? If so, what do you think about it?
    Secondly, what BW/BW2 character would you cosplay?

  83. (´・ω・`) says:

    Haha, man. I’ve been following this anonymously for a while now–you guys are liek a big blackadventures family now xD
    ouo here’s to the second anni!

  84. gamestart says:

    so will there be a black adventures 2?

    • Duth Olec says:

      And will you name the main characters of that “Black 2” and “White 2”?
      Also would the main character get a Dunsparce since they’re available early in the game and it would be the best Pokemon for the style of not-Pokemon battles Black Adventures is known for? IT COULD BE USED AS A SKATEBOARD!

    • Black says:

      check the FAQ

  85. Devil says:

    ASDJKL; How did I miss this day… Oh yeah… I was sick… dying, and was taking an anatomy exam… -cries- I love this comic so much (I will go and marry it one day). Oh now I feel so high… I need to draw some Hihihiroshi… (I love his hair :U) I will follow this comic till the ends of the Earth. Keep up the good work. 愛してる だぜ。

    • devilsama says:

      adlfakdfpokmfpodfodfjopj! you should totally have a side episode of this comic where the whole cast of BA is in dreamworld and they clash with a bunch of other characters from different games. It would be killing my brain of goodness. ; w ;

  86. Snitchgrabber says:

    You need to stap
    this is too perfect ;-;
    i canttt

    On a more mature note, I have been a reader for about a year and a half and I have loved everything you have ever posted. I hope you can keep making comics (Even if it’s not black adventures…!). Congratulations on the 2nd Anniversary and may Fabio bless this comic.

  87. I suppose I have three questions:
    1) Would you ever consider re-writing the first two episodes? Certainly you’ve been asked this before, but I don’t recall seeing it.
    2) While you don’t have any idea of the BW2 plot, would you consider continuing the comic once Black Adventures is over? I understand you don’t want to spoil the plot, but I would love to see you continue doing things like this (even if it’s not Black Adventures).
    3) Have you thought about making a Persona 3 parody? I think N’s Menger Gun would be perfect for an Evoker.

    • Black says:

      1. I’ve actually never been asked this before;; And I don’t plan to, as BA’s initial premise was to make sense of the first two episodes
      2. There’s a couple original comics I would like to finish within my lifetime, but if I do like the time, then there’s a pretty good chance I’ll continue Black Adventures.
      3. yes I have thought that and even a friend of mine thinks it’s weird that I haven’t parodied that yet;;

  88. Snorlaxation says:

    I’ve been a loyal fan for a little over a year and a half now, and I’ve loved every minute of it. (Knowing your a Persona fan is just +100 for me, and the minute I saw Jun and Tatsuya’s quotes in battle, I found one of my Ultimate Pairings). I love you for the Jet Set/Grind Radio reference too. The music, the grinding, the running into random civilians and making them scream,… ahh.
    Anyway, thank you for your hard work, Black, and just know that we will always be here at your updates… watching… :D

  89. Snorlaxation says:

    Totally Forgot!!
    Great Joy and Jesus pic, love Jesus, (named my new Cottonee after him), and when I found my little brother named his Audino, Joy, (he’s never read the comic), I couldn’t stop laughing. And then my dad woke up and told me to go to sleep.

    And Thank you, SO MUCH, for the Black and N kiss pic, and another great caption of DAT ASS!!!
    As far as I, and the world, are concerned, Black’s bootyliciousness is Canon.

  90. ichijojis says:

    Reblogged this on Tales of A Fire Elemental and commented:
    awww that’s so sweet of black ♡

  91. Pokéball says:

    Yay! Two years of Black Adventures!
    Wow, time flies, huh?
    Anyway, I wanna thank you for creating and keeping this up, Author Black!
    It’s always nice to have things to read, and beautiful drawings to look at.
    So, once again, thank you! <3

  92. JackJerripher says:

    That was magical :3

  93. Ella says:

    Holy crap impressed by how mnay comments Black replied too. FIGHT HARD, MY FRIEND.

  94. alicetama says:


  95. yoshi_101 says:

    do ya like that n? XD

  96. Lampent says:


    Happy 2nd anniversary! Here’s to another! -raises a glass of grape juice as a toast-

  97. KIM says:


  98. Pear says:

    Wow! I have to admit, the anniversary pictures are very cute and Black giving N a kiss on the forehead is super cute. 100% fangirl-approved, I bet.

    I started following the comic two months ago, and I enjoy it a lot. So yeah, happy anniversary!

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