Just two more days and the semester’s over jdhghghv

I’ll be getting back to the main story~

*looks at poll* JESUS YOU GUYS ARE YOUNG

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136 Responses to DREAMWORLD ADVENTURE 1-07

  1. Mew says:

    Jupiter is not a True Ninja! She made a noise!….Heeeyyy, she’s even visible! She’s not a real ninja!
    On a different note, does ‘almost as old as existance’ count as over 30?

  2. Zimmy says:

    Don’t you hate it when someone wakes you up from a really good dream?

    • Mewzyk says:


      One night i dreamed that i have catch Ho-Oh and fly whit him(Relly i fly WHIT him not ON him!), but my mom call me on my phone and i fall from my bed… TT^TT

    • Celebish says:

      I hate that too.
      I was having a dream about Harry Potter and Yu-Gu-Yo and Pokemon all mixed into one and I woke up just as Pikachu got abducted by Aliens and Ash tried going after him.

      My dreams are that fucked up, yes.

      • Gardevoir says:

        i also hate it, one time, i was dreaming about Lady Gaga singing Judas to me with Judas next to her, then an aquarium appeard, and we were in it, then the water turned into melted chocolate and we all died. as it turns out, my alrm clock rang, which made us die. XD

      • thesilverskull190 says:

        I WANT YOUR DREAMS >,O,< ALL I DREAM IS BLACK!!!! THE COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Nina the Lucario says:

        My trainer has similar dreams, just remove Harry Potter and the aliens and add bakugan.
        So….. toast?

    • Dailio says:

      I know, right? I had this dream where I wrote the most AMAZING article for my blog, like, the blog entry to end all blog entries… I’d gotten a million reblogs, tons of new followers, international internet fame…

      …and then my alarm went off and I realized I’d fallen asleep on top of Tumblr instead of studying for my final… >.>

      (and I couldn’t remember what I wrote in my amazing article…)

    • thomas0comer says:

      I dream in languages I don’t speak. Maybe languages that aren’t real. In any case, not in English. So when I wake up I understand nothing.

  3. I just crossed the threshold into the 22-30 voting category three hours ago. :D

  4. Praetors says:

    Still in the 18-21 Category. I was kinda shocked when i heard my younger sister was reading this too, and she fell out of pokemon a while ago.

  5. Hydreigon says:

    Well, would it make you feel better if creepy 40-year olds were reading pokemon and gay love?

  6. Augurus-Chronicle says:

    PFFFFF… Poor Juniper, traumatized for life XD

    Loved the nin ja thing, in especial because everyone thinks that the Shadow Trio may be these Gym Leaders ^^

    Hum…Now I wonder what would be if we had a crossover with Pokemon Special~



  7. Pikalee says:

    Fun with explosions :3

  8. shinx says:

    o hohohohohoh~ I am so loving this.
    :D im guessing that thundurus is next

  9. Reshiram says:

    … I wish my dreams were that awesome.

    • Celebish says:

      I had a Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Yo/Harry Potter cross over dream once.

      Yugi sent out a card and it was Harry but Harry didn’t have a wand he had Pikachu and he sent out Pikachu. Pikachu was then abducted by aliens and Harry turned into Ash and caught Pikachu in his arms. He was lifted with Pikachu into the UFO and then I woke up.

      I am that messed up, yes.

      • SkaiaWinner says:

        I had a dream that I was Gold and I was with Silver in the ocean. Then this wailmer tried to mate with us and the scene changed. I had to play Duel Monsters to save Silver from the evil Spongebob clams.
        Then I turned into Spongebob and crawled into a hole with the clams to hear them sing.

  10. tsuntsundere says:

    She doesn’t look ready to do it again XD

  11. Mountain_Mew says:


  12. ChandlertheChandelure says:

    i didnt think i was that young…. I AINT ONE OF THE TEN-YEAR OLDS AT LEAST XD

  13. Genosect says:

    damn, wveryone is too young, I am in the 22 – 30 area

  14. Agent Emerald says:

    That Munna Smile is too cute for syndication.

  15. Gato14 says:

    I’m 25!

  16. Faye says:

    I’ve been 19 for about 50 years now. Do I still count as young?

  17. Karmine the Chandelure says:


  18. Serperior says:

    In the 13-17 range. MAJORITY YEAHHH

  19. thesilverskull190 says:

    explosions and “that was great! ready to do it again?”

    I C WUT U DID THARR… you did that on purpose -v-

  20. Darkrai says:

    I just love how AMAZINGLY FRABTABULISTIC this comic is.

  21. MrMissMrs Random says:

    That was one great explosion. ^_^

  22. Gardevoir (Female) says:

    I’m eleven!!!

  23. JollyPenguins says:

    oh, yessed. I am enjoying this too much.

    Oh, and I am in the 13-17 category. I feel so young~

  24. Rory says:

    Ahahahaha that was awesome. The look on her face when she woke up. ‘xD
    (This comic has corrupted so many young ones. Hahaha.)

  25. Lyra's Marill says:

    Stop attracting little kids Black! Don’t make us call Chris Hanson.

  26. Giratina says:

    I wish I had dreams like that. All of my dreams involve people chasing me and trying to catch/kill me. I need to ask Darkrai about that.

    • Darkrai says:

      You called.

      • Giratina says:

        Why the hell are all of my dreams about people trying to kill me? Nightmares are your thing, right? What did I ever do to you?

      • Darkrai says:

        Actully checking my dream chart that’s your average dream.I have never really tampered with your dreams at all, I only did when I was either high or really bored.

      • Giratina says:

        Dude, if those are my normal dreams, than I have a messed up mind.

      • Celebish says:

        Don’t. Even. Go. There.
        Once I dreamed I was a monster, with sharp claws and teeth and wings.
        I would hide under a child’s bed and wait for them to fall into a deep slumber.
        When they did, I would go onto their bed and whisper in their ears, “Justice,” with my long tongue.
        Then I would devour them.

      • Darkrai says:

        Yes you both have very fucked up minds.

      • Giratina says:

        …Celebish, remember that movie where you turned evil after being captured by that Dark Ball? I’m pretty sure all that pokeball did was bring out what was already there to begin with.

      • sindaquil says:

        If that’s true, I hope no one else on this site gets caught by one.

  27. Deinosaur says:


  28. Joltik says:

    man you should have put DAH DAH DAH DAAAAAAAAH at the bottom of the 2nd panel but thats ok it’s still awesome anyway :D


  29. Lyra says:

    Well, I imagine there are a lot of 13-17 year olds who found the comic through dA. Your older audience is also of a respectable size.

  30. Jazz Montrey says:

    Wow. At least now I don’t have to feel old when I’m schooling my sister on the original pokemon happenings…

  31. Victiny says:

    “You don’t know the horrors I’ve seen, Fennel…half-naked men…a lawyer with a temper…and croutons, so many croutons…”

    Well, that sure was fun. Are we going to do another, or is it back to our regularly programmed schedule?

  32. Eevee says:

    *pops out of hidy hole again* 11 is not to young to start reading a comic of this degree.~
    12 is not to young to be making this comment.~
    Logic. -3-

  33. Vulpix says:

    This takes Juniper to a whole new level.

  34. Chachi says:

    Perhaps “obtained” would be a better word…
    Did anyone else notice Pod on the back of the newspaper in the first panel?

  35. Devil says:

    I love this whole thing.
    I laabu you…. O.O
    In an adoring/stalkerish way. Ahahaha.
    Oh and I’m almost 17.5 years old.

  36. TayDBear says:

    i enter the 22-30 range in 2 months :P
    my favorite part was watching for Pod in every panel. EVERY PANEL NEEDS A POD <3
    a naked one, preferably ~uguuu

  37. Landorkus says:

    I thought that this was directed at teenagers and young adults.
    Also, this should be done again. I have an amazing idea.

  38. Tadashi says:

    I am not young. Take that back immediately!

  39. I-DO-NOT-LURK-/VP/ says:

    I am 13
    leave me alonee ;~;

  40. Shadow says:

    Physically, I may only be 15, but mentally, I am almost 18! (Or at least 16, more mature than my 19 year old sister, anyway)

  41. AltARIa says:

    I like to believe I am of no age. I look older than I am, as well as act, and constantly forget what my actual age is because of this.

    Hence, I am of no age. OvO

  42. Pikalee says:

    My dreams… suck. I need a dream like this .-. my best dream was i was in school and we were dumping barrels of toxic waste on everybody…

  43. Sanichi says:

    Umm, anyway. I’m surprised that they’re so much few of us 18-21.

  44. Vigilia says:

    >:U Inorite? Why are there so many youngsters here?!?
    *is 21*
    Back off all ye chibis! I’ll eat you for breakfast!

    anyways… this was amusing, but honestly, i prefer the main storyline, Black.

  45. Raichu says:

    I belong to the 18-21 group. So proud.

    Btw, LOVE that last panel!

  46. Erucia says:

    Pshhhhh THAT’s a dream? That’s nothing…Mine are worse…WAAAY worse…(as in the randomness scale)
    Though, somehow that kind of dream DOES suit Professor Juniper… O_o

  47. Chris Hansen says:

    Why don’t you take a seat over there.

  48. Skull XO the Duskull says:

    an undead being never tells their age… if they do, they’re only whispering in your ear to steal your soul :)

    … psst! i’m in the somethin-or-other-to-hermaphlurbin area… 14… don’t worry, i only look for willow-the-wisps… but you will evaporate if you look into my power source… ;D

  49. Accoolx says:

    It’s Wednesday, when is there going to be a new comic up?

  50. Crap cannot believe I missed such an event :C Anywho glad to be back this was random and epic and its offical I had my awesome fill of pod for the day.

  51. misty says:

    Did little Grimey just explode? The poor little guy….

  52. I Love these comics~ They brighten my day~ <3

    Please keep up the great work!

  53. Joey says:

    Whew, I finally caught up!
    That was awesome by the way.

  54. impendio says:

    Black, you should do next a gender poll. I as a 19 yo man with a beard am intrigued by this age distribution…

  55. Ninja’d? XD….oh so that’s what happened to my Soul Silver….=_= dang you ninjas

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