Episode 13 Part 09

I think Bel shrunk. Excellent.

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29 Responses to Episode 13 Part 09

  1. Gato14 says:

    Cheren again proves he’s a giant dick.

  2. doodlelover says:

    Of course Cheren is excellent at musicals.

    And N. -wibbles- I’m enjoying his mangst more and more. This comic is turning me into a sadist, clearly.

  3. Sammi says:

    Awwww poor N. I want to give him a hug.
    I have been waiting ALL DAY for this update. Cannot wait to read the rest.

  4. Shadowfox says:

    Bel, if you can’t beat the fabulous at Cheren at something. That should not only distract him, but anyone else near by.

  5. Ophelia says:

    ahahaha that was … pretty … much my reaction to the musical hall


  6. Shadowfox says:

    Ignore mah nonsensicle comment.

  7. … All I come up with is
    ‘v’ *hides behind couch*

  8. Marecki says:

    Dat quality in the first panel

  9. WaitingforRobertatoevolve says:

    F*CK YEAH UPDATESSS!! (okay now I can start actually reading)

  10. Seb says:

    Yay, at last~

  11. LemonLime~ says:

    Cheren don’t be an asshole, let Belle win

  12. Demerots says:

    You know you have issues when N being sad in a webcomic actually fills you with emotion.

  13. Setsuna says:

    Musicals, ha ha I wonder if N is afraid of the people inside it XD Oh Cheren, you are suck a dick, it’s beautiful! I love N in the first panel!

  14. Dianna says:

    Man, I was all ready for the Subway battle, and then the Pokemon Musical came up like BAM!
    …total mood whiplash. >.>

  15. belXebu says:

    Instead of say that Bel shrunk, I think that Cheren GREW

  16. PikaMallows says:

    Cheren, stop abusing Bel. White’s gonna kick you if you don’t stop.
    And aww N…. don’t you be sad. -hugs-

  17. Jessie says:

    lol Cheren you jerk let Bel win
    ohhh poor N he’s STILL all sad and depressed =( *hugs*

  18. Lambo says:

    Cheren forever looks like a lesbian in my eyes now.

  19. MadeofPokemon says:

    We should just rename Bel ‘Tits’ and be done with it.

  20. CHAOS_FANTAZY says:

    I dunno, Mr.-Guy-Who-Writes-This-Comic, she looks pretty much accurate to the scene of the five walking together in Episode 3.
    If she did, though, it isn’t noticeable.

  21. Lambo says:

    Cheren always fabulous.

  22. Purple_the_awesome_person_that_is_awesome_and_will_PWN_you_wit_her_pokemans_XD says:

    Oh Cheren…you bitter jerk(gives Cheren, Blue’s (boy not girl) signature is not amused look)

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