Episode 19 Part 41

I assume Black’s pants can turn into shorts. If so, they can get pretty damn short, too :y



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27 Responses to Episode 19 Part 41

  1. AltARIa says:

    Yaaay :D Go Joesph for getting the hell out of there LOL.

  2. Registeel says:

    I was about to say I felt sorry for Bel getting the worst of the Leaf Storm, but seeing as Cheren got what he deserved from her demonic rage, I think things are relatively fine now.

  3. MrMissMrs Random says:

    I wasn’t thinking that the clothes would be that bad, but then…. *those at the pannels* …Oh LORD, N is freaking out. XD

    Okay! Samba is okay! *Phew* :D

  4. kaseyu says:

    And I was hoping to see Black partially nude T.T

  5. Rory says:

    The rips in Mary’s uniform aren’t even showing anything and Joseph is embarrassed… which means Team Plasma must be way beyond conservative… Suddenly N’s shyness and calling mistletoe indecent makes sense. Though in that case, I wonder where he got the habit of cross-dressing from.

  6. Haela says:

    RIP Cheren after Bel got done with him. D:

  7. Shinobigoomba says:

    Totally worth the bruises huh Cheren?

  8. sindaquil says:

    i was actually looking foward to a little more nudity… i still loved the update though :)

  9. Virizion says:

    Oh, Bel. You so crazy.

  10. Iluvpokemon101 says:

    Lol panty & stocking reference :3

  11. Lambo says:

    I swear to god on that first panel I thought Mary was talking to me. @.@ (My name’s Joseph)

  12. SofaTofu says:

    Never thought Bel to be the violent type. But then again, neither am I, and if I were in her position I probably would do the same thing.

    Haha, Joseph was smart and ran away. ‘Cept now Mary’s gonna kill him and we’ll never see him again. OH WELL

  13. Grape991 says:

    ah, more panty and stocking, you already know this black but for those who don’t, the adorable cheren and bel minis kinda look like something from the credits of panty and stocking with garterbelt, WOOT!!!

  14. ckr-the-cat says:

    Samba’s okay and Cheren got his comeuppance! Everybody wins!

  15. Jessie says:

    So Samba’s okay, most of them had they’re clothes ripped apart, Team Plasma ran off, and Bel beat the crap out of Cheren…all and all- I call that a good day BD (lol PSWG ref, I cant stop picturing their little heads bobbin)

  16. someone says:

    i wonder what had happened if thunderpus was there when that happened

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