Episode 16 Part 06

I gave Zinzolin some hot cocoa since he was always complaining about how cold he was.


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37 Responses to Episode 16 Part 06

  1. Kasumisty says:


  2. doodlelover says:

    “I gave Zinzolin some hot cocoa since he was always complaining about how cold he was.”
    This is the best solution.

  3. Azalee says:

    I was about to ask if old guy was holding a cup. xD

    “You’re the real Mary!” What I was thinking except worded in a funnier way.

    I’m not getting much good feelings about this… but eheh suddenly seeing the Plasma Team, N behaving like he does actually makes sense. They’re ALL puppies.

  4. Myshka says:

    I think it’s funny how we’re so obsessed that we comment 2 seconds after it’s been posted.

  5. Myki says:

    rtdfghyjfseuifbsrif STORY TIME :D

    *sits down*

  6. Ronnie says:

    Anybody else wanna notice Cupcake-mon in the last panel? >W< SO CUTE!

  7. Toffee says:

    Hopefully you added some marshmallows, Zinzolin. It’s not hot cocoa without marshmallows.

  8. Duder-Skanks says:

    I love how everyone immediately sits down, including pokemon on heads.
    Pod faces FTW!

  9. misty says:

    I guess not.

    Story Time!?! Everybody’s excited! Even me!

  10. Nayia says:

    Lulz… Storytime – and I spilled over oneself my ice-water X”D

  11. N-Harmonic says:

    I always imagined the Plasma grunts as mean sons of bitches, but this is so much cuter.

  12. Rory says:


    “So, how’s your eye.” Black is polite, lol. XD

  13. GintaxAlvissforever says:

    I WUV STORYTIME! Wonder what it’s going to be about. XD

  14. SailorShine says:

    Well, story time is very important, and can teach us new things we’ve never learned! *sat also*

  15. BlackKnight says:

    almost choked on my spaghetti when they all sat down like good children XDDD

  16. Sammi says:

    OwO STORYTIME~! *flails*
    Gahhhh all the plasma grunts sitting down and grinning like little kids is so *cute!*

  17. iluvpokemon101 says:

    haha they remind me of N so much :3

  18. LemonLime~ says:

    I love how N sat down too XD

  19. Wildwalker says:

    *Waves arms* Ooh, pick me! I wanna tell a ghost story! XD

  20. N-thusiac says:

    D: wait. Jesus appeared outta no where. what.

  21. pchooooo says:

    Gosh, that last panel was adorable

  22. JDeko says:

    that last panel is the cutest thing ever

  23. Emily says:

    I love how N sits down too…
    ahaha N is sooo cute in the last panel xD

  24. shihfu says:

    Mary looks so much cooler with an eyepatch. Delicious eyepatch moe.

  25. Hermia_Lucaria says:

    Here’s the church…Here’s the steeple…Look inside…And see all the good people…See all the children sitting down…But there’s an old guy that won’t sit down…O-o

  26. Giga Flare says:

    Oh my god. That last panel. N and Black are just priceless.

  27. Jessie says:

    STORY TIEM~!! **sits along with everyone else*

  28. Quinny says:

    Oh yes…Yes, this is cute. The cuteness overwhelms my poor mind.

  29. kimtan1999 says:

    Yes, STORY TIME!!!

  30. Azula says:

    Story time. . . Is a magical time ò wò

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