I was pretty terrible at the Ace Attorney games.

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14 Responses to DREAMWORLD ADVENTURE 1-05

  1. Mew says:

    Great expression, Professor. However, you are not a silent protagonist, you must speak to defend your great smelly friend!

  2. Azalee says:

    This is like a legit AA game.
    Juniper is adorable in that princess dress! As is uguuu!Grimey.
    … Also, for no good reason, seeing just the top of the page with “Grimey” and the top of Nick’s hair, I thought Grimsley was having a guest appearance. 83

  3. Shaymin says:

    I like Dent’s judge robes.

  4. Hydreigon says:

    I suppose you can expect nothing less from a game about being a lawyer…

  5. Serperior says:

    Oh… for some reason, I thought the notes said Grimsley instead of Grimey ^^;
    …I want to see what this would be like with Grimsley…

  6. thesilverskull190 says:

    ONE OF THE FIRST PEOPLE TO COMMENT!! and i love corns quip there, lol at pod on the cover, and that is some fancy shiz dent is wearing :D

  7. sindaquil says:

    That is one sexy judges robe :D

  8. Victiny says:

    Oh hey, she did put on the waitress clothes.

  9. thesilverskull190 says:

    lol, juniper just says “what.” like it’s her statement (there’s no ‘?’ mark!)
    in my head it goes like this

    “does the prosecution have anything to say?”
    “… is that… is that it???”
    “does the prosecution have A.D.D.?”
    -“seriously, juniper, you’re being a terrible friend.”

    at this rate i’m just waiting to say “OOH!! SHINY SKITTY!!”

  10. AmiBunny says:

    Grimey’s “uguu” and face reminds me of the Yogscast~ 8D

  11. shinobigoomba says:

    Maid Juniper

  12. OBJECTION! This comic doesn’t make any sense whatsoever! Oh wait…never mind I just relized that it’s not supposed to 8/

  13. Akuto says:

    And I JUST NOW realized that Pod’s on the cover *didn’t read synopsis in case of spoilers*

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