Episode 15 Part 08

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30 Responses to Episode 15 Part 08

  1. Oh God. I want to just snuggle N to death. I swear I will spartakick Black if he suddenly rejects N over the whole Team Plasma thing. >:C

  2. yv says:

    I don’t know if Black’s stoic facial expression is good, bad, or just to make updating easier. D:

  3. ckr-the-cat says:

    ARRRRGH THE CUTENESS *explosion imminent*

  4. Seb says:

    Aww, N’s so super moe about this :)

  5. LemonLime~ says:

    SO MOE

    /dies from cuteness/

  6. Toffee says:

    Black’s face in the last two panels.
    >i want to die

    I think N is just paranoid. ;;

  7. Laura says:

    Oh holy Shnapples the cat is out of the bag.

  8. BlackKnight says:

    HHNNGG N, I want to eat you. Deep breaths, now, Black. Deep breaths.

  9. DieLife says:

    That first panel… Black doesn’t like having N on top of him.

  10. Chamo says:

    Dun dun DUUUUN
    *dramatic gasp*

  11. inni says:

    “Things not to say to the person you love in bed”

  12. Azalee says:

    oh black you troll we're not getting a ferris wheel we're getting the confession IN BED
    *waiting to have heart crushed now*

  13. SailorShine says:

    LOL at Blacks face! He’s like what? XD

  14. JDeko says:

    “forced” into girl clothes?
    oh Black, you silly liar. you know you love those clothes

  15. doodlelover says:


  16. Emii says:

    Black’s face

  17. My heart mourns for N. Dear God, why is he so cute?

  18. Kittycara says:

    Whatchu talkin’ about, Black? N totally needs to be on top of you! XD

  19. Sammi says:

    N, I want to give you a hug so much right now.

    …I wish I could tell more about what Black was thinking from that reaction of his.
    …I had better brace myself for impending angst.

  20. Setsuna says:

    Ahhh N you make me want to cry with you and hug you and ahhh! Geez, Black you better not hurt N anymore.

  21. Jessie says:

    Ohh N your expressions always make me wanna hug you!! Holy crap Im not sure if Black’s look is bad or he’s just in shock, but idk if im gonna like the next page… *prepares for possible angst*

  22. Raccoon Sammich says:

    I’m buying my Dad a Snuggie.

  23. Lambo says:

    “You don’t have to be on top of me.” Giggity. So many positions. *shot*

  24. Why do most rivals dad’s control the bad guys? Well Silver was the first and now we have N…

  25. silverydancer says:

    Oh another rival is part of the bad guys stuff hmm

  26. fox2210 says:

    Black’s face is so priceless!

  27. aslandus says:

    What? He’s the leader of the group who always appears in the same places as him, who share all his ideals and whom he believes can do no wrong? How could this be?!?!?!

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