Episode 24 Part 11


dhfsgjhd hopefully will keep up long updates until classes start, which is some time next month I don’t even know;;

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211 Responses to Episode 24 Part 11

  1. kalistina says:

    So awesome it hurts. <3

  2. Azalee says:

    How is your Œdypian complex going for you, Black?

  3. Thundhurrus says:

    Cheren can see the resemblance with his glasses off, making him pretty much blind. They really don’t have any excuses.

  4. Jupitol says:

    How many times have I died from reading this comic?
    Because whatever the number is, I need to chalk up another.
    The laughing makes the breathing difficult.

  5. tsuntsundere says:

    Oh, Black. He seems to be taking it well. I’m really excited for what happens next, now.

  6. Augurus-Chronicles says:

    Pfff… There there Black*pat pat*, the only way you would have a chance with White now is if you were magicaly transported to the Fire Emblem universe, where incest is ok XD

    Poor Black, sucks to be you XD

  7. Weezing says:

    I don’t know why I get happy watching the crushing humiliation of others, but I do, and it feels Goooood.

  8. Awwww Black… I know that feel bro. I hate it when I get familyzoned…

  9. MrMissMrs Random says:

    Poor Black… but HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  10. Myshka says:

    what a twist…

  11. Justice says:

    Best update ever.

  12. Lala says:

    This explains why I thought the cover character was White at first.

  13. Naori says:

    I feel so bad for Black… DX

  14. JollyPiplups says:

    It’s funny because it’s true.

  15. Kari says:

    D= poor poor Black! this got me so worked up that it made me comment for the very very first time!

  16. Espeon says:

    Poor Black. But he still has N, right?

  17. Naari says:

    I think Black needs a moment. Poor guy XD

  18. magicboxwizard says:

    Next week on Negro Aventuras, we find out Cheren was adopted and is actually Alder’s son who vows vengeance against his ex-wife Stoutland.

  19. sheldonreng says:


  20. Gato14 says:

    Dear god I NEEED that color shot as my wallpaper!

  21. Chrysanthemum says:

    They didn’t get to go through the Westermarck’s effect because they grew up separated, and then there’s the genetic sexual attraction, which Black couldn’t escape. I like this!

  22. Eevee says:

    Oh wow… how come I didn’t see this coming… Of all the people in ‘New York’ Black just happens to have a crush on his win sister. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they lived down South though.~ (No joke, I’m actually related to, like, three of four people in my grade somehow. You have to be careful who you end up liking and marrying down here. X3)

  23. pikachu says:


  24. Mugetsu says:

    You never know, Black’s new love interest could be Mei(female character from black&white2) =D

    • not-zekrom says:

      i dont think that would happen because the universe (AKA:artist black) will do everything so that all of Black’s love interest would end up being cousins/nephew/time traveler granchild/etc

    • Greener says:

      I don’t think Author!Black-dono wants to go through all that trouble.
      Besides, he still has N, Arti, and Kcalb for love interests.

  25. Noodles says:

    Poor Black, but hey, Bianca’s still avaliable

  26. Praetors says:


    (inb4 wincest)

  27. Greener says:

    (Son of a bitch!)

  28. Eevee says:

    I loved the whole spanish arguing scene. I didn’t understand any of it, other than they were siblings.

  29. ikikurface says:

    Aye Guey, this was too much. XD

    Now I’m shipping BlackxNxWhite. X3

  30. Eevee says:

    I just realized something. White seems to be the male in this situation. The sibling line sounds a lot like what a guy would do, and acting like Black sorta seems feminine. I mean, if any of us were in that situation, it would make a ton of sense to act like that, but White just plays it off like it was nothing.

  31. Person says:

    As N stares thoughtfully at Bel’s boobs.

  32. Missingyescycle says:

    Well then… Well then… that certainly was a lovely twist two the tale.

  33. Devil says:

    I’m so glad this update came after I came back home from Japan! ; A ;
    Truly made my day~ Though it also adds on to the tote bag I got with Black, N, White, Subway bosses, Cheren, Skyla, and Elesa’s face on it~~~ It’s so adorable and it just came out in Japan~ Then I stared at 10 people outside of the Pokemon Center playing Pokemon and I felt like I truly belonged. :D

  34. Genosect says:

    my CPU is full of fuck

  35. Inu says:

    well it does make a certain amount of sense that black being rather effeminate from only having a female role model, his mom, would be attracted to white who only really having a male role model would be rather masculine. plus this comic is essentially a portrayal of black’s misfortunes so the author can hardly blamed for really laying it on thick how just how much of a buttmonkey he is of course i’m kind of hoping he does find a girl if only to get him away from N

  36. chaoticlaw says:

    I would say this ruins the BlackxWhite shipping, but it just makes better for me. Because incest truly is wincest.

  37. Kyurem says:

    Herp Derp Chirp. Awkward moment is awkward and I am laughing far too hard for my own good. Forever Sssssshipping Black and N

    • cubone27 says:

      hey, kyurem your back…great…

      • Kyurem says:

        I jussssst favor my ssssanity. I sssssshow up all them time… But I am alwaysssss here….WATCHING.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          I always feel like Kyurem is watching me ~
          Then she replies to me (oh-o-oh)
          I always feel like Kyurem is watching me ~
          Tell me is it just in here?
          I always feel like Kyurem is watching me ~
          When she replies to me (oh-woah-oh-o)
          I always feel like Kyurem is watching me ~
          Is she playing tricks on me?

        • Genosect says:

          stalker? maybe is a case of deep love

  38. James the Great says:


  39. Calceto says:

    this is an infinite friend zone EVEEEERR!!!! XD

  40. KitKat Kelly says:

    Throughout this comic I’ve been half N x Black, and half White x Black. But now that they’re related I’m fully supporting N x Black!!! Woot!

  41. C#0MPJ1\ says:

    poor Black, i wanted him to confess

  42. Mewtutu says:

    The Spanish.. as a language nerd going into her fifth year of Spanish, that really made my day <3 Thank you, Authoress!Black xD

  43. Espeon40 says:

    You know I feel like learning spanish….
    And don’t worry Black you still have N coughandcherencough.

  44. White says:

    *sigh* Well at least mama got that out there before things got MORE awkward…

  45. Blue Rose says:

    I just realized; this whole revelation that “Black is White’s twin” just made the Subway twins request for a double date (probably) a foreshadow to this.

  46. Thor says:

    i almost peed my pants laughing omg (hey you should totally parody Soul Eater for the next battle it would be gr8)

  47. Ingo and Emmet says:

    I don’t know spanish and the translation won’t pop up can some one translate that page for us?

  48. Victiny says:

    Good Arceus, I’m an idiot; I forgot to type in my other name here. Dammit, why does everyone in the universe have to use Gravatar for comments?!

  49. Achdut says:

    Im okay with this….. there better be someone for black though!!! if N keeps on being such a whiny brat then im going to unship them! >:(

  50. sheep says:

    i knew it! haha. “boy, black’s mom sure does look like…” i love the spanish :)

  51. Hydreigon says:

    With everything else going on in this comic you’d think incest wouldn’t be an issue. But I guess it pretty much just leaves Black/N, so there’s that.

  52. darkrai says:



    get your arses over there and vote for him!


  53. Chula says:

    … DAMN Y U STOP AT CLIFFHANGER…. Wait you know the term “It’s not gay if it’s a threeway”

    How about “It’s not incest if it’s a threeway.” Just toss N in and we’re all good.

  54. Shiny Lilligant says:


    I can’t help but feel bad for Black. I’m not surprised by how White is taking everything, though. Wait a sec, N’s daddy issues + Black’s possible mommy issues (with White looking like his mother, well…)

    Yes, Shiny Lilligant speaks Spanish. She’s Colombian, there’s Lilligants in Colombia.

  55. Doubled says:

    Well darn ;A; here I had hope for BlackXWhite, and that’s blown to smithereens with C-4. Come to think of it, how did nobody else notice this? I mean, they are the only two people in Unova, let alone Nuvema, named after COLORS.

  56. KitKat Kelly says:

    Whenever someone says wincest I think of Sam and Dean from Supernatural

  57. Kite of the Azure Flame says:

    So let me get this straight… I’ve been following a cross-dressing that just so HAPPENS to have been trying to make moves on his twin SISTER?! Very well played… Now let’s see some incest!

  58. Zekrom says:

    aaaand i’m finally caught up. THANK ARCEUS… or not since asseus is a titanic wanker.

    in any case. This is shaping up to be fun!

  59. Duth Olec says:

    I couldn’t stop seeing the top of Cheren’s hair as part of N’s face in the first panel.

    I dunno if it’s a mustache or an open mouth but whatever!

  60. Stoutland says:


    • thesilverskull190 says:

      best comic in known history? yes… i do believe so…
      hey, aren’t you Alder’s wife or something??? that’s what i heard on my way down here

  61. GHOST says:


  62. Captain LeBubbles says:

    Just re-read through this entire thing. I initially thought this was a cop-out to get White out of the way of the Cheren/Black/N triangle, but on re-reading, I see you’ve been telegraphing it pretty hard for awhile now (most obviously, by drawing their bangs pretty much identical). Also there’s the whole subway thing where Ingo and Emmet called it no problem…

  63. thesilverskull190 says:

    black, i think you caused a massive shit-storm -w-
    and now N doesn’t really have to worry about competition :D
    except for Cheren -.-

  64. yoj says:

    heartbroked </3

  65. Gothitelle says:

    Oh yeah. =w=
    I never really shipped BlackxWhite… but now I think I will.

  66. ThatPerson says:

    I’m sorry, but, the entire sister thing was a stupid development in my opinion.

    In the words of the internet: ” I r disapoint”

    • Captain LeBubbles says:

      Go re-read through the comic again. Author!Black has been telegraphing it pretty hard for awhile now.

    • Thundhurrus says:

      I’m sorry, but nobody cares what your opinion is because their opinions are different than yours. Also, your opinion is stupid.

      In the words of the internet: “FUCK OFF”

    • evee2glacia says:

      Then please, leave and never come back if it really sucks


  67. Volt Tackle says:

    After finding this and going on an archive binge,I find this.
    The look on Black’s face in the colour panel…
    This always has awesome facial expressions.

  68. Shawn says:

    OOOOH. That hurt. Poor Black always gets the short end of the stick. At least he was born with a nice ass.

  69. Tadzo says:

    I just read through all these comics in one night, best webcomic ever!

  70. Hirashin says:

    I just realized their eyes are pokeballs

  71. Core says:

    XD I can read a little spanish so when I saw the mom say hermana I fell over laughing!! Poor Black though I mean now he has to be gay!

  72. Kecleon says:

    I was laughing really really really hard and my parents were just staring at me like I was crazy

  73. MayMagita113 says:

    Poor Negro, Now “Ene” is Happy, No more Blanca, esta genial el comic…:D

  74. Missingno says:

    And then me and black got together, forgot about N and lived happily ever after

  75. Duckman says:

    Here, a gif(t) for you:

  76. bob1337 says:

    Just read your comic + backlog after finding it through memebase(sorry), really enjoyed it, one of the best web comics I have read and defiantly gets a bookmark!

  77. Sceptile says:

    Awww cmon guys,don’t hate on MissingNo.

  78. Kai says:

    Twincest is wincest.

  79. Cayleighstarr says:

    I . . . Need . . . . UPDATE! I can’t believe I got caught up from the very beginning in 2 days O3O

  80. Oh ma gerd, a few comics before this I was like “Wouldn’t it be funny If they were twins?” then i understood hermana and i was like “O_O HolyThunderpusImustbePHSYIC!”

    Oh and has anyone else realized that Bianca(Bel)’s name means White in another language? OuO

  81. Super late girl..... -_- says:

    Idk y I wait to the last comic to comment but I LOVE it. U r a genius artist!Black. Keep it up! (plus i’m super late….)

  82. insertnamehere says:

    Well I’m new and I just read all the comics. :'( Now what?

  83. AGodofIrony says:

    Ahhhh, I caught up. D:

    I just want to say, as a straight, 20 something year old male…I love this comic. XD

  84. Celebish says:

    Brb crying.

  85. Super_AIDS says:

    So does this mean Black’ll be okay with the probability of Dirk and White dating?

  86. Wolfer McKenzie says:

    Hey… I just see your comic and this is crazy but White is out, so Mary falling in love with Black maybe?

  87. L says:

    I started reading this comic yesterday (two days ago?) and read it through my Birthday Party .< I can't explain the joy I got from reading this! I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT UPDATE!!!!

  88. Jolteon (Possibly not the only Jolteon) says:

    Black needs hugs. EVERYONE HUG HIM. >:C

  89. at that moment (fourth pannel) black realized: “oh god i just realized, i have been in love with the younger version of my mother”

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