Episode 18 Part 09



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21 Responses to Episode 18 Part 09

  1. Tetsuo says:

    aww yeaaa, more science and research,
    and dreams being involved? saw it coming

  2. doodlelover says:

    White is such a badass. /girlcrush

  3. Praetors says:

    Wait, if she’s training for the elite four, how is she in the post game area already?

    Let me guess, Quantum Physics?

  4. Someone says:

    Caught you updating. My life is made.


  5. Thundhurrus says:

    So basically they’re making me take dreamsmoke?

  6. ckr-the-cat says:


  7. Linden says:

    N is slowly getting more irritated as Black talks to Bel. Me likey.

    • xyz says:

      N is being dumb, is it enough that he’s Black’s travel companion? And he gets to see Black crossdress who of his own choice?
      I say he’s getting spoiled

      • Azalee says:

        The problem is N doesn’t really understand normal friendships.
        *you have now realized exactly how screwed up a childhood N had to grow up this odd and it’s turned from hilarious to sobworthy, have a nice evening*

  8. Nika says:

    i was watching N on each square just to see how much more irritated he was getting the more Black was paying attention to people besides him

  9. N-Harmonic says:

    I wonder if we’re going to see any more scenes in dreams? Not like they’d be anything like the first two chapters, though.

  10. White is just like White in my game. She’s way too head of the game and is the memetic badass! XD

    But……………there’s something wrong with her manga counterpart……she’s not badass in the manga……….:(

    • Lolzorz says:

      Lawlz, my White in the game one shotted Haxorus with a Samurott/Roberta ICe Beam. And then One shotted Chandelure with Hydro Pump. Then Bisharp with Revenge. Then Gothitelle with Hydro Pump. Then Mienshao with Sur- … you get the idea XDDD

  11. Zarnirox says:

    That eyebrow will never lower…

  12. Wildwalker says:

    Legends never sleep

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