Episode 21 Part 21

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18 Responses to Episode 21 Part 21

  1. Nope, chuck testa! /isgoingtostopwiththecommentsnao

  2. Lord says:

    Those lutwick that want to kill you. I want them.

  3. Haela says:

    Seriously, that shiny litwick is so damn cute I’d risk the danger of having my face ripped off just to hug it.

  4. Azalee says:

    … also they sortof look like Corn/Cress…

    … I think Alder is going to gain respect from N. Def handling this in a very cool way <3 (and adorable)

  5. ShiriRee says:

    Leveled is spelled wrong. But omg cute.

  6. Blue Rose says:

    Alder had definitely been in some counseling or been a counselor. Or both.

  7. Whao Dat look on cheren face when Alder stopped him. He must think this is the worse day of his life.XD

  8. Purple Lugia says:

    And this is why Alder is *the* man. :D

  9. Greener says:

    LOL at N’s face in panel 3 and Beeheyem’s face in the last panel.

  10. Scyther says:

    That’s it.
    I’m catching another Litwick.

  11. Reshiram says:

    Cheren’s eye’s looks like Brock’s when open. Youtube it. Although I suggest you do not. It’s the worst experience of your life.

  12. ArtemisK says:

    “Too angry to talk.”

    What are you doing then? -~-

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