Episode 20 Part 18

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22 Responses to Episode 20 Part 18

  1. TK says:

    Angry smex time?

  2. Registeel says:

    Lol, censored crotch. This is going to be intense I think.

  3. Leafeon says:

    …oh boy… N… You’d better run…

  4. PanChaos says:

    D= Where did his clothes go -Nosebleeds at both-

  5. Gardevior♂ says:

    If Kcalb doesn’t attack N, I will… O_O

  6. MrMissMrs Random says:

    Oh… shit.

  7. Haela says:

    Epic battle in 3…2….

  8. Sawsbuck(winter) says:

    Whoo! Love this part.

  9. Duth Olec says:

    Uhh nothing else to say I guess.

  10. Manna says:

    This… does not look good though I am happily waiting for this.

  11. Reshiram says:

    Lol @ one random strand of hair acting as censorship.

  12. Cyndaquil says:

    uh-oh N better get out of there fast

  13. Charizard says:


  14. SofaTofu says:


  15. Scyther says:

    If N uncovers his nether-regions, I bet Kcalb will stop his angry rampaging.

  16. And suddenly I realized that N wasn’t wearing anything… and that point I had to suppress both a squeal and a nosebleed.

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