Episode 19 Part 11

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57 Responses to Episode 19 Part 11

  1. AltARIa says:

    I’ve noticed N’s face always gets closer together when he’s grumpy LOL.

    Also, Cheren’s a dick.

  2. Jea says:

    3rd Panel: You just know that /vp/ uses a lot of your art for reaction faces, and you are pandering, aren’t you?

  3. Azalee says:

    oh cheren

  4. Cresselia says:

    Cheren is not a dick. I don’t know why everyone says that.
    He has a messed up life OK? I’d be pretty pissed off if I had hair like that and was surrounded by worthless people too. Just think of Gary, Paul, and every other rival in pokemon. Their greatness is lessened by those around them! ಥдಥ

    • Azelf says:

      Cresselia’s words of absolute wisdom and truth!!!!

      You must heed them :|

    • Virizion says:

      Cheren and Gary may not be dicks, but Paul sure is.

      • Reshiram says:

        Shootie is an even bigger dick than Paul.
        I mean, at least Paul’s been traveling for a few years, so his arrogance is somewhat justified.
        But, this Shootie guy gets his Snivy in the first or second episode of Best Wishes and thinks himself superior to Ash (even if Ash is more-or-less starting from square 1).
        I just want to Fusion Flare that asshole in the face and Dragon Claw his eyes out.

      • Virizion says:

        Both are cocky, but Paul is a straight out ass.

      • Azalee says:

        It’s okay, Shootie already got worse than that.
        Getting murdered by Dent.
        Aww yeah, that episode was just great.

      • Reshiram says:

        @Virizion: He gets better after their fated duel in the Pokemon League.
        Shame we’ll never see him again.
        @Azalee: Best. Episode. Ever.

      • Azalee says:

        (And I actually like Shootie ever since he confessed to being an Adeku fanboy. BUT THAT EPISODE 8D)

      • Reshiram says:

        But, about that mini-arc, it makes me giggle that the kid with the camera (who’s name escapes me at the moment) has the same Japanese voice actor as Kudo Taiki from Digimon Xros Wars.
        I’ve been mentally questioning where his goggles are.

      • Hey you want to fight about Trip Reshiram? He’s not a dick! In comparison to everyone you mentioned, he’s not even close! Does Trip abuse his Pokemon? NO! Does Trip quits on someone because he’s losing? NO! Does he actually respect older trainers? YES! And we all saw that Trip was a nice boy as a child and probably got fucked over before becoming a trainer so stop acting like he’s worse than Paul. -_- It pisses me off.

      • Reshiram says:

        … I dunno, maybe Paul doesn’t bother me so much because he’s almost identical to the hard-core Pokemon players’ mentality.
        Make the best Pokemon possible. All other ones are trash.
        … I guess I just hate how arrogant Shooti/Trip (that’s his English name? I don’t watch them. My friend and I are angry that America butchered Dent/Cilian’s catch phrase) is for being a newbie.

      • ckr-the-cat says:

        I sort of agree with you that he’s not a big a dick as Paul, Gintax. Buuuut that doesn’t save him from my HATRED because he’s way too full of himself. He’s only just STARTED and he’s already acting like he’s oh-so-much better than his opponent. And it makes it more infuriating if his opponent is someone like Ash who’s been travelling for years and has way more experience than him. In my opinion, he’s a MASSIVE dick.

      • Azalee says:

        The biggest, instant problem with Shootie (Trip) was that Satoshi (Ash)… really was a newbie when they met. He’d forgotten that you need to weaken mons before catching them, for god’s sake. Shootie’s Tsutarja completely pwned Pikachu the second after he got it, it was painful to watch and Shootie totally *deserved* to feel superior. Recently though Satoshi’s getting a little badass again and Shootie is getting kicked around a bit (That Deeeeeent episode~), so they look like they’re about to get a proper, sorta interesting rival dynamics. Shootie himself’s okay by me, it’s just his role, forget his attitude it makes no sense that he’d pwn Satoshi in the first place. Satoshi was the problem, actually.

      • Well you know what people think of hardcore players? Most of them are assholes just like Paul. -_- They’re not there to make friends and isn’t that what Pokemon is about?

        In BW022, Trip is called out for his arrogance by Burgh and mellows down. So what if he has a huge ego? He’s no different from Cheren or Silver from Pokemon Gold/Silver with that type of ego. And be honest, Ash is suppose to be one of the stronger trainer. Trip’s first impression of Ash went down the drain because Ash lost after asking him to battle in the first episode because Pikachu could not use his electric attacks. Suddenly, everything is Trip’s fault because he beat Ash who is a much more experienced trainer. Ash doesn’t even count the first battle because of what happened with Zekrom but you notice that no one believes Ash when he says that? Iris and Cilan don’t believe Ash so why does Trip have to believe him with that excuse even though to the audience Ash is right?

        Also, the second battle was written poorly. -_- You know the guy who loves Paul and did the whole Sinnoh arc? He wrote that episode and it was pretty poorly done as a result because he tried to make Trip like Paul so he defeated Ash too easily. I would argue that Ash’s Tepig and Pidove were weak but the other three not so much.

        I hate how everyone forgets how badly Paul trashes Ash and acts like a huge prick. Remember that episode he beat Ash 6-2? He didn’t even ACKNOWLEDGE Ash when Ash lost. He just fucking walked off and Ash had a Heroic BSOD the next episode. At least when Ash battles Trip a third time, you can see that he’s not that arrogant as he was in his first two appearances and at least talks to Ash and tries his strategy instead of Paul STEALING Counter Shield from Ash. Just goes to show that Paul is a Draco in Leather Pants and his fangirls will latch onto him. Amazing. -sarcastic clap-

    • Blaziken says:

      Nice one, Cresselia! XD

    • Apple says:

      arguing bout rivalz on black rapventures
      u guiz are such dongteases

  5. thesilverskull says:

    ooooh! burrrrrrrn! the white stuff’s not helping cheren at all

  6. WZD says:

    Cheren’s face is my default face

  7. Rory says:

    LOL Cheren’s expression. xD

  8. Shadowfox says:

    I…idiot! Why would N wanna be friends with Cheren? It’s not like I’m reading this or anything.

  9. Mesprit says:

    Fffffffffffffu Cheren.
    Ffffffffffffffu. I think Apple’s gonna be fine raping you too.

  10. Victiny says:

    Don’t worry, N, that’s exactly what Black wanted to happen.

  11. Sara says:

    Cheren, you dick.

  12. Haela says:

    Still a douche, eh Cheren?

  13. SofaTofu says:

    Cheren in that 3rd panel… PFFFTAHAHAHAHAHA
    Anyways. Poor N, Cheren’s just a jerk D:
    Also, I see Cheren reacting because N said he didn’t wanna be friends anyways. Or, y’know, he’ll just shrug it off and be all tsundere or something.

  14. Lt.Cookie says:


  15. Apple says:

    can i be friends with N :D

  16. Ashes says:

    *Raises shades* -inserteyezhere-
    Ho yesss- !

  17. Tabris says:

    Haha, Cheren is THE BAUSS! Poor little N, he’s only trying to be nice. Don’t give up N!

  18. Mewtwo says:

    Silly N, trying to make friends. Friends! Why bother? Who needs FRIENDS?

  19. Jessie says:

    Pfffft, love Cheren’s face in the third panel

  20. Kitty says:

    N reminds me of my little self in this part. XD

  21. KingisNitro says:

    Awesome. Now every time N goes “hmph”, I do it too.

  22. thomas0comer says:

    Arrrrgh it won’t show for me!

  23. peatrice says:

    tsundere n

  24. Mizu says:

    (ish and will be commenting as my OC in Pokemon Black and White stuff)
    Cheren you son of a…
    no offense to your mother of course
    i’m sure she *tried* to raise you right

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