Episode 24 Part 06

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16 Responses to Episode 24 Part 06

  1. Thundhurrus says:

    It will be long enough, White. It will be long enough.

  2. Mew says:

    Yes, White. Join the Kanto-Johto alliance.

  3. tsuntsundere says:

    “Moon Stones a really rare, though.” Author!Black accidentally a word again.

  4. SkywardDiamonds says:

    Moon Stones are quite fabulous.

  5. JollyPiplups says:


  6. Greener says:

    DARN IT I knew that Stone would appear, but I thought it would be another Chekhov.
    Author!Black-dono were you just doing that for Red Herring reasons? I won’t get mad if you say yes.

  7. Genosect says:

    wait, where did he get the stone, I demand to know, ANSWER ME, CREATOR!!!

  8. alicetama says:

    HAVE A THREESOME WITH N. (Foursome, if you count Kcalb.)

  9. CM says:

    This is important gais there is no sex involved
    This is a make it or break it moment

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