Episode 23 part 25

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32 Responses to Episode 23 part 25

  1. kalistina says:

    I’m loving these faces. Joy is all kinds of adorable and makes me want to hug her~
    Also, I’m impressed by how quickly Black made the jump.

    • lttm says:

      *cough* him *cough cough*

      • Thundhurrhead says:


        • Azalee says:

          Forceful sex change through magic ≠ change of gender, I also agree it shouldn’t change the pronoun :/

        • Thundhurrhead says:


        • Azalee says:

          You do?
          No, actually please don’t answer that.
          Ack, too late. The mental images of genderbend Thunderpus, they won’t get out of my head.

        • Thundhurrhead says:


        • Azalee says:

          I’ll just accept that.

        • kalistina says:

          Technically speaking, gender bender =/= gender change (gender bender = magical sex change in way over 90% of situations). Which is a totally different thing.

          I did use the female pronoun, but if I were to talk with girl!Joy I’d use the male one. Using the female one would potentially be offensive (or not – admittedly girl!Black doesn’t seem to mind calling him/herself a woman – but better safe than sorry with identity issues).

      • kalistina says:

        To be perfectly honest I slipped (I’d have used “she” anyway, ’cause I enjoy using gender-bent gender pronouns in this kinda context, but at the time of commenting I just wasn’t thinking of Joy’s original maleness anyway). Thanks for the reminder :)

      • N says:


    • Thundhurrhead says:

      Joy is Black’s only Pokemon. Makes total sense that hir immediate reaction would be to jump.

      • kalistina says:

        Yeah, ’cause the first thing that crosses your mind when a friend of yours falls off a cliff is jumping after them to die together with them~

        Plus, arguably most of the time a Pokémon can endure much more damages than a human could ever dream to (think Flamethrower/Thunder/Explosion). Joy might have survived the fall without being rescued.

        But then again, admittedly Black does have powers too =P

        • Thundhurrhead says:

          Falling is one of the few things that all pokemon have trouble surviving. Normal types, like Joy, also have the most trouble surviving things.

        • kalistina says:

          Point taken… but then again, in the anime, you can fall thirty feet and be completely okay as long as there’s someone to catch you (Pikachu comes to mind). And let’s not even talk about Team Rocket.
          Doesn’t work that way. If falling thirty feet and getting caught before you hit the ground is okay, then actually hitting the ground will only be harmful, but far from lethal (unless the ground is covered in blades or something). Not the fall that kills you.

          I’ll agree that Black Adventures isn’t the anime… but most other Pokémon canons seem to agree with the anime about that. Decelerating from 160mph (terminal velocity, approx) to 0mph in a split second won’t cause you any harm as long as someone’s catching you (and might hurt if not, but many characters survived such falls).
          IRL, that’d be lethal without a doubt (… and Ash’s arms and legs would probably break all the time). Unless he’s some variant of Superman.

          Falling from a cliff is, at worst, equivalent to being hit with a Seismic Toss (the distance doesn’t matter much once terminal velocity has been reached, and Seismic Toss can be assumed to be a terminal velocity – think Ash’s Charizard). Enough for a knock-out (probably enough to OHKO Joy), but far from enough to kill a priori.
          Pokémon are unbelievably sturdy.

        • Dreamy says:

          They’re main characters, and as we all know, main characters can survive falls from infinite height!

  2. I wonder what will happen to N
    and the faces, hnnggghhhh to cute

  3. Azalee says:

    I really
    really love that blood splatter.

  4. tsuntsundere says:

    No Joy no

    Kick his ass, N!

  5. Laeti says:

    This scene is familiar.

  6. Greener says:

    Well, I guess that proves Joy is a girl as well.

  7. Wondereye says:

    I just got a mental image of Missngno. taking the form of a parachute… a talking parachute…

  8. Mountain_Mew says:

    Reasons why pronouns are stupid – People get into heated debates over whether they should use ‘he’ or ‘she’.
    Also, I really adore Joy in the fourth panel. Dat blood/facial expression;;

  9. Rory says:

    That’s so sweet how Black jumps after her. ;_;

  10. Wow…everyone is debating about the gender on this page. XD Oh, Joy is Stupid Sexy Audino alright.

  11. JollyPiplups says:


  12. derp-faec says:


  13. Miki says:

    exact scene from sailor moon there xD

  14. Nerdytimes says:

    I am a man. A straight man.

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