Episode 23 Part 01

Decently sized update commence!

My internet’s kinda slow right now, so it might take a bit;;

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17 Responses to Episode 23 Part 01

  1. PKMN Hunter says:


  2. Azalee says:

    Japanese-style Icirrus

    hell yes.
    Also i’m absolutely un-Japanese-biased: that Hachiku title page is gorgeous.

  3. Mountain_Mew says:

    Inaudible happy people are my favorite kind of happy people.

  4. doodlelover says:

    This entire strip is so very gorgeous. The atmosphere is perfect. *__*

  5. Haela says:

    BRYCEEEEEN (or whatever your japanese name was!)

  6. JollyPiplups says:

    My cellular device doesn’t tell me nothing. I need updates on my phone!

    Anyways, I kinda feel like Brycen is gonna have a sad back-story. You know, from the gray flashback vibe…

  7. Genosect says:


  8. Emily says:

    YOU MADE MY DAY. AGAIN. I love youuu

  9. Kunai Youki says:

    Love the random Hello Kitty in the third panel

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