Episode 19 Part 22

Oh N, you weird alien fetus thing.

About the poll: no polls will affect what happens in the comic because I already have that decided. I’m just curious to see what you guys think about certain things~ In fact, I am compelled to make another poll now.

It seems pages get difficult to load after 800+ comments or something, so while there’s still no forum, I think I might have to restart the Unrelated page every once in a while. It’s like a thread on 4chan now, haa. I’m still considering an actual forum- it’s just not a good time for me right now;;

Black Adventures’ first year anniversary is on September 24, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to do something special about it…

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193 Responses to Episode 19 Part 22

  1. Combee [Male] says:

    Sorry. The unrelated fourm is just too fun.

    • Zoroark says:

      It is, but it would be a good idea to reset, or at least make a second page for it. I mean, whenever I click to go to the bottom of the page, it starts loading more posts, and when I get to the bottom of those, it loads more, and so on.

  2. Ceasefire says:

    menger sponge boner

  3. Praetors says:


    “My Menger Sponge…or is it?”

  4. Registeel says:

    Hahaha, N you creeper. I bet everyone was thinking of something much dirtier when N mentioned his menger sponge. Congrats on getting the comic this far Author Black, be proud that your beloved comic is now 1 year old! I’m sure you are about to get a flood of fanart soon, now that you mentioned this comic’s birthday.

    • Blaziken says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking! N so creepy sometimes, XD.. and I was thinking that dirty thought as well x-x; and as for the fanart.. *must get started on something very soon..*

  5. MrMissMrs Random says:

    XD Hahaha!

    N… oh man.

  6. Violett says:

    N just looks so creepy with his eyes and sunburn in the third panel

  7. Gato14 says:

    Is it Hilbert. It’s Hilbert isn’t it.

  8. Chamo says:

    Oh god. xD;

    Also, Happy (early) anniversary~ *sings*

  9. Magicarp says:

    Super-sad face. The poll is pro Black-N. Why no love for White-Black? I personally am starting to get sick of N’s… N-ness.

    • Enners says:

      Because you spelled Magikarp wrong.
      It’s a conspiracy.

    • doodlelover says:

      Same reason there’s no (or rather, not as much) love for Black/everyone. Different people, different preferences~

    • tsuntsundere says:

      Maybe because it’s the main ship.

    • Thundhurrus says:

      Almost nobody can do White/anyone.
      They all make her the submissive one. EVEN TO N, WHO HAS NO IDEA WHAT DO.
      Which is the same shit that ALWAYS gets done. Except with White instead of someone else.

      • Shiny Blazihen says:

        No one explained to N that his body is OK?
        Imagine the kind of stress he must be going through, EVERY DAY.

        Put him in front of a sitcom for a few hours, he’ll get it eventually.
        /not sure if that’s the best solution

  10. Zekrom says:

    N’s face, every panel.
    Every panel, N’s face.
    trololo! Too much =u=

  11. Ditto says:

    Dat N’s face. <3

  12. Tadashi says:

    This is probably my favorite page ever.

  13. Haela says:

    The menger sponge isn’t the only thing poking Bla- *shot*

  14. Suisho says:


  15. Final says:

    Its Alder I bet.

  16. Oh god such dirty thoughts… Also, anyone else thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’ about the menger sponge in that last panel? Hint: Think back to what happened durin’ the battle against Landorus… I could be wrong, but still…

  17. Jea says:

    So, is Black going to be Puerto Rican for the rest of this episode or will it be in the whole series? I’m cool either way.

  18. Rayquaza says:

    *giggles like a little schoolgirl* This page <3
    Silly Black, of course its the menger sponge…
    …or is it…?

  19. Sawsbuck(winter) says:

    heh black keep your mind out of the gutter.

  20. Kyurem says:

    Oh Black. No need to worry about ssssssilly White’sssss friend. Jusssssst hurry to Icirrusssss ssssssso we can play~~

  21. Rory says:

    N is trying to listen in on their mental conversation.

  22. Volcarona says:

    N has the weirdest boner right now…and I cant think of anything sexual to say about it…damn…

  23. Kuha says:

    I smell Ace Trainer Austin/Natsuki


    (… Or it’s Hiker Andy/Natsumi?)

  24. Luvdisc says:

    N, is that a menger sponge in your pocket or are you excited to see Black?

  25. kelDIE0 says:

    oh wow the 1 year anniversity is two days after my moms birthday

  26. Anon says:

    >.> -_-
    >.> -_-
    >.> -_-
    ‘.’ D:<

  27. joyblazer905 says:

    I approve of tan!Black.
    Nice work. :y It’s good to see you update even with your crazy school life;; ♥

  28. Mountain_Mew says:

    I say we all have a huge part for Black Adventures Anniversary. Just because~

  29. CreYosKip382 says:

    mmmm a new friend? mmmmmm who might be? im thinking on someone but ……. nah, maybe its a ferris wheel guy

  30. Enners says:

    Fuck, man~ I need to do something, even if you don’t~
    I haven’t been reading since it’s birth, so I’m excited~
    The 24th is actually when my boyfriend and I are getting together to celebrate our birthdays(since it’s in the middle), so we can fag out with a sketch dump~

  31. Jea says:

    If that wasn’t N’s Menger Sponge touching Black, then, wow. Notice how much space is between him and Black. If he does end up with Bel, then she will be very happy.

  32. Gale says:

    …does the menger sponge being there mean that N is sleeping with absolutely nothing on at all?


  33. Glaceon says:

    Oh god, N glows in the dark now.

  34. AltARIa says:


    Aww :< I'm sorry that you can't do something special, but happy almost anniversary!

  35. Ruth says:

    Your facial expressions are just getting better and better.

  36. Shiny Blazihen says:

    It’s Emmet. It’s going to be Emmet, isn’t it.
    Lenora, Arti & Elesa were talking about him, & the ferris wheel guy is too obvious.
    Besides, we need some swimsuit Subway Masters over here!

    Also, N, you adorable little creep you~ <3
    I'll buy you some sunscreen or aloe vera or whatever else you need to heal :)
    (…Why has no one else offered this yet?? XD)

  37. Glameow says:

    Ohh, I hope White’s friend is either Austin or Martin from the ferris wheel, I love them both C:

  38. ShinyCrobat says:

    OMG!!! Black Adventure’s BDAY is the same as my Niece’s Bday!!!

  39. So………no Black/N despite the poll results? :( This is a sad day… -goes in corner to mope-

  40. Shinobigoomba says:

    dat innuendo

  41. Virizion says:

    Oh, N. You silly man-child.

  42. Darkrai says:

    Messenger sponge Bob

  43. doodlelover says:

    Oh god, giggled so hard when I saw N. Never getting to sleep tonight.

    HAPPY EARLY ANNIVERSARY~ Glad I got here months later so I could marathon most of the comic. Best night ever.

  44. Alice~ says:

    September 24th = Black Adventures Anniversary
    September 25th = My birthday. =D

  45. tsuntsundere says:

    I don’t really care who ends up with who, I’ll still be happy. N could end up with Brock for all I care.

  46. Sara says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! “Is that a Menger Sponge poking me or are you just happy to see me, N?”

  47. kelDIE0 says:

    if you look closely thundurrus has only commented ONCE on this page

  48. Scyther says:

    Everyone’s all gray and white shades…..except N. He’s the only pink one.

  49. SofaTofu says:

    September 24, 1 year anniversary? I MUST BAKE A CAKE. Also, N looks so much like a creeper, but I adore it all the same.

  50. Ruru says:

    hey…if n’s menger sponge is his underwear/swimtrunks isn’t he….naked under the covers right now? *thinks about it* OH GOD

  51. Derpsparce says:

    Dunsparce must be the only one actually shipping Black/White ;;

    if this guy steals her dunsparce will cryyyyyyyyyyy

  52. Jonni Cress says:

    My god… N got me bad this time. XD Your skin! <3

  53. AmiBunny says:

    *gaspy face* The comic’s anniversary is one day AFTER my Birthday?!?!??!
    I feel so special now~ ;__; (<— happy tears)

  54. LeaChaos says:

    Menger sponge be creeping

  55. Tresence says:

    Look at Black’s shoulder’s in panel 5. He’s like raising his hackles or something.

  56. Oshawott says:

    o3o i like to lurk here. and i love this comic.

  57. Blaziken says:

    Oh man, 800 comments.. it does fill up rather quickly! And yeah, it’s a big old mini 4-chan over here. XD I’ll try to remember the anniversary! Hopefully.. I can do something to celebrate it..

  58. Darkrai says:

    What if Whites friend is POD?

  59. umiyuri says:


    W-would you appreciate, I wonder…?

    (I wonder if it’s even worth appreciating…)

  60. Hexy says:

    I see that a lot of people think Black’s message means no Black/N, but it was never directly mentioned as the case. All it means is that whatever was planned will happen, so even if the poll results somehow change (which is probably unlikely), the comic will still go its course. Therefore, Black/N is still totally a possibility, as is any of the other options.

  61. coolname says:

    Heeey the 24th is my one year anniversary too~ *excited*

  62. Ashes says:

    Er-hem! HAPPY (early o-O) ANNIVERSARY!!!
    I have to do…something… Bah, I suck at drawing tho!

  63. Pokelovin~! says:

    I love this comic!! It just keeps getting better and better in my opinion. I am sure there are others that think that too, am I right??

  64. Marisa says:

    if white met that guy in Nimbassa and it was spring,then it must be that dancer guy Dirk.

  65. OMGkthxbhye says:


    Okay it’s summer in this now and in the earliest chapters it was mid-fall… shouldn’t N be 22 years old now? He was 21… and a half… then so he should have had his birthday in the spring! Why has no birthday celebration occured?! N NEEDS HIS BIRTHDAY PARTY! W:ORHFE:OUH: I DEMAND REPLIES FROM YOU ALL FGHEURIHGFERO:HF:EIHFEIORHOI!!!@1!111!!!one!!!!!2#

  66. Darkrai says:

    OH MY ARCEUS I found my I POD
    I… POD

  67. Dusk says:

    Black Adventures’ first year anniversary is just before my birthday too sweet!

  68. AskKcalb says:

    I just noticed, why aren’t they wearing their shirts to bed like they normally do? Is it cause it’s summer? Or did someone just forget? xD

  69. Zarnirox says:

    Ah! Finally! I started out late but now I’m finally caught up! Now all I need to do is wait for the next update!


    Aw man! This is hard! D:

  70. Genosect says:

    damn, has been a really long time, and damn, this comic still being funny as hell

  71. Zebstrika says:

    The merger sponge looks a whole lot like rubik’s cube.

  72. Zoey says:

    lol i cracked up when i saw N creepin up on Black

  73. Ginger says:

    Darn i was hoping something else was poking him…

  74. Espurr says:

    N’s sunburn looks really painful. No wonder he isn’t sleeping.

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