Episode 15 Part 20

feels bad man


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27 Responses to Episode 15 Part 20

  1. Azalee says:

    “What am I supposed to do without you?” <3 Elesa's response is better than I expected though. Stupid but not too bitchy.
    This is adorable :'')

  2. Fire-chan says:

    seriously… This was sad…

  3. doodlelover says:

    assguwdiuowqaffkldjf ;_____; Endless tears.

    I REALLY love all of Elesa’s poses in this strip. So full of expression. <3

    • Azalee says:

      >I REALLY love all of Elesa’s poses in this strip. So full of expression. <3

      Agreeing so much. Not to mention, most expressive wires ever seen.

  4. SaloSalamandra says:


  5. Seb says:

    I love Elesa’s tsundere face in the first panel. Classic.

  6. Blue Rose says:

    Lovin’ the use of the wires. <3

  7. Katfuzzmunchkin says:


  8. JDeko says:

    Elesa is a douche, poor Arti

  9. GintaxAlvissforever says:


  10. DieLife says:

    I can see where she’s coming from. If you found out a guy you had been physically and emotionally close to under the assumption that he was gay was straight, you’d probably freak out too. Especially if he’d seen you naked. Poor Elesa, losing a sister…

  11. N-Harmonic says:



    Guys, we need a name for this ship.

    • Thundhurrus says:

      Joltik shipping.
      Because electric/bug type.
      And because I can’t remember how to spell bachurros properly.

  12. Hermia_Lucaria says:

    *Wonders if the sparks went to her head*…

  13. misty says:

    /gapes mouth open
    /unslaps self

  14. kaorikuni says:

    …Am I the only one that supports Elesa? >,>

  15. Omnis says:

    I love how the little wire things coming from Elesa’s hair changes with her mood.

  16. Moka says:

    It’s touching, how Elesa tries not to hurt Artie in the last panel. She could have crushed him under her heel. This friendship can last forever.

  17. Skittles says:

    Reference to Kickass? :p

  18. Uyi says:

    Poor Arti ):

  19. Wildwalker says:

    Aww, Arti looks so sad! Poor thing! Elesa was a little harsh, but I can understand why she’s upset. At least now they’re still friends.

  20. Jessie says:

    ohhh Elesa, why’d you overreacted so bad? okay yea, if a guy i was close to THAT WAY told me that he liked me- and he had already seen me naked- I think I’d flip out too 0////0 but still that was a bit harsh…

  21. Zarnirox says:

    Elesa posed naked? ………………………..tee-hee………………

  22. finitel0ve says:

    Even after reading this for the second time, it still makes me emotional. ;~;

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