Episode 23 Part 12


can’t unthink Kyurem has a hiss because of the commenter :y

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48 Responses to Episode 23 Part 12

  1. Monozu says:

    Same here. Can’t stop thinking of Kyurem’s hisssss.

  2. KarmaKecleon says:

    I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the hiss as Kyurem talked.

  3. Hahah yes horrible jokes ftw

  4. MapleThree says:

    Hooray for groan-inducing puns!

  5. Praetors says:

    That mouth. Amazing

  6. Azalee says:

    Why is it

  7. Emily says:

    heh, his reaction to freeze. PRICELESS

  8. Reshiram says:

    Make me proud, sister!

  9. Greener says:

    Dammit Kyu-chan, you left one hell of an impression on Author!Black, and this just confirms it!!

  10. Jupitol says:


  11. JollyPiplups says:

    Author!Black, I see you as a goddess for making a kyurem look so cute~ <3 ^-^

  12. Kyurem says:

    Glad to know I leave an impressssssion~

  13. Kunai Youki says:

    Wow, that’s great. He does look cute…Never thought I would call a rotting thing cute, but now I am, THE HELL?!

  14. Mountain_Mew says:

    Kyurem hissing is canon to me now.

  15. Genosect says:

    I wanna being in the comic too… will I be in the comic… FUCK!!!

  16. Volcarona says:

    Ah yay!So glad Kyurem left such an impression on the comic!Hissssssing is now canon,ya!

  17. Alakazam says:

    I spy with my little eye a buttload of sailor moon references

  18. Landorkus says:

    This is good. This is so good.

  19. tsuntsundere says:

    So by the hisses I’m guessing that’s kyumen? Like the same as the name of that person on here who always types like that?

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