Episode 12 Part 14

Next week, they reach Nimbasa City~

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100 Responses to Episode 12 Part 14

  1. Cute_shit says:

    -sniff- poor N … Is he gonna tell black in Nimbasa City? Godd luck N! DON’T MAKE HIM CRY BLACK!!

  2. THISGAII says:


  3. Myshka says:

    GAHHH. By the time I get to the last one, I’m so stressed out; I DON’T WANT IT TO BE THE END, YET.

    HNNGH – incoming ferris wheel scene. /excite

  4. ycart says:

    NOOO, N! Every time N is sad, it just makes me feel horrible about life in general…

    But… the ferris wheel coming up soon makes up for it. BY A LOT.

  5. DuderSkanks says:

    Who else thinks that the Ferris wheel is going to be made hilarious as opposed to dramatic?

  6. doodlelover says:

    Black is so caring and awesome and passive lsffan;jgdfg


    And I’m not freaking out insanely about the Ferris Wheel Scene. No, not at all.


  7. Bani says:

    gkjdfgl BAWWWW N.

    Black get over there and give him cuddles.

  8. greystarblack says:

    asdf;lkj I want moar man, MOAR. And Joy… I… aw I kind of wanted a girl on Team bromingnoandjoy. Well I guess Missingno is technically an ‘it’

  9. greystarblack says:

    actually, it’s Team Bromingnoy nvm haha. I look forward to zeh Ferris Wheel :DDD and Elesa yay!

  10. Lily Surette says:

    Aww, poor N. I want to pamper him with tea and cookies.

  11. Setsuna says:

    Oh N darlin’ it’s okay Black doesn’t mean to make you cry, you just got to come clean. GDJSHBFGHGSJ FERRISWHEEL!! I AM SO EXCITED AND YET AT THE SAME TIME SAD DX I DON’T WANT THE EENNNNNNDDDDDD!!!! I.I

  12. CreYosKip382 says:

    oh the ferris weel, N secret will be revealed?

  13. Videz says:

    Ferris Wheel!

    Hopefully N stops crying. o-o

  14. Giga Flare says:

    You are… AWESOME.
    I can’t wait to see what you do with the ferris wheel part. Will N and Black part ways?
    [Hopefully not]

  15. dynus says:

    Oh god, I think I love this more than the game.

  16. eszee says:

    Mary’s gonna come back all Kill Bill-California Mountain Snake because of her eye, but I would laugh if it somehow got turned into a Biblical reference.

  17. Fire-chan says:

    how can the grunts LIKE Ghetsis? ò.o
    My brother calls him old lady -w-

  18. Ophelia says:

    /gives N her body


  19. GintaxAlvissforever says:

    Isshushipping anyone? (AKA Black/N in the ferris wheel?) If seriousness could only last…you’ll either going to make us laugh really hard or cry to the point that we have tears of blood. T_T

  20. Fire-chan says:

    I wonder if Mary and Joseph will be the grunts adressing him as “lord N” sinced they would be like….COMPLETELY OWNED x’D

  21. Starran says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a JosephxMary fan now.

    The ferriswheel event…~ o_o

  22. Nina-Nyan says:

    You didn’t hear that.

    -stalks site for more-

  23. Melody says:


    ferris wheel scene~~~ Why can I see Black just not caring at this point…..?
    Crap! I gotta hurry up and beat my game this week!
    JOY IS MALE!?!? ……is he gay?
    SNUGGIE! …..that would be a fun cosplay~
    Did Mary just lose her eye completely? Is she gonna be a pirate now?
    *waits impatiently for next week*

  24. Shinobigoomba says:

    Nibasa city?
    Elesa time awww yea

  25. Manna says:

    [N went to a corner to cry some more]
    ; A;
    N…. /cuddles ; ^;
    Yay Nimbasa City

  26. Sunflare814871 says:


    no seriously i’ll cry if black even hates n more.

    i will fraeg. :l

  27. Oos says:

    You know what would make for hilarity in Nimbasa?

    Emmet and Ingo.

  28. Hnnn says:

    His emo corner is legendary. No other corner is as great.

    “Black I think it’s chasing after us!” <- That be Joy.

    And N acts like me in this episode. iamcreepedoutthanks.gif

    • N-Harmonic says:

      OH MAN. Playing Black, the first thing I thought on seeing the ferris wheel was that scene. “OHNO I’M BEING DRAGGED ONTO THE FERRIS WHEEL BY MY STALKER AND IT’S GONNA FALL DOWN AND ROLL AFTER US D:” I must have left my shipgoggles at home.

    • Copsi says:


      I love Professor Layton! :D I wonder who Don Paolo would be… Mecha Hitler? Jesus? xD

      Or maybe it’s N ’cause he’s mad at Black for denying him Ferris wheel se- *shot*

  30. Marcio says:

    Mary will develop super powers!

  31. Josie says:

    Aww, don’t be depressed N!!

  32. Melody says:

    Me and some friends are going to try and dub this comic! I looked around on youtube and couldn’t find one, so we’re gonna try it on Saturday! Is that ok?

  33. rawstberry says:

    Mannnnn, so excited for your next comic! Thanks so much for writing and drawing it!

  34. Chris Nemo says:

    Sorry about this, but I don’t follow the anime or the manga. What exactly happens on the ferris wheel?

    • Player_2 says:

      @ Chris Nemo

      I don’t think they’ve gotten to the ferris wheel scene in the anime OR the manga yet, but in the game, there’s a scene in Nimbasa where N invites the player character to ride the ferris wheel with him. When you’re on there, he confesses that he’s the leader of Team Plasma. A lot of people interpreted that scene as N inviting the player on a date.

      …that’s basically it.


  35. Kingsree says:

    No really.

  36. Marecki says:

    My body is ready for some Bianca drama,dat ferris wheel and Lady Gaga

  37. Garin says:

    Oh my god, they’ll be entering Nimbasa City soon, does that mean they’ll meet and or catch a Zoroark in a future episode since its near Lostlorn Forest?

  38. Gato says:

    …Romantic Ferris Wheel Ride, anyone?

  39. Paper says:

    It totally makes my day when this updates. But now I have to wait. ;-;

  40. Hat says:

    After our crazy adventures in Castelia, what do I see but this on coscom. HNNNG NOW I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME

  41. Poor N *huggles him* ;n;

    Black stop being so (un)intentionally cruel. >:U

  42. Hoshi says:

    D’awwww, N ;__;

    Also, hi, new reader here XD I’ve been reading this comic for the past three hours and scaring my parents with random bursts of laughter AND YOU ARE SO AWESOME \o/ *showers with rarecandies and love*

  43. The suspense is KILLING me. *dies*

    Oh Black, I hope you come to your senses and make N feel better. The poor boy deserves it more than anyone I’ve ever known.

  44. KD says:

    Gotta love how everybody gets excited for the ferris wheel scene only to be blocked by come plot advancement XD
    Love these comics btw 8D

  45. JuviaLoxar says:

    I can’t for the next episodes!!! 8-)
    Interesting story btw…

  46. Remiku says:


  47. Carol Brown says:

    omg, can’t wait for N to spill. i’m still so disappointed in game!N… :\

    omg, joy is a dude! i caught a female audino just so i could name her joy! (seriously.) when my sister came across a male audino, i told her, “OMG, CATCH IT AND NAME IT JOY!!” and she said, “it’s a boy.” i replied, “DO IT ANYWAY.” who would have guessed hers would have been more cannon than mine.

    ghetsis in a snuggie. omg, brain twins. i just called him that about… 3 days ago?

    this comic is awesome, and you are awesome. /thumbs up.

  48. Tolomer says:


    Make it as sekushi as possible pfft

  49. JuviaLoxar says:

    n looks cute when he get sad…
    can’t wait for the ferris wheel scene [i hope there is…]

  50. notanotheranon says:

    Make the ferris wheel scene with the hiker and Black. Or not, it’s your comic I just thought it’d be funny to see that.

  51. N says:

    Hnn~ Poor N…
    I’m looking forward to (hopefully) seeing a happier N, especially in Nimbasa.

  52. Gallavantula says:

    Oooohhhh man. Just discovered your comic today, read it all and Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff- Lawv!

    I adore everything that’s happened so far! The dresses, the references, the characters… Mmmm.

    Btw, will there be any romantic development between Black and N when the Ferris wheel comes around? I wanna know if N is affecting black at all! XD

    Poor, poor N… hiding who he really is to stay by Black’s side… such a valiant boy! X3

  53. PokeLiberator says:

    is it annoying drawing missing no or do you just scribble?

  54. Shadowfox says:

    Poor N. But on the bright side… Bland and Joy look adorable confused.

  55. AmiBunny says:

    Usually, when I read a comic, I form the voice of the people in the comic in my head.
    Oddly enough, even now, everytime Joy talks I still think he has a cute kind-of-high-pinched voice 0.0
    I seriously don’t know why….. *feels embarrassed*

  56. flyingchihuahua says:

    Cry some more?

  57. Jessie says:

    ohh Black you made N cry!!! Your mom would not be happy about that

    akjdsbjfjbfjb cant wait for Ferris Wheel scene ^^

  58. Purple_the_awesome_person_that_is_awesome_and_will_PWN_you_wit_her_pokemans_XD says:

    Mes:awww poor N *hugs*
    N:thanks…one question
    N:who are you?
    Mes:T_T move I need this coner more than you do *pushes N out of corner and curls up into a ball

  59. It took me a while to remember that the ferris wheel is in Nimbasa City, and now I’m all excited.

    I want to give N a hug right now. ;_;

  60. Kurapikachu says:

    wow… everyone else read this waaay before me. oh well, im usually slow to catch up to things anyway. this is a great comic. lots of lols. Keep it up, (if you are still doing this, at this point… XD)

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