Episode 23 Part 22

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14 Responses to Episode 23 Part 22

  1. serperior says:

    There needs to be a hotel where the elevator works exactly like that.

  2. Greener says:

    LOL Screw off Tuxedo Kamen, this is between Kyu-chan and the male lolita.

  3. Zebstrika says:

    Looks like Author!Black was too lazy to make new panels…

  4. JollyPiplups says:

    I’m just asking, but is that the longest panel you’ve ever done, Author!Black?

  5. I see what you did there Black. That’s that ice thing Sailor Moon thought the Negaverse on. XD

  6. Shiny Liligant says:

    Is it just me, or Kyurem is flapping his wings like one of those little green birds?

  7. Mountain_Mew says:


  8. Guydevoir says:

    Is that a rapidly rising ice tower, Kyurem, or are you just happy to see N?

  9. jdeko says:

    i still wonder about dancer dick…

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