Episode 24 Part 13

I didn’t realize how much I’ve changed Black’s hairstyle until I put his hat back on him;;;

It was a gradual change, starting from episode 10, I think. Then I played Persona 2 and poof! Black obtained Tatsuya’s hair.


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20 Responses to Episode 24 Part 13

  1. Thundhurrus says:

    “Have the dragons awaken?”
    Please, please leave this error in. I don’t know why, but I find it quite funny.

  2. hikahsu says:

    I like dis Tatsuya hairstyle on Black. XDD

  3. DerpyBreeze says:

    Hey, I’m early to the party for once :D

  4. Rory says:

    LOL I love Black’s mom. “What my son is about to do something incredibly important and probably dangerous after I just gave him probably the most shocking news of his life? Okie doke, as long as he calls me after.”

  5. asddas says:

    How do we know Bianca can take care of herself? Aside from beating up Cheren (which everyone does – it’s not hard at all), we know nothing about her battling skills.

  6. Jet Vincent says:

    This Dad…..so familiar….Oh well~~~ * flip pages * Oh Hi Black~~!!!

  7. Enners says:

    I think “whose” should be “who’s”.

    Whose, I think, shows possession, whereas who’s is a contraction of who and is.

    Though, I honestly only recently realized the difference, myself. ^^;

    Also, I just got P4 recently, and I’ve played P3. How hard was P2 to find?
    I’d like to give it a go.

    (Anyway, onward with the update I go!)

    • Mystia says:

      No, you see, it’s correct, because N is asking whose dad Professor Juniper is bringing with her. It’s her dad, but N must think it’s his dad (Ghetsis) or Black’s dad.

    • Black says:

      but I think Mystia has it right
      P2 is pretty easy to find on amazon or eBay

      • Enners says:

        It’s such a wonderfully bullshit language. I love it so.
        Yeah, I agree. Especially if it makes more sense to you. You would certainly understand the context better than anyone.

        I think I’ll look for it after I move. I definitely want to give it a try.

    • Some Random says:

      You must track down Persona 2.

      Its sooo goood @.@

  8. Kyurem says:

    Highly approve of hair. P2 rocksssss

  9. Zekrom says:

    A hur. Finally catching up. *readreadread*

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