Next time is back with the main story, and they’ll be reaching Dragonspiral Tower, so a lot’s gonna happen;; More Virgin Trio, and meeting one of the dragons, and spaghetti falling out of everyone’s pockets kfdsjhfdjhfd

Juniper: [link]

Landorus: [link]

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120 Responses to DREAMWORLD ADVENTURE 4-7

  1. Thundhurrus says:

    I can take the two of ’em. They’re actually pushovers once you know how to deal with ’em.

    • Gato14 says:

      Ice and Dragon type moves? >3

      • Thundhurrus says:

        You’re thinking in theory. I’m talking in practice.

        • Gato14 says:

          Hey, don’t discredit me! I’ve been playing since 1998! 19.98.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Theory is different than practice.
          Also, you tell pokemon to do things, while I’m a pokemon that just does things.

        • Gato14 says:

          …..I also have an Action Replay.

          x900 Masterballs/Rare Candies
          Catch Trainer Pokemon….

        • Thundhurrus says:

          You’re talking in the games, I’m talking in reality.

        • Mew says:

          I could crush a Master Ball in mid-air before it could get anywhere near me
          Then teleport you to a desert somewhere.

        • Duth Olec says:

          Missingno. discredited reality.
          also mew you’re a jerk in emerald

        • Giratina says:

          I could create a thousand microscopic jumpgates to break the Masterball down into particles that would be separated across the dimensions. Or I could simply dodge the fucking thing, eat the trainer and their pokemon, and fly away.

        • Gato14 says:

          You guys are severely doubting my world hacking prowess.

        • Pfft!!! I can just use Sludge Bomb to destroy the Master Ball. I’m the Overlord for a reason!

        • Thundhurrus says:

          I can turn your ability to hack reality off. Permanently.
          Exactly what am I underestimating?

        • Rotom says:

          We seem to be forgetting one MASTAH GHOST HAXXOR who once decided to make Ponygon-Z after the earlier models were deemed obsoleet.

        • Ghastly says:

          If you think you can dodge a master ball, try to evade the psychic-made balls that Mewtwo made in the first movie. Those things chase you in swarms, and can even catch you if you’re already in a pokeball.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Solution: black hole the shit out of those balls.

        • Darkrai says:


        • Scyther says:

          I’ll slice up your little Master Ball and turn you into strips of kitty bacon.

        • Gato14 says:

          Bitch, you’re a Scyther. I got tired of catching your ass in Park Balls.

        • Kyogre says:

          i would just eat the master ball, wait would it catch whatever is in my stomach?

        • Vaporeon says:

          Yes. I on the other hand would just make a water clone of myself to take my place inside the ball. And then proceed to slice the trainer to bits with Rena Ryugu’s cleaver. :3

        • Wondereye says:

          By Arceus, just let the poor human be….

        • Gato14 says:

          All ya’ll common mons are bitches. True, the legends have their stats and IRL awesome, but really, if Ash Ketchum can catch you guys, then you don’t stand a chance against me.

        • davesprite says:

          I could stife and that little bitch of a master ball would go and commit suicide. it’s logic. believe me. I’m just that awesome.

      • LucarioDopa says:

        I could just use my aura to knock the Master Ball aside. I could then chuck it at the trainer and see what happens.

        If captured – Use as a human sacrifice for the great Artist!Black.

        If Master Ball does nothing – Block the trainer’s aura and add my own to it, causing the poor sap to combust and/or explode.

    • Mew says:

      So could I, if they were in Kanto or Johto. Since they are in Unova, however, I’m happy to let them fight it out until they end their cycle.
      Besides, I already bet on Zekrom to win.

      • Thundhurrus says:

        You only get to say that because they’re your distant indirect descendants. Just like every other Pokemon and human.

        • Mew says:

          Except that stupid idiot of a “God”.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          That abomination is neither Pokemon nor human.
          Calling it either would insult both.

        • Mew says:

          True. I could of been ruler of this whole world, had the Legendaries worshipped properly! But no, the Idiot didn’t want that. Now a bad attempt at a clone is more famous than me!

        • Giratina says:

          Mew, I could beat you to a bloody pulp without breaking a sweat. The only thing stopping me is that I don’t want to and I hold no animosity towards you. The point is, you’re weak compared to some of the Legendaries and especially me. Frankly, ruling the world will get you nowhere fast. I just go with the flow and eat whatever disrupts that flow.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Giratina, Mew is the base from which every Pokemon ever evolved from, or, in the case of your trio and artificial Pokemon, were created from.
          Arceus, being the unimaginative idjit he was, just made Mews and mutated them by exposing them to raw time, space, and antimatter.

        • Giratina says:

          Yeah, the thing about that is no. Asseus created me and my siblings from the raw esscence of the dimensions, space, and time. We are the embodiment of those things. We were not branched off from Mew at all.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Or so you think. I got to probe around his mind once (do not ask), which was an absolutely horrible experience, and I saw how he created you three. He used what is best described as a prototype Mew as your bases.

        • Giratina says:

          A prototype is not the same as the final thing. The three of Us were here long before the first true Mew came into being. We are superior to Mew.

        • Darkrai says:

          Um what? My head hurts now?

      • Celebish says:

        I put my money on Reshiram, only for the fact that electricity is not the strongest against him. I’m putting types into play here.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          I have a speedy Thunder Wave, Toxic, and Nasty Plot, and numerous powerful alternatives to simple thunderspam. Like Hidden Power, Psychic, Focus Blast, Dark Pulse, and Sludge Bomb/Wave. And that’s just in the games.
          In actuality I’ve got the additional powers of being the fastest thing ever and being able to harness the power of D.E.R.P.

        • Giratina says:

          What exactly does D.E.R.P. stand for?

        • Thundhurrus says:

          I’ve been over this once before, but I guess you didn’t get to see it before the board got reset. “D.E.R.P.” stands for “Destructive Existence Retardation Particles”. You get three guesses as to what they do. The first two don’t count.

    • LDopa says:

      I’d just eat a taco and some Ex-Lax.

  2. Monozu says:

    I look forward to it patiently. :3

  3. Haela says:

    Since next place is the tower…. Reshiram is my guess.

  4. Praetors says:

    1. Virgin trio? are you referring to the musketeers or whatever they’re called?
    B. Reshiram. Calling it. Reshiram’s gonna be first.
    Gamma: Spaghetti sounds delicious. I’d like some please. Preferably with Alfredo sauce.

  5. PsychicGlaceon says:

    :3 I really love these Dream World shenanigans. The different art styles make it more interesting, and Ghost Trick is an amazing game.

  6. gadvac says:

    I’m finally caught up! Fabulous.

  7. erihan says:

    literally spaghetti falling from peoples’ pockets? that would be interesting visually. sadly i couldn’t get a key chain from you at ax.

  8. Azalee says:

    Landorus is quite simply adorable <3 Even/…Especially when s/he/it/they/insert-right-pronoun-here flips their shit and starts looking murderous.
    Also I can't believe you seem about to make the SotC runes plot-relevant. Or explained by the plot. I can't stop grinning everytime you run with something completely cracky and tie it with the plot (for instance, I'm still not over the whole Hitler thing).

  9. Ztanley191 says:

    You know what should happen? All of these pokemons that have been posting here should come inside the comic and help stop the battle of the two dragons :D and the people that aren’t pokemons should be trainers :D that would be cool? eh? anybody?

    • Duth Olec says:

      That’d be a ridiculous number of people at this point.
      Besides a far more [il]logical plan is to have them all appear in Missingno.’s dream adventure. That’s a thing that’ll happen, right?

    • Missingyescycle says:

      I doubt how how effectivee a motercycle would be as a trainer of pocketmonsters, however that is all up the the author of exclaiming black.

  10. Reshiram says:

    Is it me?
    Gosh, I hope it’s me. I mean, I’m obviously the better choice. Who doesn’t want to see me?

  11. Ingo and Emmet says:

    O3o I found this dream world kewl

    I though it would be a nice place to put a tree of dreams in

    Ya becuase its landorus

    No becuase I think it goes with the nature themed thingamagiur

  12. Shiny Zorua says:


  13. The 4 musketeers need love too Author!Black :(

  14. Kyurem says:


  15. JollyPiplups says:

    omg Virgin Trio and dragons appearing~~~~~~

    I’ve been waiting for this.

  16. ikikurface says:

    i hope the dragons have crazy\pervy personalities like most of the legendaries on here do. i can imagine reshiram being gay and zekrom be one of those people on jerseyshore. x3 anywho, i must have landorus and juniphers kimono.

  17. White says:

    I made a bad start on this site due to bad internet. Anyway, am I really allowed to represent White in the comments?

  18. zekrom says:

    Black’s”older male FRIEND”?.. Get your facts right juniper

  19. zekrom says:

    Ohh..it seems we have to do introduccions now..in that case can I claim this name? Ill take all the hate/”love?” That this name have!

  20. tornados says:

    next its my dream world apparance

    • Thundhurrus says:

      No, next is the dreamworld of Tornadeuce/Tornadus, someone who actually speaks (grammatically correct[ish]) English.

  21. Entei says:

    Would there happen to be an Entei? For I would like to be a badass Entei.

  22. Racer says:

    I wonder which dragon will be on Dragonspiral Tower?

  23. I must say these comics are quite delightful my dear


  25. Cinccino says:

    Next time, on Dragonball Z!

  26. KitKat Kelly says:

    Hooray for dragons and virgins!!!

  27. Racer says:

    I wonder what would Reshiram and Zekrom look like in the Dream World?

  28. yoj says:

    Dreamworld Adventure without the ”adventure”

  29. Nyamo says:

    Yay dragons and chaos! I’m bettin we gonna see Zek. (only assuming this is the black game) Also off topic can anyone explain this spaghetti metaphor for me? I’ve seen it a bazillion times and never understood it :(

  30. Pikalee says:

    ._. There sure are alot of Lengendaries here…

  31. anoeldreamer says:

    I’m betting there will be both dragons at the tower because Black isn’t being the typical pokemon game main character in this comic (that’d be White), therefore things will be different than in the games.
    Also, as for which dragon each will get, here’s my guess: Zekrom, being for ideals, will side with N, who is all ideals. And therefore Reshiram will go with Black, who is much more grounded in reality than N.

    • anoeldreamer says:

      Excuse me, I just read author!Black’s comment, and I sit corrected. If the artist says there’ll be only one dragon, only one dragon there’ll be.

    • not-zekrom says:

      in fact, the moral purpose behind the actions of N could fit with any of the dragons. he could apply the truth of that pokemon and humans are different and therefore should be separate. You could also say that N is trying to achieve the ideals, those ideals being that since pokemon and humans are different beings should not be together

  32. cubone27 says:

    she looks like a lilligent

  33. Emily says:


  34. Pikachu says:

    Pika pika pika chu chu. Pika!

  35. Magikarp says:

    I can take Them both out easy

  36. CrystalEevee says:

    :3 Yay~

  37. Megaman volnutt says:

    Whoever dislikes this series means “dis i like”

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