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31 Responses to DREAMWORLD ADVENTURE 4-3

  1. Thundhurrus says:

    And Juniper does not give a single fuck.

  2. Monozu says:

    Well that was delightful. owo

  3. JollyPiplups says:

    Landorus is scaring me a wittle.

    Come to think of it, the way facial expressions of mad pokemon in this comic creep me out a little.
    They’re kinda eerie~

  4. Reshiram says:

    … Remind me to stay on Landy’s good side.

  5. Gothitelle says:

    Uh…Um…Oh dear. owo

  6. Emily says:

    I…ehh xD;

  7. tsuntsundere says:

    >red fingernails
    >can’t unsee Landorus as a drag queen now for some reason…

    haha why do I feel this way about nail polish on otherwise androgynous looking characters…

  8. Thundurus says:

    A-ah! I wasn’t ex-expecting that s-scary face from Landorus!

  9. Augurus-Chronicles says:

    Hug me ;__;, when I saw Landorus with his angry pokemon face it was angry, but his human-angry face is really scary! ;__;

  10. Ghastly says:

    Author Black, Annoyed Landorus actually startled me when I saw it. Just like that Yamask face from the Halloween Episode.

  11. Suicune says:

    Little brothers… what are you going to do? -tempted to drown mine-

  12. Genosect says:

    damn, landorus just got a break down!

  13. Guydevoir says:

    Landorus: A bishounen or a bishie-Oni? (not that she/he/it’s actually young)
    Also, yaay for large updates and Lilligant kimonos.

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