Episode 17 Part 06

If you guys know what I’m parodying now before getting to the next page, you deserve an internet high-five.


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48 Responses to Episode 17 Part 06

  1. YoungsterJo says:

    I have no clue :D
    But I do hope this one is as derpy as the last one.

  2. Zippu says:

    Not a clue. But I hope it involves sexy transformations. >D

  3. doodlelover says:

    W h a t.
    What Clay said.
    But oooo, I love the shadows on that colored panel.

  4. Wahrer Machine says:

    PLEASE be Shadow of the Colossus

  5. -_- I thought it was Hulk or Chuluchu or something….wait! Maybe it’s Jack and the Beanstalk and the giant with the village!

    I feel stupid. -_-

    Alright, whoever did the WHOSE THAT POKEMON, post here now.

  6. Hermia_Lucaria says:

    gee willekes Batman Joker’s escaped!
    They move to their own tempo and dance to the groove, they smile at the sun and derp at the moon…Who’s that Pokemon? That dances “nimble bossas”….(I didn’t capitalize own tempo for a reason)…I should have paid more attention in Spanish (Hint #6: La Cocaracha(?) y Cinco de Maya…) Garden Near would love this addition to her team…

  7. N-Harmonic says:

    I totally wish I did, but I don’t, so I’ma watch from the edge of my seat here, anticipating the ultimate outderping of Thundhurrus~

  8. Azalee says:

    I’m crossing my fingers for a PMMM parody cause this kinda looks like a witch appearing, but it also kinda looks like whatever baddie from whatever series appearing.

  9. Linden says:

    Afraid to go to the next page, might die from awesome.

  10. UP says:

    It looks like Biggoron :x Maybe because I’m a bit obsessed with Zelda and see it everywhere.

    (Also, holy crap, biggoron)

  12. Shadowfox says:

    Epic entrance is epic.

  13. Birrrd says:

    mmm, dat quality.~

  14. Shirojyuu says:

    Shadow of the Colossus ran through my mind.

  15. Jenisa says:

    I’m the nerd whose gonna say Godzilla.

  16. AloisTrancy says:

    LOL The Thundarus made me go WTF

  17. David says:

    Perhaps Landorkus is the type who can’t stop laughing.

    Black: “You need to stop what you’re doing!”
    Landorkus: “AHAHAHAHA”
    *kills people*

    It goes with what I thought about the 2nd/3rd panels.

  18. Enners says:

    Have you ever watched Reign Over Me? It’s got Adam Sandler and Don Cheedle.
    They play Shadow of the Colossus a lot during that movie. It made me giggle. :3c

  19. Appeline says:

    Oh God, another Freak that can’t stop laughing.

  20. Mystia says:


  21. kolodragon says:

    Dat hand.

  22. Kayli says:

    Reminds me of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. When Rudolf and the Dentist are with the guy with the dog sled (I forgot everyone’s names XD), and the snow monster thing comes over the mountain. Then they run away to the ocean and brake off a piece of ice and float away from the yeti thing. N and Black would be Rudolf and the Dentist, Clay would be the the guy with the dogs.

  23. zovesta says:

    First thought was Shadow of the Colossus, so I think I’m wrong.

  24. JDeko says:

    i’m really hoping Shadow of the Colossus

  25. camelliaspirit says:

    I got nothin.

  26. Dante Val says:

    Xialon Showdown. ;DDD

  27. Derp-A-Derp says:

    When I saw that hand I was like, “OH NO, IT’S GOD!” D8

  28. stikperson says:

    But landorus is supposed to be a good guy.
    Just look at his dex entry!

  29. christy says:

    aww man i was hoping it was gonna be rayquaza..

  30. Atlas says:

    He looks like a angry Giant Goron :3

  31. Zarnirox says:

    Holy shit balls!

  32. Keisuke Hewaijima says:

    Man this is SOOO close to the anime.

  33. Yangu says:

    amg It’s so obvious!
    You’re parodying Precure! 8D


  34. May White says:

    On that day, the citizens of Driftveil city received a grim reminder of the pokemon that live inside their world…

    I can’t really remember the rest, but you’re parodying Attack on Titan, right?

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