Episode 24 Part 23

We’ll have some more of Jesus calling Joy a dumbass in the next update! This comment is kinda out of place what with sad Bel up there.

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80 Responses to Episode 24 Part 23

  1. KarmaKecleon says:

    Aww, poor Bel.
    Looking forward to the next update.

  2. Ditto says:

    Augh seeing Bel in almost-tears makes my heart hurt ;_;

  3. Thundhurrus says:

    Dem eyes, mang. Dem eyes.

  4. Gato14 says:

    Poor Bel. You know, I wonder…..if Reshiram will choose White, and then Black will have to seek out Kyurem?

  5. Craic says:

    there’s a typo in panel 3 — I think you meant “they just wanted to fight” instead of “the just wanted to fight.”

    and poor Bel ;_;

  6. hikahsu says:

    Awww, Bel, don’t cry… QAQ

  7. Rory says:

    ;__________; Awwww Bel. *hugs her*

  8. Seviper says:

    S–so moe. ;n;

  9. Emily says:

    OH so professors actually do stuff when you go out to catch pokemon??? I thought they just waited for you… ._.;;

  10. Azalee says:


    also, I love the world-building you do, even taking Victini seriously when I thought he was just a convenient way to combine an Appletini pun with yet another hilarious biblical reference.

  11. Some Joy n Jesus time in the next update…. YYYEEESSS!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Enners says:

    I really love author’s comments.

    Everyone else pretty much covered most of my feels for me, so I’ll be back next update.
    Olly outtie.

  13. Reshiram says:

    Aaaaw, poor Bel…

  14. ShedNinja says:

    > Artificial means of making more Klink worked surprisingly well.
    So that’s why he has so many Klink! And he wants to speak to Ghetsis… Can we trust him? I know he’s Juniper’s dad, but still.

    …D’aaaaww, Bell

  15. Kyurem says:

    …..I would feel bad…but ssssshe kinda ssssscaresss me now.

  16. Damn iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I read them all too fast now I have to wait for the next update.

  17. skywarddiamonds says:

    My rainbow-filled heart…. ;_;

  18. Duth Olec says:

    A Joy and Jesus solo adventure?? That sort of reminds me of the times Pikachu and Meowth in the anime get separated from the others, except in this case both characters can talk. Now all we need is a Maractus that can only say “Maractus!”

  19. MrMissMrs Random says:

    Cedric is a cool progessor and dad.
    Poor Bel. She deserves a Dad just as awesome as she is. ;-;

  20. Greener says:

    Hah! I loved Bel before it was even cool! So TAKE THAT!

    • Thundhurrus says:

      I loved Bel before you came to BA.
      Be silent, you damn hipster.

      • victini says:

        Thundhurrus when di you become so articulate?!

      • Greener says:

        Yes, but that’s not longer than I’ve loved her.
        I mean, why doesn’t the fanbase like her as much as other characters, like Barry or Leaf?
        FTLOG, she’s the most emotional character in BW that isn’t N, so…

        • Thundhurrus says:

          BW Bel is different from BA Bel.
          BW Bel is a semi-average trainer.
          BA Bel is the Ruler of all Demons, has super strength, and causes afeared in many.

  21. not-zekrom says:

    it feels weird to see bel crying after seeing her killing team plasma….but its still hurts so bad ;_;

  22. Gardevoir♂ says:

    Aaws, poor Bel-chimes… Someone needs to help her, before she turns into an angsty teenager and ends up dating a sparkly vampire D-bag…

  23. Dreamy says:

    I really like this page, for multiple reasons.
    Now I wonder if Pokemon like Magnemites, Motisma or even Muks are born because of humans.

    Ah, too much thinking. *goes back hnging on Bel*

  24. JollyPiplups says:

    *blows jolly bubbles at Bel*

  25. chaoticlaw says:


  26. Pho says:


  27. Volcarona says:

    Awww poor Bel…but I cant wait for next update,ya~!Been awhile since I post,but I back,ya!

  28. Ghastly says:

    Can’t help seeing the word Klink in the first panel as “Hink”

  29. Ingo and Emmet says:

    O-o eyes.
    Dem eyes
    Yes those eyes
    A cookie
    Oh yes that cookie

  30. SoUwantAcookie says:

    A lot of feels! ;_;

  31. Vexxtech says:

    Just started reading this comic yesterday (thanks to a source link on memebase). And though I’m not typically a fan of cross-dressing, gay inuendos, and other stuff (nor have I ever been on 4chan :I ) I must say this comic has gripped my heart with the amazing characters and story in it. It also helps I’m currently working my way though Black version for the first time, and this is about where I am in the game.

    Anyways, excellent comic, and I can’t wait for more updates. :D And /huggle for Bel.

  32. Shiny Lilligant says:

    And here is where Bel’s future as Juniper’s aide starts. I’ve been away for too long.

    And if N is going to see Zekrom, that means you played Black, Artist!Black?

  33. Kiane says:

    Screw Jesus! I want more Apple the Derpini!

  34. misty says:

    You know, thinking about it, wasn’t this kind of knowledge kind of already known with the resurrection of fossils and amber into living present day pokemon? Not to mention Porygon or Mewtwo of all things.

    Though, maybe Unova (talking about the game, not the New York universe here) hasn’t received information from them OR they are just surprised that this could be done decades ago and not just in the present.

    This kind of makes me wonder how the Vanillite family came into existence.

    • Thundhurrus says:

      The de-fossilization is not creating a whole new Pokemon, it is simply recreating a prehistoric Pokemon from DNA found in a fossil. There’s a distinct difference. Also, Mewtwo probably isn’t very well known in any of the gameverses, and Porygon probably isn’t well known in Unova due to their lack of gambling. Possibly.

  35. Oh man, the last panel with Bel tugs at my heartstrings… poor girl. :(

  36. Cubone says:

    At least you have a daddy…

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