Tornadus Dreamworld 3

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20 Responses to Tornadus Dreamworld 3

  1. Haela says:

    No stranger words have ever been uttered.

  2. Sophie says:

    The promise of panties for the destruction of a city…seems legit.

  3. Gary motherfucking oak says:

    And thus, jinx was born

  4. Absol says:

    I like how he isn’t even listening just looking at her boobs.

  5. Victiny says:

    *THAN I’ve ever had…

  6. Landorkus says:

    *sigh* It’s called “protecting the human race”, not “being a killjoy”.

  7. Kunai Youki says:

    Is that supposed to be ‘remember’ in Panel 3?

    Also, he looks so CUTE <3 ~!

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