ahhhhhhhhh (delete later)

Classes have started again. I’m not sure about the workload yet since it’s only been a day, but my schedule is pretty terrible. My professor wants me to enter a competition and the deadline is the 25th, so I’ve been trying to work on that, but my tablet is old and keeps dying and it sucks.  I’ve already ordered a new one, so I’ll be more productive again soon!

Regarding comments and Unrelated stuff, I’ll see if I can make it so usual commenters don’t have to wait for approval for things like links and name changing. I see Unrelated is already pretty filled up, but is the tournament still going on? Would you guys like a separate page for that? I can even post past winners and stuff at the top :y

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69 Responses to ahhhhhhhhh (delete later)

  1. Lt.Cookie says:


  2. Praetors says:

    How many units are you taking Black?

  3. ninok says:

    Always waiting for more, but please, take your time and do well in school. :3

    (The litwick on the far right says, “dat ass”.)

  4. GHOSTS says:

    I’m dying too. I’ve done an exam today. I’ve got one tomorrow. Oh, and another one after tomorrow! Mouhahaha /sob
    Yes, yes, I know, back to studying now. /orz

  5. Blue Rose says:

    Gah. So many Litwicks. <33

    And that's fine. Good luck with your project/competition thing!

  6. Weezing says:

    Well, do your best, anyway. I know time management can be a bitch, but YOU CAN DO IT!

    • Darkrai says:

      Ya Black U CAN DO ANYTHANG!
      It’s our DUTY as fans and commenters to CHEER you on in these though times.
      AS FOR I AM

      • Zangoose(female) says:

        Then I am um… White Fur Ranger!! Go Black the artist/author!!

      • Weezing says:

        AND I AM WEEZING, THE EVERLASTING BEAUTY! Together we shall fill the artist Black with zeal, and guide schkler to schklis goals!


  7. Gardevoir (Female) says:

    Tournament. O.O I don’t know what they want. Zekrom started another one. And I still have to battle Ditto. Ugggggghhhhh.

  8. Spiky-haired Raichu says:

    Its okay black schoolsadly always comes first
    I feel your pain my exams start tomorrow qq

  9. Roxas says:

    Win win win win the competition~

  10. shinobigoomba says:

    Take your time Black. I know very well workloads can be a bitch

  11. Greener says:

    Poor Blacks…the male one getting his life force sucked out by Litwick glomps, and the female one having to go to school…

  12. jeromeamon says:

    I don’t even care I just love the picture

  13. Purple_the_awesome_person_that_is_awesome_and_will_PWN_you_wit_her_pokemans_XD says:

    Geez school really does suck doesn’t it?

  14. Take all the time you need, sugarcube. Everyone knows about how life can get in the way of a lotta things. I do wonder what kinda tablet you’re gettin’ though. I don’t see how you use a tablet. It’s hard for me, says the one person that draws with her finger. hdfjgaskf

  15. Zekrom says:

    I would appreciate that immensely @q@
    *has been carousing the unrelated board, saving every single post in case of unrelated reset*

  16. MrMissMrs Random says:

    Don’t worry, hope you do well in school, Black. :)

  17. Justice says:

    Don’t worry about us. School be your priority!

  18. No worries Author Black take ya good time its best to tackle one by one to reduce stress and we still be loyal to wait long we can~

    Also based on what i can see yes Zekrom’s tournament is still going on.XD Sounds like a good idea to me if everyone else thinks so~

  19. Good luck with the competition!

  20. Gato14 says:

    I’d do the “I graduated college” dance, but that’d be mean.

  21. Serperior says:

    Good luck in the competition! And a separate tournament board would be nice. We could have even more tourneys that way.

  22. JollyEmpoleons says:

    Aww your so nice author~! But please, take your time with the school stuff. We can wait, right guys?

    And the tournament thingy would be nice, because if I or someone else won we would be posted somehwere~!

  23. ChandlertheChandelure says:

    dont delete this the picture is cute ;o;

  24. WZD says:

    Tell me your schedule ( ´ p ` )ノ I got typography A with Dimas lol
    Which tablet did you order?

  25. charizard ruler says:

    Black should get the shiny litwick

  26. Slato says:

    Nooooo my love!
    Don die!ヽ(;▽;)ノ
    Is there anything you need? Chocolate? Cake? New stolen tablet from brother? (;゜0゜)

  27. Guydevoir says:

    Guydevoir used Future Sight!
    I just predicted this last comic. His name will be Grey by the time comics resume!
    Still, take your time- Pokemon is turn-based, not an RTS.

  28. SP says:

    School, your evil for taking Black away and making my hand hurt with all these writting assignments! Hope you doing better than me right now!!!

  29. thesilverskull190 says:

    Oh posh black, you’re always dying! We’re still here aren’t we?

  30. Sara says:

    Aw don’t worry take your time. I also want to add how amazed I am at seeing how long you’ve stuck with this comic. Most artist get about halfway and then suddenly stop. I’m glad I have discovered such a wonderful writer. Makes parametric modeling much more enjoyable. :3

    Keep up the great work!
    And don’t over do it at school <3

  31. MissPikachu says:

    I’m scared to go to school… I’m only in middle. D:

  32. Nile says:

    Ahhh college… I feel ya

  33. Sea says:

    That one Litwick looks very pleased with that fine Black ass there

  34. Adventure Time! says:

    Black, what tablet are you using?

    Good luck in the competition :3 XD

  35. Zangoose(female) says:

    Now I feel inspired to shiny hunt for litwicks- its been months since I caught my last shiny, the time is now!.. Work? Wait – oh geez I should get to that!!

  36. Gardevoir says:

    can i ask you a question Black? which Bamboo Fun Tablet do you use? the creat one? and is it easier to do stuff on it than coloring on the computer? cuz, i usually color my drawings on Sumopaint.com it’s free, and i usually scan my drawings on a printer and then color them on that site…. i’m over explaining it arent i? my bad -_-

    • Black says:

      I’m getting asked this all over the place, so I guess I should add it to the FAQs :u

      I personally find it easier to do everything on the computer, from sketch to finish.

      • Gardevior says:

        oh, sorry XD i didnt know that you were bing asked that alot. i dont really read other comments, i hate it when people ask me the same thing over and over again =P

  37. Dude says:

    The megaupload links on the bonus page are TOTALLY UP… No wait megaupload is dead D=

  38. Keiggy says:

    I thought that’d be Cheren lol

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