Episode 16 Part 17

oh man guys I can’t see anymore

tomorrow is day 0 at AX and we still got a shit ton of merchandise to prepare

Anyway, next episode, whenever I get to it, will be the next gym battle/event/thing~


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  1. Thundhurrus says:

    Joseph be jellin’, yo.

  2. Gryfo says:

    Somebody’s jealous.

  3. dainochild says:

    Gaycheese is giving me some horrible CLAMP vibes right now.

    Joseph’s jellin’ is so cute :X

    • Seb says:

      Now that you mention it…he’s reminding me an awful lot of Fei-Wong Reed right now….


      • Because we were all too busy going goo-goo gaga over Mary’s eye and how badass she and Joseph became.

      • N-Harmonic says:

        Gaycheese is Asschin?! INTERESTING THOUGHT…

      • dainochild says:

        Actually, I didn’t think of that either. I was thinking of that clone and the eye-eating incident. (Along with, well, all the other eye-eating/stealing/trading in CLAMP.) But now that you mention that, wow. So true.

        …*scrolls back up to check out Gaycheese’s chin*

      • OtakuTime says:

        We didn’t notice because we were all too busy making fun of his snuggie. But oh, wow. Did he do those CLAMP references on purpose???

  4. doodlelover says:

    >: I hope you regain your eyesight! And that you don’t overwork yourself too much.

    I think I like Joseph when he’s angry. Actually, I really do. Also, Jesus looks particularly fluffy in that last panel. Me gusta~

  5. Lucarioblaze says:

    Black, I hope your eyes get better; maybe you could gain some of Mary’s powers. >=D
    Good luck at AX- I’ll be rooting for you! And I’m gonna buy some of your stuff online, so… ;w;
    Take your time; you really need some rest after all that AX work. I’ll always be waiting! ^w^

  6. Azalee says:

    Ghetsis why so creeeeeeeepy

  7. Melancholy says:

    And then Ghetsis rips her right eye out. :)

  8. Justice says:


  9. Relele says:


    (Btw, am I the only one who was expecting Gaycheese to just.. you know.. rip her eye out and take it for his own? Seriously. He was giving that vibe.)


  10. Moka says:

    Wait, is Joseph really jealous? He could be envy about the attention Mary has now…

    Also, Ghetsis = Eye Fetish. Just look at him.

    AND, have fun at AX!

    • I was thinking more along the lines that Joseph might be mad at Ghetsis, he might know what Ghetsis is planning or something?? I’m thinking like what other commentors are saying, that snuggie-man is thinking of taking Mary bby’s eye. 8(

  11. hsumi says:

    Oh god, he’s going to dig her eye out and put it in himself, isn’t he?

  12. MangaWarrior says:

    panel five, look at the little totem pole of heads. POD. IS. THERE.

  13. THISGAIII says:


  14. Jelly beans, stop strangling Jesus.

  15. Kasumisty says:

    I find it kind of cute how Joseph holds Jesus.

    And then strangles him.

    How cute.

  16. Kasumisty says:

    Oh, and Mary looks so incredibly moe here. I want to pinch her cheeks~

  17. NoonSkull says:

    Ghetsis be creepin’… >.> And Jesus does not want!
    Oh yeah, good luck at AX! …There’s nothing like that down here… >_<Uu

  18. Toffee says:

    Haha, Joseph is either jealous that he doesn’t have badassery powers or that Mary’s being all blushy around Ghetsis. EITHER WAY I FEEL BAD FOR HIM

  19. Laura says:

    Ohhhhh that Joseph be jellin’.
    I keep thinking that Ghetsis is going to gouge out Mary’s eye… D:
    dfgkjfhgm Seeing Mary all flushed makes me wonder what happened to N’s mom…

    • xanubisx says:

      You know, I’ve never really thought about it. But you’re right, N has to have a mom somewhere. o.o
      The thought of Ghetsis actually having a wife/woman is… weeeiiiirrrrddd. *shudders*

      • Kasumisty says:

        I always thought that Ghetsis simply murdered her

      • Thundhurrus says:

        Ghetsis ate her. In both meanings of the term.
        He didn’t kill her, though.

      • Laura says:

        lol maybe he just went to the hospital and stole one… or maybe he laid an egg ;D

      • N-Harmonic says:

        My best bro and I came up with the theory that Ghetsis got one of the Goddesses teen pregnant during a threeway on the Ferris Wheel. Not likely, but awesome.

        On a more serious note, at one point I wondered if N might be a clone. (Oh, Tsubasa, the things you put in my head.) He and Ghetsis have differently colored eyes, though, so that can’t be the case.

      • Kasumisty says:

        I actually think that the Godesses are N’s babysitters, who were, like him, locked in the castle and who were there for his basic needs…and maybe Ghetsis was “normal” with wife and everything, but went crazy at one point and come up with his plan on using baby N. His wife disagreed to this, so he killed her, locked N in a basement or something and built that castle of his around it. Maybe.

      • Thundhurrus says:

        @The clone theory: He could be a half-clone, or a clone with an error or two.
        Though if he’s a half-clone, one must still wonder who the other half is from.

      • Azalee says:

        Post-Endgame Spoiler !!

        A sage apparently mentions he’s not even sure that Ghetsis and N are related at all. So there’s a possibility Ghetsis just picked up a random kid somewhere, too.

        Yeah, that doesn’t make things any better, I know.

      • Thundhurrus says:

        But if that’s true, what are the chances of him finding a kid with hair a shade of green so similar to his own?
        I mean, he’d probably have to actively search for a child with that hair color.

      • Laura says:

        @Kasumisty I like your theory. It makes sense ;]
        Maybe… oh gosh, if it was some random stolen child, maybe his real parents are out there somewhere… waiting for him to show up LOL Actually it’s not funny :P

      • N-Harmonic says:

        I can’t read Japanese myself, but apparently Ghetsis refers to N as “son”, which doesn’t have any other meaning in that language. N doesn’t call him “father”, though. *shrug*

      • Kasumisty says:

        Well, if he called him “father” throughout the game, it would be no suspense ;p there was no revelation until the end, after all.

        By the way, that particular sage could mean by “didn’t knowing they are father and son” that Ghetsis scarcely told them (the sages) about himself or N – he kept them posted about information they need to know and nothing else. Maybe to a point when the sages first saw N on the coronation ceremony.

      • Kasumisty says:

        By the way, I’m imagining N’s childhood as being almost always locked in a toy room and only sometimes being let go to his bedroom (if he had one) or bathroom (well…). The interesting thing I noticed that he didn’t have shoes when was little – as he was not supposed to be outside at all – but in the game intro we see him being with his Pokemon outside – I think it was only one good N’s memory with escaping from the castle. Also, about Anthea and Concordia being babysitters – my guess one of them was giving N education (Goddess of Peace?) and the another one was balancing his emotional developement (Godess of Love?) – keeping the attachement at minimum. So much assumptions.

      • Laura says:

        …Well, the education they gave him must not have been very good. :P
        If he had a real mom, then I’d guess she died at birth, sending Gaycheese over the cuckoo’s nest… Also why he named him “N.” :P
        But she (bbabysitter) probably didn’t give him enough love, because he seems kind of emotionally stunted, stuck in that loop of wanting to please his father to the point he’d do anything to get praise. D;

      • Azalee says:

        @N-Harmonic: I know Ghetsis claims they’re father and son and I don’t know exactly how the Sage words it (didn’t get that far myself XD), what I mean is: it could all be a lie just to make N thinks he owes him obedience or something. This being said, it seemed to me that in-game N doesn’t even realize Ghetsis is(/claims to be) his father. OR maybe he knows but doesn’t realize that should imply family love and affection, etc, since he doesn’t know much about society. :3
        Anyway I support every theory ever about those two. So much potential for fun with interpretations~~

  20. Ghetsis’ eye-thingy must be used to check power levels! -shot-

    And Joseph is so jelly. So jelly~
    Poor guy. ._.

  21. Gale says:

    If Ghestis does something that prompts Joseph to seek out our beloved trio’s aid, I will be so delight. I bet Mary’s gonna be used as the source of some mass-production unit or something. 8D

  22. shock! says:

    i hope you get better soon, black! >///< have fun at the expo!

  23. Ella says:

    U fu fu fu. Somebody is a little jealous of Mary~

  24. Gato says:

    Aw snap. Someone don’t like all that attention Mary be gettin’.


  25. Vivian says:

    Aw I wish it were more than once a week… D:

  26. BlackKnight says:

    *flail* Awesome update! N is so sweet my teeth are falling out, dammit! <3333333

  27. Jack says:

    Sweet! Maybe we’ll see Pokemon battle?

  28. ShihFu says:

    Is it bad that the first thing I thought of is that Ghestis will pluck out Mary’s magical eye and stick it into his empty socket?

  29. ShihFu says:

    Ah, and maybe you should have mentioned at the end that our table is going to be under the name SketchyIntentions :- u

  30. :D says:

    either ghetsis is going to be turn mary into pokemon like hitler or rip her eye out

  31. Brooke says:

    I just realized. Ghetsis is God.

  32. Haela says:

    Joseph man! Ghetsis be makin’ moves on your woman!
    And I just realized, have I been pronouncing Ghetsis’s name wrong this entire time? I call him

  33. Beylese says:

    God Jesus looks so huggable here fffffffff….

    Also, love how author!Black trolled us with a kcalB nonappearance. Have fun at AX and don’t go blind. :D

  34. Shinobigoomba says:

    Joseph is jelly as heeeelll~

  35. Runa says:

    THIS ISN’T GRADE SCHOOL, JOSEPH. >=( Youaregonnaloseyourpartnerifyoukeepgettingpetty. *is in the Ghetsis-is-gonna-steal-eye camp because IT’S HER RIGHT EYE and GHETSIS SORTA NEEDS ONE OF THOSE*

  36. N-Harmonic says:

    Aww, Joseph, do you really think Snuggieboss would take away your bride?

    Don’t wind up making yourself faint, artist!Black! Make sure you and your buddies have plenty of cold drinks for the exhausting days of merchandise, weeaboos, and fun ahead. <3

  37. N-Harmonic says:

    If everyone’s still up for our inbetween-updates guessing game, I’ll repost the hints here~ I don’t want the fun to end with me. :'<

    Mystery pokemon #1:
    1. Is a BAMF
    2. Has fangs and claws
    3. Probably delivers a lot of one-liners
    4. Said one-liners are generally accompanied by The Who and a shot of the Nimbasa skyline
    5. Can still get its ass kicked by a midlevel grass-type

    • xanubisx says:

      I’m thinking a Krokorok. Seems to fit a little better than Krookodile…
      Now excuse me while I go off to watch CSI: Miami.

    • Thundhurrus says:


      • N-Harmonic says:


      • Thundhurrus says:

        Krookodile then?

      • N-Harmonic says:

        *really hoping this embed works*

        YOU ARE INDEED CORRECT, THUNDHURRUS! It is now your turn to formulate a fiendishly tricky pokemon puzzle!

      • Thundhurrus says:


        1: This pokemon is known to char things wherever it goes.
        2: One would think this pokemon is an excellent drummer.
        3: An old, likely inaccurate and outdated myth says this pokemon would steal children away.
        4: This pokemon would have you refer to it as “master”.
        5: One of these five hints is false, just to throw you off.
        Have fun figuring it out.

      • That sounds kinky. -sweatdrop- I would be disturb by that. -sweatdrop- The only Pokemon that match the kidnap children are Drowzee, Hypno and Gothita. But I think I need to determine which hint is false first.

        So the one about the kidnapping children one should be the false one.

      • Anubis says:

        @Thundhurr’s riddle

      • Thundhurrus says:


      • N-Harmonic says:


        I’m thinking either 1 or 3 is the lie. 1 sounds like either a fire-type or dragon-type, while 3 sounds like a ghost, dark, or psychic-type. There aren’t many species that combine those types, and I don’t think any of those come close to fitting these.

        While the drummer part…it either means it has good rhythm, it makes loud percussive sounds, it learns Belly Drum, or, for all we know, it has a name similar to a famous drummer. (Or that could be the fake one.)

        Just thinking out loud, in case anyone cares to brainstorm on this one. :3

      • Thundhurrus says:

        You’re on the right track, Mr. Harmonic. Finding the fake hint is the big trick to this mysteriddle.
        Of course, I’m not actually going to say whether or not anyone gets the fake hint correct, so you’re all just going to have to choose one that you think is the most likely the fake one and roll with it until you either decide it might be right or give up on it.
        And as usual, think outside the proverbial box. I actually wonder if any of us still remember where the box is, actually.

      • Hermia_Lucaria says:

        @N-Harmonic To your earlier comment i can name species that cross those types…
        Victini Litwick(+evos) Houndour(+evo) Giratina and Deino(+evos)…

      • N-Harmonic says:

        @ Hermia – I know all those, but none of their pokedex data fits enough of these clues. (Don’t forget the Latis~)

      • Azalee says:

        Damn you guys are evil with the hints.
        … Going by a secondary meaning of “to char” as “to do housework”, Mr Mime??! (thanks, wiktionary.)

      • Vigilia says:

        For some odd reason, i want to say Kyurem, but there are a few obvious problems with that… maybe….
        hurrr… maybe Entei? unless this is a strictly unova pokemon…

      • Azalee says:

        @Vigilia: I thought of Kyurem too! If we consider frostbite is a kind of charring, it might work…? :/ I’m sticking with Mr Mime for originality though.

      • Thundhurrus says:

        Still none of them.

      • Thundhurrus says:

        …beside you if you keep your computer at your side, technically, BUT YOU GET THE POINT. THE ANSWER IS RIGHT IN YOUR FACE, YELLING AND SCREAMING “LOOK AT ME DAMMIT!”, AND YOU ARE MISSING IT.

      • misty says:


      • Azalee says:

        @misty: Yeah, pretty sure you nailed it.

      • Thundhurrus says:

        That is correct. The fake clue was #5. It wasn’t JUST to throw you off, it was to throw you off AND let me watch you act more confused than you already would have in order to satisfy my sadistic side. Unfortunately, it got boring, then infuriating.
        The Charring is from Thudurus’ pokedex entry, while the other thre are from Raijin lore, which is what Thundurus is based off of.
        And Thunder percussion is awesome.

      • Azalee says:

        Damn you, Thunderus, you troll!

      • misty says:

        Screw you Azalee. I know my blatant hints when I see them. I’m happy.
        I will start one later.

      • Thundhurrus says:

        The fact that it said “pne of these five clues” and not simply “one ove the above clues” or “one of the above four clues”, or any variation of either of those, should have made it obvious. Especially since it had the word “just” in it.

      • Hermia_Lucaria says:

        ? Was N-Harmonic in on this…

      • N-Harmonic says:

        @ Hermia – Nope. I just took Thunderp a little too seriously, I guess.

    • Charizard?
      Well, it can char… and it is an awesome user of Belly Drum.
      And it’s proud enough to want to be called master.

      • Hermia_Lucaria says:

        Could it be ghost-type…like Lampent (chars stuff); Dusknoir (steals children and called master); or Drifblim/Drifloon (steal children and excellent drummer)…I think 5 is the false hint…

      • N-Harmonic says:

        @ Hermia – 5 is definitely true. If it were the lie, it would actually be telling the truth about itself, making it true and false at the same time. Unless, of course, it were partially true; for instance, if *two* clues were false, or if one was false for some reason other than just throwing us off…but I don’t think Thundhurrus is so evil that he’d screw us up that badly.
        TL;DR – 5 is true.

      • misty says:


      • Hermia_Lucaria says:

        Yep Drifblim and Drifloon burn stuff, steal children, can play the drums, and hypnotize you into calling them “Master”…I’ll stick with…

      • Thundhurrus says:

        It’s not the drifthings.
        And from what I remember, Dusknoir is known as “master of”…somethingorother.
        Meaning you would have to be part of somethingorother to actually call him “master”.
        Also, THINK FARTHER.

      • I was then thinking about Ninetales because of that one Johto episode that tried to make Brock her master. It’s a fire Pokemon, it’s based on the fox myth but hasn’t any children.

      • Hermia_Lucaria says:

        Yea part of the undead…or someone who walked too close to the gate (PMD) …I figured they fit most of the clues because I remember Ghastly burning and stealing and possessing all the drummers at Maiden’s Rock and i don’t remember misdreavus and mismagius doing anything besides casting spells and setting fires…

      • Hermia_Lucaria says:

        ?Did Dusclops burn stuff with Shadow Ball and/or Will-O-Wisp cause i think they all can learn it now…Will-O-Wisp chars you, appendages are needed to drum, and Ghost or Flying always kidnap people and call them master like Haunter did Ash and Pikachu! @N-Harmonic Latis don’t call anyone master…and they don’t pokekidnap…

    • misty says:

      This pokemon would probably go extinct on its own because it wouldn’t use its head in battle.

      • Azalee says:

        First instinct I’m thinking the Slowpoke line for being that slow/stupid, except the one who has a head theme is the actually intelligent one and probably wouldn’t go extinct… hmm.
        Maybe Wobbuffet?

  38. N-Harmonic says:

    Mystery pokemon #2:
    1. has a reputation for being fussy.
    2. is small.
    3. is difficult to obtain in Unova. Do not ignore that. IT IS NOT EASY TO GET THIS POKEMON IN BLACK OR WHITE.
    4. looks enough like its environment to blend in sometimes.
    5. has a tail, but doesn’t learn any tail-based moves.
    6. bears a slight resemblance to White.

  39. Audinon says:

    Hmm…I think Gaycheese might take Mary’s eye…or is that just what you ~want~ us to think? Absolutely devious.

  40. Ariku says:

    Joesph is totally gonna turn on Plasma. CALLING IT OVO Or at least Mary.
    I get so happy when I see these updates LOL; Eeee have fun at AX. ouo/

  41. Krysteenah says:

    Yeah, so obviously I wasn’t the only one who was like, “He’s totally thinking about taking her eye.”

    As for Joseph, I assumed he was envious of Mary’s powers, since he’s been kind of like >:/ about it the whole time.

    Not at all bothered by lack of Kcalb, personally.

    • tsuntsundere says:

      He probably also wants recognition for being the one to stab Black. He also probably resents that Mary gets more fanarts than he does. Seriously. Also that female grunt with the Vanillite or whatever on her head (I’m not familiar with Unova’s pokemon ’cause I’m waiting for Gray) needs some fanarts too~

      • Taerin says:

        game freak said they weren’t making a pokemon grey o.o

      • Thundhurrus says:

        They said that they never actually thought about making one, actually.
        They were SURPRISED at the idea. Of all the reactions they could have had, they were HAPPILY SURPRISED.

      • Azalee says:

        They’re trollin’. Since when have they made two main-series games without a third one with extra stuff? SINCE NEVER, THAT’S WHEN, even Gen one had a 3rd color! (well, technically 4th, even). I could believe that they don’t plan on making a Grey but NOT that they DIDN’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

      • Thundhurrus says:

        Well, they were going with a sort of Ying-Yang theme, so they probably didn’t even think about a third version while everything was being done.
        Then someone asked about it and they looked interested.

      • Azalee says:

        I could buy that, especially with all the focus on the dichotomy and duality and everything, cause yeah, Yin-Yang, has to be only two… but then I found out there’s a third dragon and it’s greyish. I haven’t even got to Kyurem but the fact it EXISTS can’t be anything else than a screaming sequel hook, right? Grey would be about balance or something. Ruby and Sapphire were all about dual opposition too and Rayquaza didn’t have much to do with it IIRC, but they managed Emerald – tldr; I’M NOT CONVINCED.
        (okay i just really really want one more version. :D)

      • N-Harmonic says:

        There’s been rumors that Kyurem would have a form change appearing in the third game, much like our friend Giratina. This would explain the mysterious moves Freeze Shock and Ice Burn that were programmed into Black and White that no Pokemon can learn without Action Replay or a possible event.

        Also similar to Giratina’s association with antimatter, Kyurem is speculated to represent the Taoist concept of wuji, which is infinite emptiness without the traits of yin or yang. Think of the huge, empty snow field that forms before you can enter Kyurem’s cavern…it’s kind of like that.

      • You know what else were speculated? Some people were thinking that the Musekteer Trio would have a bigger role too since they’re story is all about saving Pokemon and Team Plasma is kind of ruining the balance.
        I kind of hope that Zorua will be able to be captured in Gray instead of being an event Pokemon. But then I think they would take Miccino out and put Solosis and Gothita as catchables.
        I hope they give the protagonist you don’t choose a larger role. It upsets me that they only appear in the Battle Subway unlike in Generation 4 where all your partners in double battles does something at least once before disappearing to go back to the Battle Tower ya know.

  42. Blue Rose says:

    Curious to see what Joseph is jealous about.

    • Thundhurrus says:

      Is it not obvious?
      It doesn’t seem like he really cares about Ghetsis or Team Plasma itself, so there’s really only one thing he could be jellin’ over.

      • Blue Rose says:

        I don’t know, I thought so…but it seems that each Plasmanians have their own reason for joining (although some seem a bit skewed) and I feel the eventually get brainwashed into being super obsessive for the “cause of Plasma” that I thought he might be jealous about Mary getting the attention.

        After all, he seemed pretty excited/all for making Black into a shish kabob.

  43. Rory says:

    Joseph is glaring *at* Mary in panels 1-3, so I think he’s jealous of her for her powers or the attention. Just my guess.

    Ghetsis is creeping me out big time. Why do I get the feeling he’s plotting some kind of horror movie type thing right now? Maybe it has something to do with Ghetsis’s missing, or at least non-visible, right eye… Mary is not a very good person though, so I must admit I am not too concerned about her. Even if she is being very adorable and blush-y right now.

    That chest wound made me queezy. O_O

    Nice update, good chapter, have a super time at AX and I hope you sell all your stuff! ^_^ (Actually, that’s a lie. I hope you sell just enough for there to be leftovers for everyone here who wants them.) Thanks for working so hard to get this up for us. XD

    • N-Harmonic says:

      Looking back over this, you’re on to something, I think…Joseph probably is jealous of Mary now. He did manage to stab Black, yet he wasn’t thanked so much as scolded.

    • Hermia_Lucaria says:

      You could always order a print form @ if that’s any help…

  44. Shit…Ghetsis is a memetic molester. DX Oh look Vanillite!

    So…back to playing WHOSE THAT POKEMON! After mine is answered, we’re go back to the impossible riddle by N Harmonic. -died from that question-

    This Pokemon is the smallest of all Pokemon. It’s a bug type and it’s adorable. What is it? :D

  45. Shawn says:

    Poor Joseph is feeling unloved.

  46. ckr-the-cat says:

    Oh Joseph, you so jelly~

  47. Audino ♥ says:

    I love that dippy Vanillite.

  48. TheHedgehog says:

    I sense treason……

  49. JDeko says:

    they’re gonna go Itachi on her eye

  50. Joseph u so jelly~ XD

    Hope you have fun at AX! And I have funds in my paypal, should you have merch left over ^^

  51. Mischief says:

    Awesome as always — aw Joseph in the last panel. Somebody’s jealous~

    Good luck at AX ( wish I was going so I could visit your table ; – ; )

  52. thesilverskull190 says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewww, joseph is jealous of that old man, ugh *shutter*, Mary Harmonian, N’ll have a new mommy, or at least a possible mommy, which might mean Joseph and Jesus will be on the black side possibly

  53. ViDez says:

    Joseph! Don’t take out your frustrations on poor Jesus! D:

  54. pwndscheats says:

    >u< Ohmaigawd my love for Joseph is SO growing. /shot/

    I can't wait to see where this is going, tee hee~

  55. Christara says:

    Black, I love you for making this~!

  56. Hermia_Lucaria says:

    That explains the final battle…(Run! N Run!)

  57. Nayia says:

    Jesus is antistress-toy, as I can see :D

  58. stardust says:

    Mary and Ghetsis looked like twins for a second there.

  59. Hallo! says:

    Either it’s because Joseph is jealous ‘cuz Mary is going goo-goo eyes at Ghetsis or Joseph wants Ghetsis to look at him

  60. Robyn says:

    Okay, so I just found your comic last night and, since then, I haven’t been able to tear myself away from it! I’m so addicted, it’s not even funny. Really, you have an amazing talent — not only for illustrating, but for story and dialogue and characterization as well! Don’t even get me started on your awesome innuendos. I enjoy those muchley. ;) I’m sure a LOT of people who’ve found your work before me have told you this, but you’re doing an incredible job! <3 It might not mean much, but you're definitely getting a new watcher on Deviant Art. :)

  61. Domo says:


  62. Wystiir says:

    Jelly Joseph is adorable for some reason. XD
    And Jesus is not amused at being used as a replacement for a stress ball.

  63. Utakata says:

    I hope Joseph turns good and he has his own Pokemon after this ;n; XD

  64. bleep boop says:

    it is just me or is ghetisisisiissy a bit suggestive when he says mary will be useful to him?

  65. thesilverskull says:

    did anyone see the picture of N Black posted on the anime expo 2011 thing? i’m guessing that if N is anything like Panty, he stole Black’s underwear

  66. Maical says:

    Joseph x Mary forever!

  67. Thunder says:

    Joseph’s not gay, right?

    He’s jealous ’cause he likes Mary, yes?

  68. Jessie says:

    Oooohhh Joseph does NOT approve (or he’s a little jelly. maybe both.) and he’s squishing poor Jesus and doesn’t even notice it ^^;

  69. Quinny says:

    Yes, I was also getting the creepy eye-rip vibe. And shipping Joseph and Mary…

  70. Zarnirox says:

    U Jelly? I Jelly… :P

  71. Lambo says:

    Jojo be jellin’ cuz Mary be lovin’ Mr.OldSnuggieCheeseman.

  72. Purple-The-Assassin says:

    Oh-ho-ho-ho looks like Joseph’s Jelous~ XD I smell betrayal from him this is going to be more intresting

  73. Akito says:

    umhhh quiero ver mas cosas gueis ówó!

  74. solitaybird says:

    I honestly expect him to rip her eye out.
    (Jealous Joseph’s so cute~)

  75. Joseph, you’re crushing Jesus. oAo

  76. aslandus says:

    Either going to be some eye-scream horror in the near future, or she’s about to take over team plasma herself…

  77. Harrison, a fan. says:

    This is where the idea of the Sans Eye Came from i think

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