Episode 23 Part 33

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28 Responses to Episode 23 Part 33

  1. Thundhurrus says:

    But it failed…

  2. Absol says:

    Dat face on N.

  3. Skitty says:

    woah so much beauty

  4. FrozenDarkness says:

    Lol. N’s Face.

  5. AltARIa says:

    Well that was anticlimactic.

  6. KarmaKecleon says:

    wow, that was a bit anticlimactic. But it did sure looked pretty.

  7. MrMissMrs Random says:

    I think N is having the same moment Black did with Burgh and Elesa. XD

  8. You really thought it would be that easy?

    Can’t you just have Kcalb come on out? He probably could win.

  9. Anonymouse says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying N’s face in panel 3.

  10. Bolt says:

    It’s not very effective…

  11. JollyPiplups says:

    omg, N’s face, and that anticlimactic-omg, I can’t

  12. misty says:

    They’re way too underleveled to do much damage to Kyurem at this state, it would appear.

  13. Haela says:

    N: what?! Black and Joy get to do a cool attack without me? We’ll see about that! *scoots closer to Black*

  14. Voltoloser says:

    The impenetrable Kyurem…?

  15. Dreamy says:

    N just couldn’t stand the badassness of this move.

  16. tsuntsundere says:

    *falls down dead next panel*

    Or at least, that’s what I’m hoping lol.

  17. Azalee says:

    AW MAN

  18. Giratina says:

    I like Joy’s face better. He’s just vaguely disappointed.

  19. Girrr-chan says:

    N’s so precious, keeping black stable in panel 3~

  20. hikahsu says:

    N’s expression is so lol XDDD

  21. Shiny Liligant says:

    DAT N.

    I guess Black needs more practice with that penetration.

  22. NYANYAN says:

    That last panel
    Where are your hands

  23. Jynx says:

    N appears to be unphased by any of this.

  24. Darkrai the God says:

    Kyurem looks almost indignant. Or that is his “what was that supposed to do?” face.

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