Episode 19 Part 03

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61 Responses to Episode 19 Part 03

  1. Ariku says:


  2. kikiyushima says:

    lol Cheren you’re such a dick. Nobody wants to hang out with you

  3. doodlelover says:


    Everything Cheren is doing suits him. Dat speedo.

  4. Slightly Stealthy says:

    Cheren’s face is epicness.

  5. Wow, I don’t think it’d be possible for Cheren to scream ‘DOUCHEBAG’ in this situation anymore.

    And that’s what I love about him. <3

  6. Sara says:


  7. And Cheren remains the manliest man in the group.

  8. kelDIE0 says:

    omg cheren is just… bel is nice

  9. RawkstarVienna says:


    go hang out with Bel, N. She’s nice.

    LOL. I love this episode so much already.

  10. Rory says:

    Haha Cheren.

  11. Haela says:

    WOW Cheren.

  12. Azalee says:

    *laughs so much at everything about cheren*

  13. SofaTofu says:

    <3 Oh wow. No N, go hang out with Cheren. I want to see how that would end :U
    And ohmandatspeedo

  14. RandomPerson says:

    The only thing I’m distracted by in this episode is Bel’s Pignite… :U She’s just so flippin adorable. :’D

  15. Umbreon says:

    Oh gosh “And Cheren..well Bel’s nice, hang out with Bel.”

    Cheren you’re such a douche! I mean look how you dress! Trust me no one can pull off a speedo, especially not him.

  16. Shinobigoomba says:

    Dat Bell

  17. Rika says:

    Hahaha, Cheren is still a dick.

  18. Murp says:

    Am I the only one here wondering HOW IN THE HELL Edgeworth got so big?!?

  19. Freya says:


    LOL, Cheren, you are such a girl!

  20. Kanra says:

    That last panel is just pure win.

  21. Cheren is chilling LIKE A BOSS.

  22. Seb says:

    Edgeworth looks particularly cool 0.0

  23. N-Harmonic says:

    See Cheren right there? That’s called not giving a fuck. Cheren is the master of this.

  24. Shadowfox says:

    Cheren looks so boss.

  25. Tabris says:

    Is it wrong that I have always thought Cheren was sexy. Damn… him and that Spedo… <3 My dreams have finally came true!

  26. CC the Epic says:

    Oh. My. Mew. Edgeworth is a Serperior now. Serperior is my second-favorite Pokemon. (Second to Chandelure)

  27. Super Penguin M says:

    Cheren’s all “Haters gonna hate” in the last panel.

  28. ckr-the-cat says:

    Why do I feel that N should hang out with Bel rather than Cheren…?

  29. JDeko says:

    and Cheren’s… Hang out with Bel XD

  30. Wolf says:

    Cheren’s chilling LIKE A BOSS in dat speedo.

  31. Zarnirox says:

    I don’t see what everybody is always fussing over. The way N complains it’s like him and Black are already in a relationship…

  32. koorimechan says:

    Cheren: take a sunbath LIKE A BOSS.

  33. Jessie says:

    Cheren in a speedo = <333

  34. Leavanny says:


  35. Keiggy says:

    I would like a cup of Cheren and some Cherencherencherencheren-

  36. CM says:

    Bel is so cute in her swimsuit :3

  37. Adken says:

    Cheren is a noodle but i still like him

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