Episode 19 part 19





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56 Responses to Episode 19 part 19

  1. Praetors says:

    Cheren should sound dumb for N.
    N should slap Cheren just to see how much a sunburn…well…burns.

  2. kikiyushima says:

    Oh N, you’re such a manchild.

  3. Registeel says:

    Oh wow, new update. Haha, N is adorable in his childishness. It is rather hard to remember he is a fully grown man already. Cheren is a jerk as usual I see.

  4. Wow, I’m actually catching this mid-update.

    N with sunburn is just too lol for words.

  5. Swampert says:

    Updates ^–^ Swampert has a happy.

  6. Zoroark says:

    Oh look, an update.
    These, class, are very rare around these parts, but we need to respect them as they respect us. No, NO, STOP THROWING THINGS AT IT! *Shadow ball on class*

    • Zekrom says:

      Actually.. they’re not so rare with this comic, thank arceus. Pika Seme Chu’s last update was two friggin’ years ago!
      Updates here are like… Rattatas. Common but in the top percentage.
      Other updates are more like… dittos. Rare but they sorta…suck. No offense Ditto, wherever you are. You’re the exception.

  7. Tadashi says:

    dat last panel GPOY

  8. Haela says:

    N really shouldn’t go out in the sun. I did that 2 years ago and resulted in a nasty mess on my upper back (it felt like it was radiating heat and the blisters were just terrible to try and sleep with). HEED MY WARNING, N.

  9. Blaziken says:

    LOL. But Cheren’s only trying to help, N! Stay under the umbrella! XD

  10. Lt.Cookie says:


  11. Thundhurrus says:

    Yo dawg, we heard you like Nintendo so we put a Nintendo product inside your Nintendo series so you could play Nintendo while you play Nintendo.

  12. Volcarona says:

    Awww…poor N…let me rub some cream on your chest for you *giggity*

  13. Skitty says:

    Since Cheren makes always the smart sayings, N does never want to talk to him I guess?

  14. Gold says:

    Whoever said pokemon wasn’t educational,never met Cheren. xD

  15. zovesta says:

    My dislike for N is growing…

  16. ckr-the-cat says:

    What’cha playing, Cheeeren~?

    Also I find it lol that you did in fact make that poll (:

  17. Rory says:

    we all know Cheren’s a douche, but couldn’t he at least have had the decency to tell N what sunscreen is?

    I mean really all this scientific mumbo-jumbo about sunburn but doesn’t bother to tell N how to prevent it?

  18. Hexy says:

    I think N should be able to not-so-surprisingly stump Cheren and then just totally have Cheren storm off.

  19. AltARIa says:


  20. Arceus says:


  21. Red skin N makes me smile. :D

  22. Landorkus says:

    N, you’re so silly.

  23. Shinobigoomba says:

    Oh Cheren.. you snarky ,lovable bastard.

  24. Sammi says:

    aw N you are so adorable

  25. Seb says:

    I wonder what Cheren’s playing?

  26. ChandlertheChandelure says:

    i wish i was half as mature as N is

  27. Victiny says:

    And Cheren is training his Pokemon team. Guy never stops working, huh.

  28. Zapdos says:

    Never before has there been such a mature person.

  29. MadeofPokemon says:


  30. SofaTofu says:

    D’awww N. You’re so cute when you’re sunburnt.

  31. Tunic says:

    Either Cheren is repeatedly opening and closing his DS, or that is one noisy stylus…

  32. Shad says:

    Don’t you just hate it when you TRY to help someone out and they turn into a belligerent bag of “I don’t like you now”?

  33. Shiny Blazihen says:

    it’s so sad but so cute~

  34. the troll says:

    N=mostmaturechildist21yearoldman…..with a sun burn

  35. Pikona says:

    He looks neked

  36. Wondereye says:

    *latecomer* Who else thinks Cheren should be playing Pokemon Black just for teh lulz? =D

  37. tsuntsundere says:

    I just now realized that Cheren was playing with a DS. /derp

    “Don’t go wandering off idiot. You’re putting your health at risk.” See? He really does care. Coming from Cheren that actually means a lot.

    N doesn’t like hearing Cheren sound smart. At first I thought it was because it was because N didn’t understand, but then I was like ‘oh yeah N’s supposed to be really smart he’s just a naive manchild so I forgot’ and the real reason was probably because hearing Cheren sound smart made N have some begrudging respect for him. Sometimes I forget that N is supposed to be a genius or something.

  38. Zoey says:

    N looks amazing in the second panel!

  39. Zoey says:

    and yet he looks like he’s gonna kill cheren in panel 3

  40. Mizu says:

    (ish and will “be” my OC when replying on dis site)
    cheren, everyone knows what UV rays are
    and N, cheren isn’t that smart
    (my OC is adoptive sister to N and adoptive daughter to Ghetisis(spelt wrong i know))

  41. Syrika says:

    The cool thing is that you know N DOES understand him because of his fascination with science and math. He just…doesn’t like hearing Cheren sound smart.

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