Episode 20 Part 02


More updates coming soon, maybe tonight if I don’t sleep friday;;; I just don’t like it when updates cut off at a weird point;;;

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164 Responses to Episode 20 Part 02

  1. TK says:

    I laughed harder at Tornadus stealing her panties than I should.

  2. Registeel says:

    Oh wow, Landorus wasn’t kidding when he said that Tornadus is worse XD

  3. Lt.Cookie says:


  4. Sexykill69 says:

    OH GOD I LOVE POD, but I had to vote for N…He’s just too sexy.

  5. Mew says:

    As much as a respected Legendary I am, I still find Tornadus’s actions towards the humans entertaining. He’s very good at livening up boring news reports.
    I’m still more inclined to side with the Gym Leader human Skyla though.

  6. Rory says:

    This is starting to feel like Negima…

  7. Kyurem says:


  8. N-Harmonic says:

    tornerdus is a flying panty thief? good good

  9. Leafeon says:

    …Please tell me that I’m not the only one picturin’ Princess Bubblegum’s voice since I’m seein’ Skyla on a SWANna…

  10. Chiara says:

    This, this is just pure epicosity.
    I love you, and your brilliant mind!

  11. Haela says:

    Tornadus = Tomoki from Heaven’s Lost Property?

  12. Gardevior♂ says:

    I’d watch the news more often, if this sort of thing happened alll the time. XD

  13. Giratina says:

    I just want to see Tornado Butt strip down Skyla. Fanservice ftw!

  14. megamudkip386 says:

    I don’t think Skyla is gonna be real happy when Black and N show up.
    Skyla: well, you may have saved the town, but JUST WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL SUMMER??!
    Black: um… well you see…
    N: relaxing on the beach! :D
    Skyla: I’m going to hurt you. badly. DO YOU REALIZE HOW MANY PANTIES HE’S STOLEN?!

  15. Hydreigon says:

    Skyla looks like Princess Bubblegum on that swan.

  16. MadeofPokemon says:


  17. awesome_faces says:

    …. He took my panties lollol

  18. Arceus says:



  19. Why did I think of that thing (Can’t even write its German name properly, what kinda fail am I) screaming
    all the time asdhfadsjkkfldsa

  20. Suicune says:

    Oh my god I don’t like what this comic is doing to my mind. But it’s like a drug and i can’t STOP! ARGGHHHHHHH

  21. Cascade says:

    This is exactly why I wear pants and not Skirts…
    …that, and I just plain hate wearing skirts…

  22. Mr.Latios says:

    I think its safe to say we have to make sure Landurus keeps bussy so he don’t find out what Tornadus is doing. Landurus would have a heart attack. o.o

  23. misty says:

    I’m seeing a perverted version of Don Patch for some reason. I guess it’s because they both want attention and wear underwear on their heads.

  24. Kyogre says:

    i Don’t understand why most other legendaries seem to take a joy in tormenting humans, i mean, not all of them are bad, like this one female human, whenever i get sun burnt i go to her and she rubs aloe on my back along with some burn heals which makes it feel alot better, shes nice.

    • Darkrai says:

      Because it’s FUN!

      • Giratina says:

        I don’t enjoy tormenting humans. I prefer they leave me alone, actually. The few humans that I have befriended are all long dead. They were good, kind people :(

      • Kyogre says:

        well, yeah some humans deserve to get tormented by us, but not all of them, oh well not everyone is controllable.

      • Celebish says:

        I just like sending people from now into the past, when they burnt witches on posts.

        Because then everyone would think that the person I sent back was a witch, and so I get to hear the screams. The Celebi before me did that, and now I can’t fall asleep without the screams ringing in my ears.


  25. Justice says:


  26. MrMissMrs Random says:

    Oh… my lord.

  27. Lumpy Space Princess says:

    Ice King and Tornadus would get along so lumpin’ well.

  28. Lumpy Space Princess says:


  29. Sawsbuck(winter) says:

    Panties are so last week. -has stockings in horns-

  30. Lilligant says:

    O-oh dear…

  31. Zekrom says:

    *can only think of Adventure time*

  32. Beylese says:

    The spelling! The spelling! Sklya! It buuuuuurrnnns! IT BUUUUURRRRRRRRNS!

  33. Derpsparce says:

    Skyla gives me a Bonersparce..

  34. sindaquil says:

    AHAHAHAHA panties….. he really is much worse. XD

    and artist!black you made a spelling error in Skyla’s name. Shame

  35. Emii says:

    This just reminds me of Princess Bubblegum yelling, “GET ON MY SWAN.”

  36. Virizion says:


  37. Charizard says:

    us pokemon are only nice to the humans we respect. Hrrr and now I can see how tornadus is far worse then thundurus…

  38. AltARIa says:

    Ffff I can’t wait to see how Black and N handle this one.

  39. yukitsukihana says:

    oh god pervert Tornadus is awesome

  40. ChandlertheChandelure says:

    he actually pulled down her panties oQo HE ACTUALLY JUST DID THAT i am in shock

  41. Sammi says:

    Oh god why
    I laughed so hard at that panel that I accidentally aggravated the nerve pain in my leg. Again.
    Ahahahahahaha ow.
    …Totally worth it.

  42. Mr.Latios says:

    Hey I noticed Tornadus Isnt really attacking or being controlled like the other 2 was! He just going on a pervert spree!

  43. tsuntsundere says:

    Hah. I can’t wait for the boys to show up. I wanna see how they deal with THIS.

  44. Ditto says:

    Did Tornadeuce just become Aya?
    I think so…

  45. Manaphy says:

    Why is he wearing panties on his head? I mean, we don’t really NEED them.
    I must admit, however, that they look really good on you, Tornadus. They bring out your eyes.

  46. SofaTofu says:

    XD Oh man. This is gonna get good fast. I can tell.

  47. Mountain_Mew says:

    Panty stealing amuses me.

  48. Oh great, another Happosai…-sweatdrop-

  49. Scyther says:

    Tornadus’ look reminds me of episode 3 of Abenobashi Shopping Arcade.

  50. Nicole says:

    Ha!! Love the panties on his head! First frame is so epic….! Love it! Keep up the good work! I check every day for new posts!

  51. Oh my god I laughed so hard I made my sore throat worse. I think I might skip school tomorrow.

  52. thesilverduskull190 says:

    no, sklya, i will not get on your swanna! lol, and tardnatus wearing panties on his head reminds me of when that one speed spirit on panty and stocking takes panty’s panties and gets more powerful… oh sweet mary joseph and jesus… N IS GOING TO USE JOY LIKE A RUBBER BAND, STRETCHED TO THE TIP OF TARDNATUS’ TAIL AND GRAB THE SUPER-POWERED PANTIES OFF HIS HEAD, THUS TAKING AWAY SOME ENERGY!!! just a guess…

  53. Bolt says:

    Seems like a panty thief is going to deal with a pair of traps.
    Or if the 5th panel is any clue, three traps.

  54. Eevee says:

    Miss Skyla, Sir? Lol.

  55. Ashes says:

    …That’s one bro legendary. *PUTS ON SHADES* DAAAMN~
    (…3OH!3’s ‘Starstrukk’ is so Tornadus’ theme. OH SNAAAP~!)

  56. Hermia_Lucaria says:

    One…two…two pairs of panties HAHAHAHA!

  57. Shinobigoomba says:

    Oh god, I love tornadus already *u*

  58. Eevee says:

    *peaks out of hidey-hole*He’s wearing panties on his head…*disappears back into hidey-hole*

  59. Shiny Zorua says:

    This scene has kinda become an inside joke between me and Ralts.

  60. Victiny says:

    And he needs to be away from DragonSpiral Tower, why?
    The plot thickens.

  61. CXPGuy says:


  62. Masterly says:

    The tones of the comic make it look like Skyla is flying around in a bikini.

    I am okay with this.

  63. Blaziken says:

    I love how Skyla’s like THAT’S WHAT YOU GET. I actually agree with her on that. and LOLWUT, I know Tornadus seems to be worse, but.. I kinda like him! XD Though he has an.. odd quirk. XD

  64. Cobalion says:

    And that is why no one likes Tornadus.

  65. Lord says:

    wow so many people have names of pokemon but they keep arguing so to make them shut up. go diagla and palika use roar of time and special rend fuse them togeher special time (universe is destroyed) SORRY

  66. Marceline says:

    Am I the only one who sees Skyla as Bonnabelle in this strip?

  67. Secretkeeper says:


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