Episode 20 Part 10


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20 Responses to Episode 20 Part 10

  1. Pikalee says:

    Poor Black… and MissingNo.

  2. MrMissMrs Random says:

    Nicely put Missingno. *Oh Crap*

  3. Kerauno says:

    I love how MISSINGNO. always punctuates his sentences with periods, even in times like this.

    Black’s wearing pants? O_o

    And no, Whorenadus, he only makes himself easy for N. And sometimes White.

  4. Haela says:

    Uh… I mean Black!

  5. Cyndaquil says:

    when black hit the ground, I heard a ‘BOING’ noise in my head

  6. ramenxxninja says:

    Where’s N’s hair…?

  7. Charizard says:

    Hahaha Is it me or does anyone else think its odd that Black bounced?

  8. SofaTofu says:

    Making it “EASY”

    Oh man.

  9. Volcarona says:

    Is it wrong for me to want Black to make himself easy for me?I am still new to Human language methods so please…”grapefruit”?

  10. LOL, it’s going to suck.

  11. Missingno says:

    I should of been Black’s Panties! XD LOL

  12. Syrika says:

    All of you are so enamored by the fanservice that you fail to realize BLACK IS ENGAGING A LEGENDARY POKEMON IN ONE-ON-ONE COMBAT! WITH A SWORD!

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