Episode 14 Part 04

dem beautiful eyes

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48 Responses to Episode 14 Part 04

  1. Oh my God he’s so cute. *huggles him* Those eyes~!

  2. cloudgateau says:

    OvO I cannot express sadness either either

  3. Justice says:

    I love that he cannot express sadness. >.<

  4. doodlelover says:


    And oh. Dat waist clutch. Hnnng. After that slap, I wouldn’t be surprised if 10 Ingo/Emmet SM fics suddenly appeared on FF.net.

  5. Finntroll says:

    Fifth panel totally didn’t make me hard.

  6. Rainbows says:

    hnghhhhh overload

  7. N-Harmonic says:

    *dies of derp and bruderliebe*

  8. Azalee says:

    asfghjkmmnvsnggggggg <3 <3 i cannot express my admiration.
    and oh N's "…" speak louder than words.

  9. oh.
    dat slap. sm-fics anyone? (I’m just kidding)

  10. BlackKnight says:

    Those twins are just too much! LOLOLOL

  11. tomoe-chan says:

    DEM EYES!!!

  12. Dianna says:

    Dat Slap. XD

  13. Blue Rose says:

    I love how they still call Black a girl…and that slap was adorable.

  14. Nate River says:

    Poor N! I just wanna give him a hug and knock sense into Black. Like srsly

  15. Daisuke says:

    I could not express sadness over them leaving.

  16. Hen says:

    I can’t laugh anymore. No, really. My laughter has devolved into screaming/smacking the table/gasping for air.

  17. Seb says:

    Watching Ingo and Emmet’s hands…with so much hilarity.

    Emmet cannot express sadness! I knew it!

  18. Well Emmet, of course you can’t express sadness. You are the comedy mask, not the tragedy mask.

  19. Setsuna says:

    I love Emmet can’t frown, that is glorious. Aww those two I just love them w<

    Again poor N. His problems will now have to wait and probably get worse.

  20. Psiana-Ray says:

    OH.MY.GOSH Zhat eyes of Emmet. Too lachhaft! xDD
    Sorry, I´m sounding like zhu Subvay Bosses.
    Anyway, N is a little Emo! Make him happy again!
    Also, I´m sure Ingo and Emmet both are GAY. I mean, they´re looking like they are going to kiss. I would like to see that! x3333

  21. Shawn says:


    The looks on their faces…. that made my day.

  22. Bachuru says:

    Dem beautiful eyes

  23. ThatThingyintheCorner says:

    Pod x Emmet should totally be canon.

  24. Jessie says:

    lolol god I love those two- not to mention dem eyes!! I think I’ve officially become a shipper…. *checks* yup, I’m totally a shipper now XD

  25. Jessie says:

    oh yea and idk about anyone else, but Emmet (black subway brother, right?) reminds me of Ludwig from hetalia ^^;

  26. Nayia says:

    Emmet is absolutely the best! XD

  27. CHAOS_FANTAZY says:

    IMHO, Emmet seems more British than German.
    Just putting that out there.

  28. Kelsey says:

    I’ve begun to notice a pattern of derpy brothers.

  29. CC the Epic says:

    l0l!!!!1111 This is hilarity.

  30. Lambo says:

    Got I love Emmet. He’s so cute! <3 I cannot express sadness! (゚∀゚)

  31. shinyZoroark says:


  32. Nomnoms says:

    Now I’m starting to ship dem Bosses.

  33. kimtan1999 says:

    No ferris wheel :A:

  34. Spencer the Tepig says:

    NOOO being depressed is my thing, Harmonius- I mean, N.

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